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By Mike Johnson on 2010-05-08 21:03:00
Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor in NYC before a pretty packed Manhattan Center:

*The Briscoe Brothers defeated Kenny King & Rhett Titus in a solid opener with lots of good spots. Really competitive. Titus and King had words after the loss. Titus was ready to throw down but King walked out.

*Erick Stevens pinned Grizzly Redwood. Rhett escaped an attempt to be tossed into the crowd and had a quick offensive spurt, including a dive to the floor on Prince Nana. After the pin, Nana ordered Stevens to keep beating on Redwood. Balls Mahoney hit the ring to his ECW theme song and cleaned house, making his ROH debut and getting the biggest pop of the night so far. Balls laid out Stevens with several punches and he powdered out. Ernie Osyris jumped Balls who wasn't fazed. He drilled Osyris with the Nutcracker Suite and led the crowd and Redwood in singing his theme.

*Sara Del Rey pinned the returning Amazing Kong. Kong got a huge standing ovation and the crowd chanted her name. The crowd then chanted, "F*** TNA" and "F*** you Bubba." Del Rey was accompanied by the Kings of Wrestling. Kong had control early but Del Rey began working on her shoulder. Del Rey knocked her to the floor with a somersault kick. They battled on the outside with Kong taking control. Kong missed a splash out of the corner. Del Rey went for a German suplex but couldn't get her over. Kong went for the powerbomb but Del Rey escaped and rolled her into an armbreaker. Kong got to the ropes and nailed Del Rey with the spinning backfist for a two count. Del Rey escaped a powerbomb and hit a German suplex for a two count. She used Chris Hero's loaded elbowpad and used the roaring elbowsmash to score the pin. Real good match.

*Christopher Daniels won a non-title match over ROH Television champion Eddie Edwards. Daniels came out to his old ROH music. The crowd treated him like a returning star and chanted "Welcome back". Some fans started crapping on TNA so Daniels pointed at the ROH letters and led a ROH chant. Daniels actually shook hands a la the Code of Honor beforehand, which is a big deal for those who remember the early days. Some really good back and forth wrestling early. Daniels caught Edwards with an STO and an Arabian Press for near falls. Edwards came back with a tope suicida to the floor. Edwards hit him with a running kick on the floor. Back in the ring, he continued the onslaught. He pushed Daniels backwards over the ropes and held his leg in a one legged crab. Edwards got several near falls and tied up Daniels in submissions. Daniels and Edwards went back and forth until Daniels caught him with a enziguiri. Daniels made a comeback with a series of clotheslines and punches, before running Edwards into the buckles. He superplexed Edwards for a two count. Daniels went up for the BME but Shane Hagadorn got involved. Daniels went after him as Edwards charged. Edwards ended up nailing his manager. Edwards snapped Daniels' ankle and took control. He snapped him with a jawbreaker while running with Daniels on his back. The crowd chanted, "This is wrestling." Daniels went for the palm thrust but it was blocked and he was suplexed over. They exchanged strikes. Daniels went for a springboard elbow but was caught and slammed down, then rolled into a one legged crab. Daniels fought back, caught Edwards with an uranage and hit the BME for the pin.

Daniels took the mic. He said he returned to ROH for the first time in three years and told the world he wanted to be called the best in the world. He said he stood across from Davey Richards that night because he was one of the best, but if you have to talk about the best, you have to talk about Eddie Edwards. He said Edwards is one of the elite and He wants more matches with people just like him. He said that as good as Eddie is, Daniels showed that he is just a little bit better. He told Edwards to tell his partner Davey Richards that if he wants to be the best, he has to beat The Fallen Angel. *Jim Cornette came out to promo the matches set for the second half of the show. He announced Terry Funk would be appearing.

We'll be back with more later.

*Austin Aries came out in a suit and said we were here to remember the memory of the two time ROH champion. He said he had been granted a manager's license. Delirious, his opponent tonight, and Daizee Haze came out. Aries tried to apologize for injuring Delirious saying he was lost in the moment and it was unacceptable. He gave Haze a white rose. He tried to give Delirious twinkies (which were called Golden Snack Treats..something the crowd chanted) as an apology gift. He offered to manage Delirious. Delirious threw down the twinkies, then took the mic and hit Aries with it. They rang the bell...

*Delirious smeared the twinkie in Aries' face. He nailed Aries with a suplex. He began choking Aries and refused to let go, trying to get revenge for the injury on TV. He was DQ'd. Delirious went to get the ring bell but was jimped by Kenny King and Rhett Titus. They beat him on the floor. Daizee jumped on Aries but he ran her backwards into the buckles. He and King teased a spike piledriver off the ropes but Delirious made the save with the bell. More of an angle playing off the storyline.

