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By Mike Johnson on 2010-03-13 00:02:43
John S. Hill, who wrestled professionally as Gentleman Jerry Valiant of the Valiant Brothers tag team in the WWWF, passed away this past Thursday 3/11 at the age of 68 following a battle with alzheimers.  Jerry and Johnny Valiant held the WWWF tag team championships for a little over six months in 1979 after Jerry came in to replace Jimmy Valiant, who was forced out of the team temporarily due to health issues.

Hill, working under a mask as the Destroyer, had his greatest singles success in Jim Barnett's WCW in Australia, defeating Bearcat Wright for that version of the World championship.  He later unmasked and revealed his real name. 

Hill worked a number of different territories under different masked personas, including  The Stomper, The Assassin (feuding with the Original Sheik) and Mr. X, among others, often losing the mask and revealing himself on the way out or to start a new direction.

Beyond those runs, Hill worked under a number of other ring names, including Guy Mitchell (a name he adopted after being incorrectly billed during a TV Broadcast in the old Georgia territory), and Jerry Heenan, where he was "related" to Bobby Heenan early in Heenan's wrestling career.

Hill was survived by his wife and son as well as several brothers and sisters.

There will be a visitation on Sunday 3/14 from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. in Swartz Family Community Mortuary and Memorial Center, 300 South U.S. 31 in Franklin, Indiana. Online condolences may be sent to the family at  For more information on the services, please call 317-738-0202.

Our deepest condolences to the Hill family and friends during this sad time, as well as Hill's fans.

Thanks to Jerry Wilson for his help.


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