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By Mike Johnson on 2010-07-11 22:45:00
The 2010 Victory Road PPV opened with a video feature focusing on Abyss, including an homage to the famous scene in the Universal monster classic Frankenstein featuring a little girl handing Abyss a flower.

Mike Tenay welcomed everyone to the PPV.

TNA X-Division champion Douglas Williams vs. Brian Kendrick - Ultimate X with Submissions Legal

Williams went right to the corner to climb up to the cables but Kendrick attacked him.  Williams overcame the attack and took Kendrick to the mat, then used a cravate to hold Kendrick to the mat.  Kendrick made a comeback and peppered Williams in the corner with punches.  Williams fought his way out and nailed a running knee strike in the corner, suplexed Kendrick and bridged over into an Oriental Torture Device for a submission attempt.  Kendrick made it to the ropes but Williams grabbed him in a front facelock.  Kendrick fought his way out but was caught with a missile dropkick off the middle rope.  Kendrick went for a Cobra Clutch but Williams escaped and nailed a leaping forearm.

Williams scissored Kendrick's head between his legs as the fans chanted for Kendrick.  Kendrick was able to escape and attacked Williams with over a dozen crossfaces.  Williams raised himself to his feet as Kendrick was on his back and fell backwards, taking out Kendrick.  Williams pulled Kendrick over his back for a hangman's neckbreaker.  Kendrick dropped out and nailed several leaping kicks.  He went back to the Cobra Clutch but Williams drove Kendrick backwards into the corner.  He charged Kendrick, who backdropped him over the ropes to the floor.  Williams made his way to the corner from the outside and tried to climb up but Kendrick pulled him backwards into the ring, hanging upside down with a choke.

Kendrick climbed over Williams and attempted to climb the metal trusts but Williams grabbed him and nailed a back suplex off the top rope into the ring, hurting both.  Williams grabbed the dazed Kendrick, and tried to snapmare him over into a submission but Kendrick rolled through and went right to the Cobra Clutch.  They pointed out Kendrick made Williams tap out previously to explain the strategy.  Williams rolled through the ropes to the entrance ramp, then off of it to break the hold.

Kendrick began climbing the trust.  Williams followed.  They battled until Williams punched Kendrick, who fell and bumped off, snapping off the ropes, before landing on the Impact Zone floor.  Williams climbed down since he's afraid of heights.  Williams pulled out a pair of white gloves and paintbrushed Kendrick across the face with them, then slammed him into the apron.  Williams and Kendrick battled on the cables.  Kendrick appeared to be going for the Cobra Clutch, but both men fell off the aprons.  Kendrick appeared out on the landing.  Williams locked in a choke and Kendrick's arm was dropped three times.

Your winner, Douglas Williams!

As a submission match, this was OK but as an Ultimate X match, this was far below the usual level that fans would come to expect from that stipulation.  I enjoyed the bout but the UX stip was really unnecessary here based on how the match was booked.

Mike Tenay and Taz discussed the TNA title bout and the three challengers.

Christy Hemme tried to interview Brother Ray.  Ray grabbed the mic and said that Jesse Neal was a failure like her edition of Playboy.  He said Neal was a failure to his family and his dead friend and will be one tonight and one in the wrestling business.  Ray said that it wasn't in Devon's best interest to lay a hand on him.  Ray said that he made Devon and Devon would be nowhere without him.  Hemme looked disgusted so Ray asked her if she was going to cry because he'd like to see her cry.  Ray said he is Team 3D and tonight, he was going to finish this.  He stormed off.

Video feature on the three-way including a clip of Tommy Dreamer's cameo last month.

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Brother Devon

Brother Ray attacked Neal as he was coming down the ring ramp.  Devon's music played but there was no sign of him as Ray kept beating the hell out of Neal around ringside.   Cameras went backstage where Devon was trapped behind a locked door that had been jimmied not to open.  Devon was screaming through the door for Hogan or Bischoff or someone to get the door open.  Ray tossed Neal in the ring as the bell rang.  Ray controlled Jesse, punching him.  Ray controlled Jesse for some time,

Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino and Stevie Richards made their way through the Impact Zone as fans chanted for ECW.  Ray began jawing with them, allowing Neal to spear Ray for a two count.  Jesse made a big comeback, working over Ray but was cut off with a back elbow.  Ray grabbed a chair.  Shannon Moore rushed the ring but was held back the referee.  That allowed Ray to slam Neal over the back with the chair while the ref's back was turned. 

