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By Mike Johnson on 2010-05-04 23:23:00
Dark Match:  Generation Me defeated Los Ben Dejos (Students at the Team 3d School) with Simon Diamond under another name. Simon was dressed kind of like The Grand Wizard. Good match. After the match JB comes out and interviews Simon and he says Los Ben Dejos are bigger then Hall and Nash, faster then the Machine Guns, and more powerful then Team 3D. He says they will win the TNA tag team titles.

TNA Impact:

-Eric Bischoff comes out to the ring and talks about the poll system and introduces RVD. Eric says that this week Jeff Hardy is leading the votes and RVD says he would love to defend the title cause by beating everyone is he proving he is the best. Bischoff says there is a problem and he has been trying to get in contact with Hardy all week but he hasn't heard from him. AJ Styles comes down and says if RVD wants to fight then he will take him on tonight and break his legs before the PPV because he doesn't plan on breaking a sweat at Sacrifice. Jeff Hardy comes out and says with all these changes he is late cause he has to get use to it. Hardy suggests they have a triple threat match and Bischoff makes the match for tonight.

-Tara defeated Taylor Wilde. She continued to attack her after the match with her knee brace until Sarita made the save.

-They show backstage that Chelsea is crying and Desmond Wolfe and officials are attending to her. They showed a few videos from the back and she tells police that she was attacked and it wasn't revealed to the crowd who it was they just kept mentioning that it was a shocking.

-Brian Kendrick defeated Douglas Williams. Kaz came out to do commentary and he distracted Williams for Kendrick to roll him up.

-Generation Me vs. Matt Morgan ended in a no contest. Morgan was squashing them and grabbed a mic and asked Hogan who his partner was going to be. Samoa Joe comes out and they brawl until Joe gets him up for the muscle buster. Joe leaves and The Band's music plays and Nash, Hall, and Eric Young come down. Nash has the briefcase and tells the ref he is cashing it in now. Nash comes in the ring and pins Morgan and Hall and Nash are now the TNA Tag Team Champs.

-Ink Inc. defeated Beer Money, Motor City MachineGuns, and Team 3D in a 4 way tag match. Finish saw Jesse pin Bubba. After the match Bubba got in Jesse's face and he was not happy with him and Devon yelled at Jesse that they trained him.

-Rob Terry vs. Abyss never happens as Abyss never came down to the ring so maybe it was him who attacked Chelsea and got arrested? Orlando Jordan jumps Terry from behind and lays him out with a steel pipe. Jordan stays in the ring and asks the crowd if they want him to leave. He issues an open challenge for someone to come out and make him leave. Tomko comes out looking a little heavy.

- Orlando Jordan defeated Tomko.

-Eric Bischoff is shown backstage talking to Tara telling her she has to wrestle again against Sarita for what she did earlier and tells her that her attitude has been piss poor lately.

-Tara defeated Sarita. She beats her down with the knee brace afterwards as well.

-AJ Styles defeated Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy in a non title match. Mr. Anderson attacked Hardy on the outside and Rob went to help fight off Anderson. AJ DDT's RVD on the floor and rolls him into the ring for the pin. Hardy gets in the ring as Mr. Anderson is walking up the ramp. Hardy grabs a mic and tells RVD that he will handle this. He calls Anderson back to the ring but Anderson walks back. Hulk Hogan's music hits and he blocks Anderson from leaving. Anderson tries to punch Hogan but he blocks and Hardy gets Anderson. They brawl for a little till Hardy gets the advantage and sets him up on a table in front of the announcers. Hardy goes up to the announcers table and hits a Swanton on Anderson through a table to end the show.

Xplosion: X-Division champ Kazarian defeated Max of Generation Me.

Xplosion: Ink Inc. defeated Homicide and New Japan's Okada.

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