*In a NYC Last Man Standing Death Match, Kevin Steen defeated Colt Cabana. Cabana and Steen brawled on the floor immediately. Cabana took him to each corner on the outside. Steen was busted open immediately. They battled on the ring apron outside exchanging punches. Steen nailed a superkick. Steen whipped Cabana into the ringpost outside and brought two chairs into the ring. He cracked Colt across the back and went for a pumphandle slam on a chair but Cabana fought him off. Cabana nailed a sidewalk slam on the chair, which was sitting open. Cabana and Steen went back and forth, bringing a ladder and thumbtacks in. Cabana nailed a moonsault off the top onto the tacks. El Generico's music hit and he ran out. Colt was confused and was attacked by Steve Corino, who ran in fron the crowd. Generico unmasked and was Corino's son Colby. Corino pulled a barbed wire bat out and nailed Cabana with it. Steen put Cabana in a crossface, holding the bat over Cabana's face. Cabana was counted out. Caban was extremely bloody as he was helped out.

*ROH Tag Team champions The Kings of Wrestling defeated The Motor City Machineguns by DQ. The Machineguns got a huge reaction and lots of streamers. They did some great back and forth stuff but way too much to cover. There were some anti-TNA chants early. Sabin hit a tope through the ropes onto Hero. Shelley nailed a Ryder Kick off the top rope. The Kings took over, working on Shelley for some time. Claudio pressed and dropped him for a two count. Claudio held him up for a suplex then dropped him back on his feet in time for Hero to nail an elbowsmash to the back of his head. Sabin finally made the hot tag. He rana'd Hero and then hit a vaulting leap to the floor. Sabin nailed a tornado DDT off the ropes for a near fall. The fans chanted, "This is awesome." The Guns killed Hero with double team moves but Claudio broke up the pin. Shelley drilled him with a superkick and went for sliced bread #2 but Claudio turned it into the Ricola Bomb. Before he could hit it, Sabin drilled him. Hero took out Sabin. Shelly sent Hero into the buckles. Claudio nailed Shelley with a kick. The crowd chanted for ROH. Claudio nailed the Ricola bomb for a two count, then the airplane spin slam for another. Hero took out Shelley on the floor. They did the flying swing into a Hero dropkick for a two count. Sabin surprised Hero with a small package for a two. Shelley missed a flying knee drop and was drilled with an elbow for a two by Hero. Shelley and Hero went back and forth until Hero smashed Shelley for another two count. The Guns took control killing the Heroes. They drilled Hero with synchronized kicks for a close near fall. Sara del Rey argued with the ref. Hero put on the loaded elbowpad but before he could use it the Briscoes hit the ring and brawled with the Heroes. DQ city. They nailed del Rey with the Jay-Driller. Great match that hopefully won't be overshadowed by the finish. My guess is it was politically easier to do the DQ. The crowd hated the finish live, booing it and chanting "F*** the Briscoes."

*ROH champion Tyler Black pinned Roderick Strong. They started out slow. Crowd was with Strong early. Black caught him with a dropkick and began working on the shoulder and arm. Strong dropkicker Black's legs out from under him when he was on the apron. Outside, Black came back to throw Strong into the railing. Strong picked up Black in a backbreaker and threw him at the apron. Ouch. Strong brought him back into the ring and continued the assault using backbreaker variations. Black fired back with a punch but Strong snapped off a dropkick. Strong pulled Black outside and suplexed him off the apron to the floor. Strong hit a back suplex onto Black while they were outside on the apron. Tyler made a comeback with a neckbreaker and a kick to the chest. He nailed a standing shooting star press for a two count. Tyler tossed Strong over the top and hit a tope con hilo. Strong came back with a reverse suplex. He nailed several clotheslines and a sit down bomb for a two count. Black came back with a running forearm smash and tied Strong to the tree of woe. He hit a double stomp off the ropes. Strong came back with a Boston Crab. Black nailed a fisherman's buster with a cradle for a two count. Strong came back with a massive leg lariat for a two count. The ref was accidentally caught with a Black superkick. Strong nailed the Gibson Driver for a two count. Strong grabbed a second ref. Black nailed a powerbomb into the corner..sandwiching the second ref then a superkick for a two count. Strong nailed an over the knee backbreaker. A third ref was then bumped out. The original ref began to rise as they battled back and forth. Strong nailed another backbreaker for a two count. Black caught a charging Strong with a superkick. Strong came back with the Gibson Driver but it was only a two count. Strong was pissed about the count. He pulled Black to the ropes but Black fought him off. Black superplexed Strong and scored the pin. They brawled after and Strong promised this wasn't the end for him.

Notes: The show looked to be a legitimate sellout...Davey Richards missed the show as he was touring for New Japan...Last night was the final event in the Manassas, Virginia market as they just weren't drawing enough to keep returning....They will return to the Manhattan Center on 9/11.

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