Devon's music hit and he came to the ring, obviously freed.  Ray shook his head no as Devon made his way.  Team 3D went face to face for a long time, then turned to look over Neal.  Ray went to hit Devon but Devon blocked it.  Neal went to spear Ray but he moved and Neal speared Devon.  Ray hit the Bubba Bomb on Neal and scored the pin.

Your winner, Brother Ray!

Fans were so upset over the result, they began chanting ECW again at the former ECW crew.

Good pre-match promo from Ray.   The match was short but fine for the time they had and they continued the issues between all three while adding the fact that Neal speared Devon.

Video feature on the TNA Knockouts championship.

TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love: Title vs. Career

They noted that if The Beautiful People interfere, Rayne will be DQ'd and Love will win the title.

Love cleaned house on Rayne early, including a clothesline on the floor for a two count.  Love went for a slam but Rayne raked her eyes and tossed her into the corner.  Rayne choked Love in the corner, then ran her head-first into the other.  Rayne nailed several kneelifts and a neck breaker for a two count.  Rayne set up Love for the Scissor stomp, smashing her head into the mat several times.  Love came back with a clothesline and a jawbreaker.

Love rebounded off the ropes with several clotheslines.  Rayne took her out and grabbed a chair from ringside.  The referee argued with Rayne, who ignored her.  Love kicked the chair into Rayne's face.  A woman in black wearing a motorcycle helmet drove into the Impact Zone.  Love dared her to get in the ring.  Rayne knocked Love to the floor, where the helmeted woman threw Love into the ringpost.  The referee tried to see who the woman was and was tossed down by the woman.

The referee called for the DQ.  After conferring with Jeremy Borash, Borash announced that due to the interference, Love was the new champion by DQ.  Rayne looked shocked since she could only lose the belt if one of the BPs interfered, then got on the back of the motorcycle and the mystery woman drove off.

Weak finish to a match that never seemed to get out of first gear.  If they were going to do a title change, why not do a clean finish?  I guess the idea was to create a mystery over whether it really was one of the BPs who interfered or not.

Christy Hemme interviewed Ken Anderson about the TNA title match.  Anderson mocked all the things he's supposed to say about the other men he's facing, clowning around.  He said that earlier today he had an epiphany to do something special tonight, coming in as "normal, ordinary a**holes" but when the smoke clears, he'll have the opportunity to become "World Heavyweight champion a**hole."

AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe & Rob Terry

Styles and Kazarian weren't happy when Joe was revealed.    Styles faced off with Terry, then tagged out to Kazarian.  Terry grabbed Kazarian in a claw, then smashed him down.  Kazarian went to the floor, frustrated.  Joe attacked him on the floor, tagging him with rights.  Styles came charging but Joe smashed him with a boot to the face, then tossed Kazarian back in.  Joe tagged in and nailed a ton of strikes as the fans chanted "Joe's gonna kill you." 

Terry tagged in and tossed both Styles and Kazarian to the floor.  Joe hit a suicide dive into a forearm smash on both.  Back in the ring, Joe charged Styles in the corner.  Styles raked his face and set up Joe for Kazarian to hit a slingshot DDT for a two count.  Kazarian nailed a leg lariat as he and Styles began working together, working over Joe.  Styles took Joe to the mat with a front facelock.  Joe finally caught Styles in the corner with an Uranage and tagged Terry in.

Terry whips Styles into the corner, where he cannonballs in.  Terry hits a huge backdrop on Kazarian, then presses and slams Styles.   Terry misses a big boot but catches Kazarian trying to hit a high cross bodyblock and nailed a Fall Away Slam.  Terry hits the over the shoulder powerslam for a two count on Styles.  Kazarian breaks it up.  Joe hits the ring and chops away at them.  Joe set up Kazarian for the muscle buster but Desmond Wolfe ran out and pulled Joe to the floor.  Joe and Wolfe battled on the floor.  Joe knocked him down as Kazarian laid out Joe from behind.  Wolfe charged Terry but was laid out. 

Styles nailed a flying forearm on Terry.  Kazarian followed up with a leg lariat and Styles hit a springboard 450 splash for the pin.

Your winners, AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian!

The two got all excited celebrating before they realized they don't really like each other.  They thanked Wolfe as they left, leaving him to be killed by Joe with a Muscle Buster.

Good, but short match.  Terry was booked exactly as he should be, as a monster who is protected.  Kazarian and Styles showed promise as a team and it was the usual good work from Samoa Joe.

Christy Hemme interviewed Abyss backstage.  He was holding a board that was brandished with nails.  Abyss said "they" gave him the instructions to create the destruction and pave their way to taking over.  He promised to show everyone in the main event what a "b**ch" his girl, the weapon, can be.

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