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By Buck Woodward on 2010-05-16 19:57:25

Welcome to our coverage of TNA Sacrifice.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with updates from the show, so check back often.

No live pre-show tonight, just 25 minutes devoted to the Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles match, and the very good Sacrifice lineup music video that closed Impact this week.

Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. Motor City Machineguns to determine the number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Title. 

First pin or submission wins, and Alex Shelley started off with Robert Roode.  They exchanged holds, then Roode hit a shoulder block.  Shelley hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and a bulldog out of a bodyscissors for a two count.  Roode hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count of his own, then tagged in Storm.  Storm slugged Shelley and knocked Chris Sabin to the floor.  Storm went to the floor to avoid a shot by Shelley, and instead got decked by Sabin. MCMG went to work on Roode, double teaming him in the ring, then did the same to Storm when he rolled back in the ring.  Storm came back with an eye poke and a jimping knee to Sabin.  Brother Ray tagged himself in off Storm's back and faced off with Sabin.  Brother Ray worked on Sabin's arm, but Sabin came back with kicks.  Brother Ray flattened Sabin with a kick to the face, then tagged in Devon for a legdrop/backbreaker combo.  Shelley broke up the cover. 

Sabin mounted a comeback, hitting Devon with a leg lariat, but he missed a pescado on Brother Ray after punching him to the floor.  Brother Ray told Sabin he was "stupid" for trying that.  Sabin was tossed back in and Devon slammed him and hit a legdrop.  Roode broke up the cover.  Ray tagged in and chopped Sabin in the chest.  Ray slammed Sabin and went to the second rope, but missed the senton.  Shelley tagged in and hit Team 3D with forearms and kicks.  Shelley went to the top rope, but 3D caught him.  Sabin dropkicked Shelley in the back to send Team 3D down.  Sabin dropkicked Beer Money off the apron, then went to work on Team 3D.  Sabin dove to the floor to hit Storm with a tope.  Shelley pulled Ray throat first across the top rope, but missed a dive from the top.  Roode tagged in off Ray, and clotheslined Shelley. 

Roode gave Shelley a side backbreaker for two, then Beer Money gave him a double suplex after Storm tagged in. Sabin tried to run in, but the referee forced him out.  Storm gave Shelley a neckbreaker off the ropes for a two count.  Roode tagged in and they worked over Shelley with a slam and elbowdrop/kneedrop combination.  Shelley elbowed out of a Roode chinlock, but Roode hit a back elbow for a two count and tagged in Storm.  Shelley tried to rally, and Storm missed an avalanche.  Roode tagged in, cutting Shelley off from tagging out.  Shelley managed to tag Sabin, who hit Roode with forearms, then caught him with a second rope rana.  Sabin dove to the floor to take out Storm, then gave Roode a springboard DDT in the ring, but Devon broke it up.  Everyone got in the ring and started going at it.  MCMG were tossed out, and Team 3D started working over Beer Money, hitting a Doomsday Device on Roode.  Sabin gave Brother Ray a spingboard bodypress for a two count.  Sabin was sent to the floor, and Team 3D set up Roode for 3D.  Storm ran in and spit beer in Brother Ray's eyes.  Devon went to the floor, brawling with Storm.  In the ring, Roode gave Brother Ray a spinebuster.  The Guns took out Roode, then gave Brother Ray a neckbreaker/bodypress combo for the win at the fourteen minute mark.  I don't remember Brother Ray tagging in before the match ending brawl, but I may have missed it.  

Winners: The Motor City Machineguns. 

Taz and Mike Tenay discussed the Abyss arrest from Thursday, noting he was released after it was revealed that the "attack" on Chelsea was a hoax.  They mentioned "rumors" that Wolfe and Chelsea were being investigated for filing a false police report.  They then previewed the Global Title match. 

Global Champion Rob Terry vs. Orlando Jordan.

Jordan made his entrance by being lowered into the ring on two ropes adorned with scarves.  Jordan tried to jump Terry as he entered the ring, by Terry hit a series of shoulderblocks in a corner.  Terry gave Jordan a hiptoss, then hit a clothesline in the corner and knocked him down with a second clothesline.  Terry hit some punches, then backdropped him.  Terry hit an avalanche and a side slam for a two count.  Jordan kicked away another backdrop attempt, but Terry responded with a spinkick.  Terry clotheslined Jordan out of the ring and onto the ramp.  Jordan started crawling away from the ring, but Terry went after him and tossed him back in.  Terry hit a powerslam for a two count.  Jordan begged off, but then he caught a Terry kick, put his leg over the top rope and kicked his knee twice. Jordan then dropped an elbow to the back of his knee.  

