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By Mike Johnson on 2010-07-10 09:50:00
In this weekly feature, will showcase some of the rare and unique "public domain" professional wrestling footage that is floating around on Youtube. No rights given or implied.

This week's Youtube Wrestling Classic isn't as old as some of the previous clips we've featured, but is equally as rare as it never aired on television, although it was designed to.

In December 1991, Gordon Scozzari's American Wrestling Federation taped their first and only TV Taping in Lowell, MA. As part of that taping, a young talent from New Jersey, Chris Candido faced an unknown outside of the Michigan wrestling scene, Sabu (who was brought in as a favor for the Original Sheik) in their first-ever meeting inside the ring.

Although the bout only lasted several minutes, it's a nice preview for what was to come years later, when the two would have an excellent series of matches for different independent promotions and later main event for the original Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The video below is culled from the original master tapes of the taping, which were never professionally released. The AWF TV series, despite some strong star power including Paul Orndorff, Jim Cornette, Stan Lane, Nikita Koloff and more, never made it to air, one of many independent start-ups that never developed into fruition.

Note from Mike: Again, this video is believed to have entered into public domain. No rights or claim to ownership of video footage given or implied.

If you have a future suggestion for classic wrestling footage to be featured via YouTube (within the obvious legal restrictions), email

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