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By Mike Johnson on 2010-03-17 09:12:02
A report by the Hartford Courtant revealed that World Wrestling Entertainment officially banned chair shots to the head at the onset of 2010.

The article stemmed from the ongoing political warfare in Connecticut stemming from Linda McMahon's campaign to become Senator.  One of McMahon's political rivals, Rob Simmons, who has been taking shots at McMahon's campaign being based around her background running World Wrestling Entertainment, questioned whether McMahon would testify at a local education committee about preventing and treating concussions among High School athletes.

In researching the article, writer Daniela Altimari received the following email from WWE spokesperson Robert Zimmerman:

"In January 2010, WWE amended its Talent Wellness Program, specifically regarding the ImPACTâ„¢ Concussion Management Program originally instituted in 2008, eliminating the use of folding chairs or props to "strike" an opponent in the head.  Prior to this policy change, The Tables, Ladders and Chairs event in question took place on December 13, 2009.  "Incidentally, no performer suffered a concussion during the TLC event."

The company's concussion program features annual examinations of talents as well as evaluations of whether they can return to active competition following head trauma.

The verbiage involving chair shots reads as follows:

*The WWE has eliminated using folding metal chairs to "strike" an opponent in the head.

*The WWE penalizes through fine and/or suspension the following:

-The intentional use of a folding metal chair to "strike" an opponent in the head.

-Any blow to the head that is deemed an INTENTIONAL act.

*The fine and/or suspension will be directed by the EVP of Talent Relations.

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