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By Joshua Higham on 2010-04-26 10:08:57
Funny moment before the show as the Pink Ant, Pinkie Sanchez, was walking the crowd and saw his Cibernetico win (when he was Carpenter Ant) on the big screen and started laughing with Jacob Hammermeier. And every time Skayde was shown on the screen during the pre-show podcasts, he was booed.

King of Trios Semifinal: Team Osaka Pro vs. The Colony. The Colony wins after Green Ant pins Tadasuke. Green Ant hit a splash off the other ants who were standing on the second rope. Fast-paced, fun match.

King of Trios Semifinal: Team Big Japan vs. BDK. BDK won after Ares hit a Toblerone Driver.

Chuck Taylor def. El Oriental with the Cross Crab.

Tag Team Gauntlet:
The Throwbacks vs. The UnStable of Vin Gerard and Stigma. Vin Gerard rolled up Sugar Dunkerton while Sugar was doing the punches in the corner.
The Legion of Green (Dragon Dragon and Steve "The Turtle" Weiner) entered. The crowd lost it.
Dragon Dragon is pure and simply a wrestler in a dragon/dinosaur mascot costume.
Vin Gerard made the Dragon tap to a Stepover Tail-hold.
Helios and Equinox entered. Equinox pinned Gerard after a piledriver.
Aeroform entered.
Equinox pinned Flip Kendrick after a knockout punch.
North Star Express entered. Some slow motion fun here.
Cruz folded up Helios for the pin.
Order of the NeoSolar Temple entered.
Ultra Mantis Black pinned Corbin after a Mantis Bomb.
Incoherence entered.
Hallowicked pinned Crossbones.
Team FIST entered.
Frightmare pinned Icarus with a crucifix bomb.
Daizee Haze and Sara Del Rey of BDK entered.
Hallowicked pinned Daizee with a spinebuster bomb.
Incoherence now has three points and can challenge for the Campeones de Parejas.


A Flash cartoon promo was shown for a Chikara video game, Rudo Revolution. The video was Ultramantis Black saying he would recruit former wrestlers to rise up against BDK. Looked awesome.

Eddie Kingston def. Christopher Daniels with Backfist to the Future. Tommy Dreamer returned to the Arena, putting over Chikara as entertaining and Eddie Kingston ("this is more your house now."). He did get booed for saying "sh*t." He then challenged the Last of a Dying Breed to a match in Union City, NJ on May 23.

The Young Bucks vs. Quackenbush and Jigsaw. Quack pinned Matt after a double team jig n tonic/double stomp.

Rey de Voladares Final: Ophidian pinned Matt Cross to win the 2010 Rey de Voladores. Kinda botchy and not as crisp as most Chikara matches.

King of Trios Final: The Bruderschaft defeated The Colony to become the 2010 King of Trios. Bryce Remsburg was bumped, and a new ref came out and made a fast count after BDK hit Fire Ant with the Ragnorak. The new ref took off his shirt to reveal a white polo with the BDK logo on it.

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