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By Mike Johnson on 2010-06-26 08:50:25
Professional wrestling is a strange genre, to say the least, and there have been moments in time where the weird aspect of the business just turns the "reality" of the business on it's side.  Some are memorable and some are embarrassing to fans. 

Some are so unique they stand out to the point you wonder what in the world the creative minds behind them were thinking in the first place - forget Dusty vs. Flair, how about the night Robocop rescued Sting from being caged by The Four Horsemen?  Everyone is raving about Jay Lethal's mic work and impressions in TNA lately, but what about the time Rick Steiner met his match on the mic in the terms of horror character Chucky during a live WCW Nitro?

Yes, these things actually happened and now, thanks to the magic and mystique of Youtube, we can see that Batman's true arch-enemy was not the Joker or Killer Croc or even Ra's al Ghul. 

No, Batman's mortal foe is indeed, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Say what?

Yes, indeed, once upon a time in the magical kingdom of Memphis, WMC-TV Studios was invaded by the one and only Batman, as played by Adam West.  In town for a personal appearance, some genius who has been forever lost to history was able to get West booked to appear, in character to promote the appearance. As part of that appearance, West confronts the evil Jerry Lawler.

As you'll see, Lawler, who is well known Superman fan, jumps right in with his own nod to the DC Universe that is so ridiculous, it's genius. Meanwhile, the cowl-clad West is apparently not up to speed on the wars between comics' top companies, name-dropping Spider-Man.

It's the strangest, funniest thing you'll ever hope to see in pro wrestling, at least today.  Years before we had Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper, there was Adam West vs. Jerry Lawler, and that's our Classic of the Day - Enjoy!

Note from Mike: This video is believed to have entered into public domain.  No rights or claim to ownership of video footage given or implied.  

If you have a future suggestion for classic wrestling footage to be featured via YouTube (within the obvious legal restrictions), email

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