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By Buck Woodward on 2010-05-23 21:56:23

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Over The Limit.  We will update this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

The PPV opened with a funny video about society "setting limits" with stock footage of old speed limit signs, which switched into a package highlighting the top matches on the show, noting the participants would go "over the limit" to win. The announcers welcomed us to the show, and the entranceway includes two sports cars on the stage. 

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston.

Kofi went right at McIntyre at the bell, hitting some punches.  Drew shoved him back, but Kofi hit some kicks to the leg and a dropkick.  McIntyre went to the floor, and Kofi hit him with a tope.  McIntyre got the better of the fight on the floor, but back in the ring Kofi hit a splash in the corner and a clothesline.  McIntyre rolled to the floor again, but Kofi got to the apron and pulled Drew up with him.  McIntyre shoved Drew back first into the ringpost, and he fell to the floor.  McIntyre rammed Kofi into the ring apron, and tossed him into the ring.  Drew beat down Kofi in a corner, then hit a knee to the midsection and a gutbuster for a two count. 

McIntyre put Kofi in a seated abdominal stretch, while the fans chanted for Kofi.  Kingston powered up and hiptossed out, then hit some shots to the body.  McIntyre reversed a whip, and when Kofi went for a leapfrog in a corner, Drew kicked him in the gut.  Drew stomped Kingston in the back of the head, then went to the second rope and dove off, but Kofi hit an upkick to the face.  Kofi hit some forearms to Drew's face, then a series of chops and a dropkick.  Kofi straddled McIntyre in the corner and hit some punches, then flipped out and elbowed him.  McIntyre pushed Kofi away, then tossed him into the ropes.  Kofi slipped while landing on the ropes, but pulled himself up on them and back kicked McIntyre.  Kofi hit a top rope bodypress, but Drew rolled through it, lifted Kingston and hit a gutbuster for a two count. 

Kofi reversed a throw and sent McIntyre shoulder first into the ringpost.  Kofi kicked McIntyre into the corner so he was laid across the bottom rope, then gave him the Boom Drop legdrop.  Kofi pulled Drew out and got a two count.  Kofi called for the Trouble In Paradise Kick, but Drew ducked it.  Drew went for his double arm DDT, but Kofi turned it into the SOS (legsweep cradle) for the clean pin at the seven minute mark. 

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston. 

Kingston left with the belt, and McIntyre grabbed a microphone at ringside and started calling for Teddy Long.  McIntyre got in the ring and said the PPV was going to stop until Long comes out and reverses the decision.  Instead, out came Matt Hardy, in street clothes.  Hardy stood in the ring and stared at Drew.  McIntyre charged Hardy, but Hardy laid him out with a Twist Of Fate.  Hardy left, and McIntyre was holding his head and glaring at Hardy.

Backstage, CM Punk did an interview into a mirror, asking who would "save" the drunk fans in Detroit, who would leave with his purity intact, etc.  Luke Gallows and Serena answered every question with "CM Punk."  Punk said Rey Mysterio would be joining them tonight.  Gallows wasn't happy about it, but Punk assured him it was for the best.  Gallows and Serena hugged him, while Punk looked in the mirror and stroked his hair. 

The angle on Raw where Ted DiBiase offered R-Truth the "Virgil" job, and Truth slapped him, was shown. 

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase was accompanied by Virgil.  Matt Striker said that he was paying Virgil a contract three times as big as the one his father gave him.  Cole said DiBiase got his trust fund early because he made it to a Wrestlemania match.  Otherwise, he would have had to wait until he was 30.  Truth and DiBiase traded armbars.  I think there were chants for Virgil.  DiBiase grabbed R-Truth in a waistlock, but Truth grabbed an armbar and flipped him to the mat.  A frustrated DiBiase slapped Truth, and Truth responded with a slap and a flurry of punches.  Truth leapfrogged DiBiase, ducked under a shot, and hit a side kick.  Truth then knocked DiBiase to the floor. 

Virgil went to check on DiBiase, and got in a staredown with Truth.  Truth avoided a DiBiase attack and threw him back in the ring.  Truth got in the ring, but Virgil distracted him and DiBiase hit a neckbreaker.  DiBiase hit some punches, then tossed Truth to the floor.  DiBiase rammed Truth into a security wall, then tossed Truth back in the ring and hit a flapjack for a two count.  DiBiase stomped Truth down in a corner, but Truth came back with right hands, only to be clipped by a DiBiase clothesline.  DiBiase put Truth in a chinlock.  Truth started to fight up, and DiBiase hit a back suplex.  DiBiase went to the second rope, but jumped into a Truth punch to the midsection.  Truth hit a forearm in the corner, then put DiBiase up on the top rope for a superplex. 

Truth and DiBiase fought for position, and DiBiase knocked Truth to the mat.  Truth responded by crotching DiBiase on the top rope.  Truth hit a pair of clotheslines, then a hiptoss. Truth hit a Flatliner for a two count.  Truth missed an ax kick, and DiBiase slammed Truth with an Electric Chair for a two count.  Truth ducked a DiBiase punch, and they fell to the mat as Truth looked to be going for a single leg crab, but DiBiase grabbed the ropes.  Truth gave DiBiase a vertical suplex into a stunner for a two count.  Truth hit the Lie Detector corkscrew forearm for the clean pin at the eight minute mark. 

