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By Dave Scherer on 2010-03-25 15:14:45

Dixie Carter tweeted the following about the move to 8 p.m. on Monday 4/5. "To maximize viewership, iMPACT! will air on Spike from 8-10pm ET on 4/5 as to not conflict w/NCAA Men's bball finals on CBS. PLS RT".

I know that The Ultimate Fighter is set to return but I really have to wonder if this is also a test run to see if they will move Impact permanently to 8 p.m. and run TUF against the second hour of Raw, or move it to another night.  If TNA can draw a higher number unopposed at 8 p.m., say a 1.2 or so, it's the wise move to make from where I sit.  The goal is to expose your product to as many eyeballs as possible.  If they have that first hour to themselves, they can get more of those eyeballs, sell more PPVs, merchandise and house show tickets and maybe start developing a following of people who don't turn over to USA until 10.  Spike TV can charge more for advertising.  It's a win-win and has always seemed like the best move to me. 

Carter also wrote the following last night, "Had a great trip to NY with Hogan. Big Spike dinner. Lots of exciting things going on." 

Brian Fritz did an interview with Jerry Lynn, taking about his career and Ring of Honor, that you can read by clicking here.

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Jay Gunn sent this item. ... Here's a link to a nice article about Stevie Richards on the Comics Beat website, a comics industry blog.

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