Jordan worked on the knee, dropping elbows and sitting on it.  Jordan went to the floor and whipped Terry's leg into the ringpost.  Jordan punched the inside of his knee, then applied a spinning toe hold.  Terry kicked Jordan away, but Jordan hit an elbow to the back of the head, then went back to work on the leg, hitting it with forearms.  Terry pushed Jordan away as he went for a Scorpion, but Jordan hit some punches and then slammed the leg to the mat repeatedly.  Jordan hit a kneedrop to the chest and went for a pin, but Terry kicked out.  Jordan hit an elbow to the head, then stretched out Terry's leg and went to the middle rope.  Jordan pulled down his kneepad and went for a second rope kneedrop, but Terry rolled out of the way.  Terry struggled to his feet, and Jordan went to grab him, but Terry throttled him and hit a Freakbuster (chokeslam/spinebuster) for the win at the eight minute mark.  

Winner: Rob Terry. 

Terry limped to the back following the match, and Jordan ran up behing him and clipped the knee.  Jordan took Terry's knee and slammed it down on the Global Title belt before leaving.

Backstage, Ink, Inc. visited Team 3D, while Brother Ray was still wiping beer out of his eyes.  Team 3D wished Ink, Inc. good look tonight, and warned them about dealing with The Band.  Shannon Moore acted very confident about winning the match, and Jesse Neal said they would take care of The Band for Team 3D.  They left, with Moore ignoring a Devon offer to shake hands, and Brother Ray got angry over Neal insinuating (in his opinion) that Team 3D would need their student to take care of things for them.  Devon tried to calm Brother Ray down.

The events leading to the X Division Title match was shown. 

X Division champion Kazarian vs. Doug Williams.

Doug Williams still has physical possession of the title belt.  They locked up at the start, with Kazarian pushing Williams into the ropes to force a break.  They locked up again, and Williams applied a cravate, then a side headlock.  They went to the mat, with Kazarian grabbing a headscissors, which Williams worked out of.  They traded holds on the mat, then Williams hit a snap mare and a shoulderblock, then went back to the cravate.  Kazarian broke out, leapfrogged Williams and hit an armdrag.  Williams worked on his arm, including a nice hammerlock and head scissors combo.  Williams tried to come back by going after Kazarian's arm, but the story of the match was that Kazarian kept reversing Williams' moves and Williams had to go to the ropes to break things.  Williams went to the apron, and tried to yank Kazarian's arm across the top rope, but Kazarian blocked it and did the same move to Williams.  Kazarian hit a springboard Oklahoma roll for a two count. 

They had a test of strength, with both men doing bridges as they went back and forth.  Williams hit a knee to the gut and twisted Kazarian into a crossarmed chinlock, but Kazarian rolled backwards into one of his own.  Kazarian went to the top rope, but Williams pushed Kazarian off, and Kazarian bounced off the ramp as he fell to the floor.  Kazarian got on the apron, but Williams gave him a neckbreaker that sent him back to the floor.  Williams grabbed a front facelock and pulled Kazarian to the apron and slammed him face first into it.  Williams applied a front facelock in the ring, but Kazarian put Williams gut first on the top rope.  Williams stood up on the apron, and Kazarian kicked him to the floor.  Kazarian hit Williams with a pescado.  Kazarian hit a springboard dropkick after Williams rolled into the ring.  Kazarian hit a forearm, clothesline and spinkick, then a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.

Kazarian hit a forearm, then Williams grabbed a waistlock and attempted a Chaos Theory suplex, but Kazarian grabbed a victory roll for two, then a backslide for another two.  Williams backdropped Kazarian to the apron, and Kazarian came back with a slingshot DDT for a two count.  Williams headbutted Kazarian in the midsection as they got up and hit a clothesline.  Williams hit a jumping knee in the corner, then started to go to the top rope, but then stopped himself. Williams got in the ring, and Kazarian went for a reverse piledriver, but Williams rolled over it into a sunset flip attempt.  Williams powerbombed Kazarian, throwing him into the bottom turnbuckle.  Williams gave Kazarian a brainbuster into his knee and got a two count.  Williams went for a Chaos Theory, but Kazarian broke out and hit a legsweep faceplant for a two count.  Kazarian backdropped Williams, then went for an Electric Chair, but Williams dropped out of it behind Kazarian and hit the Chaos Theory rolling German suplex for the clean pin at the 14-minute mark.

Winner and new X Division Champion: Douglas Williams.

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