Winner: R-Truth. 

Backstage, Theodore R. Long was talking with someone on the phone, when Drew McIntyre burst in and demanded that the result of his match be changed.  Long said he couldn't do that.  McIntyre demanded he change the result, and fire Matt Hardy. Long said he wouldn't.  Drew started to rip up Long's office.  When he got to the picture of Martin Luther King Jr., Long told him to stop, and begged him not to damage it.  Drew said he wouldn't, because King was a revolutionary, and that he (McIntyre) was a lot like King.  McIntyre walked off, as Long glared at him. 

The events leading to Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk were shown.  

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk.  If Mysterio wins, Punk will have his head shaved.  It Punk wins, Mysterio must join the Straight Edge Society.

There was a barber's chair set up at ringside.  Punk entered the ring alone, and the announcers said that all others were banned from ringside by Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long, so Gallows and Serena would not be able to interfere.  Punk kept gesturing that Rey would pledge to SES as Mysterio entered.  At the bell, Mysterio mocked the pledge, and Punk kicked him and stomped him down in a corner.  Rey got up and returned fire with punches, but Punk got behind Rey and kneed him in the back.  Rey kicked away a backdrop attempt, but Punk caught a second and sent Rey over the top rope and to the floor.  Punk went for a pescado, but Mysterio moved out of the way.  Rey got in the ring, then slid out and took Punk down with a headscissors.  Rey kicked Punk in the arm, then punched him against the barber's chair.  

Rey tossed Punk in the ring and used a headscissors to put Punk in 619 position.  Punk jumped up and kicked Rey in the gut.  Punk then tossed Rey out of the ring, sending him head first into the barber's chair.  Punk apparently had a cut on his head, and the referee grabbed a towel and held it on his head.  Rey stayed on the floor, selling the toss into the chair.  Punk looked visibly annoyed as the referee, then a trainer, worked on his head wound, which was bleeding pretty freely.  Rey sold his arm on the floor, and got onto the apron.  A replay showed that Punk busted his head on the security wall on the floor after Rey's earlier headscissors. 

The fans started to chant "boring" over the cut being worked on.  Punk jumped up and hit Rey with a baseball slide kick, knocking him back to the floor.  Punk threw Rey into the security wall twice, then hit a vertical suplex.  Punk gave Rey a slingshot senton splash in the ring, then put him in a headscissors. Rey broke out of it and hit some kicks to the legs and stomach.  Rey grabbed a sunset flip for a two count, but then Punk hit him with a clothesline for two.  Punk hit a series of forearms to Rey's back, while reciting the SES pledge.  Punk hit Rey with some knees to the gut, but then Rey caught him with a kick.  Rey hit a sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red/Canadian Destroyer) for a two count.

Punk and Rey traded kicks and punches, with the crowd getting into it.  Punk missed a clothesline and Rey hit a springboard bodypress for a two count.  Rey kneed Punk in the head, then hit a springboard senton.  Rey rolled up Punk with a second senton for a two count. Rey kicked Punk, but Punk tossed Rey into the top turnbuckle with a Hot Shot.  Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, but Rey threw away a bulldog attempt and set up Punk for a 619.  Punk stood up, grabbed Rey and hit a double underhook into a backbreaker for a two count.  Punk went for a GTS, but Rey elbowed out of it and went to counter into a rana.  However, Punk held onto the rana, hoisted Rey up and powerbombed him into a corner.

Punk hit a second rope bulldog for a two count.  Punk pounded Rey with punches, then hit a series of forearms and kicks.  Punk got a two count after a kick to the head.  Punk ran into a Mysterio elbow.  Mysterio went for a springboard moonsault, but Punk caught it and went for a GTS.  Rey armdragged out of it, and sent Punk into the ropes.  Rey hit the 619.  Rey went for a springboard splash, but Punk sat up and Rey crashed on the mat.  Punk laid across Rey for a cover, but Rey cradled Punk with a crucifix and got the pin at the 14 minute mark.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

Punk, who was once again bleeding from the head, was stunned.  The masked man ran in and attacked Rey.  Luke Gallows and Serena came down, brandishing handcuffs.  They were beating down Mysterio, when Kane ran out and cleaned house. Kane chokeslammed Punk, and then brawled with Gallows up the aisle.  Rey handcuffed Punk to the ropes and gave him another 619.  Rey grabbed the clippers and kicked Punk a few times before starting to shave his head.  Punk, bleeding, kept struggling, while Rey alternated between hitting him and shaving his head.  Punk started begging Rey to stop, and Rey used his legs to hold Punk while shaving it off.  Rey got a good amount of the hair off, and stood at ringside, holding up two handfuls of it.  Rey went looking under the ring for something, then just left.  Serena covered Punk's head with a towel.  Rey came back out with a mirror, pulled the towel away, and showed Punk how he looked with his new haircut.

Coverage continued on the next page.

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