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By Adam Parker on 2010-04-27 17:43:56

As of 3:10pm EST with 84,003 total votes, the current standings for TNA's "Ranking System" are:

28% - Desmond Wolfe (23,240 votes)
22% - Jeff Hardy (18,249 votes)
11% - Mr. Anderson (9,313 votes)
08% - The Pope (6,526 votes)
08% - AJ Styles (6,430 votes)
07% - Sting (5,559 votes)
06% - Kurt Angle (4,664 votes)
06% - Rob Terry (4,886 votes)
04% - Jeff Jarrett (2,989 votes)
03% - Abyss (2,147 votes)

It's very interesting in seeing that Abyss, someone that TNA has been pushing really hard, is dead last in the poll. Abyss was given a lot of exposure in being in matches with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, along with being in some pretty high profile roles on Impact as of late. This could be a sign that either the audience doesn't connect with him as Hulk Jr or see him as TNA's John Cena.

If you look at some of the numbers, things get a little more interesting, as a lot of wrestlers are separated just by a few hundred votes (until you get into the top 4). Virtually, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss are tied for last place, Kurt Angle and Rob Terry for next to last, and AJ Styles and Pope tied for fourth. After that the gaps between contenders are a little wider, Mr. Anderson is in 3rd (with 2,787 more votes than 4th place), Jeff Hardy in 2nd (with 8,936 more than 3rd place), and Desmond Wolfe (with 4,991 more than 2nd)

These are just early numbers and will likely change, it's just very interesting to see how things stand as they are now.

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