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By Rich Tate & Mike Johnson on 2010-03-11 22:26:16
Dennis Condrey told Wednesday night that he signed a contract earlier in the day with World Wrestling Entertainment. He starts Monday, and will be located in Tampa working with the NXT crew.

Condrey, an excellent tag team wrestler as a heel, was one third of the original Midnight Express with Randy Rose and Norvell Austin. He and Bobby Eaton later worked under the same team name in a number of areas, including Jim Crockett Promotions, building the national level of the team.

After disappearing from wrestling (he later stated he neeed to take care of his personal life, so he pulled up stakes so suddenly, his best friends couldn't find him) in 1987, Condrey returned for a short time teaming with Randy Rose against the then-Midnight Express tandem of Eaton and Stan Lane. He left right before the blow-off to the feud between rival Midnights and never wrestled on a national level again.

Condrey resurfaced again in 2004, working a number of Midnight Express reunion events and conventions, teaming with both Eaton (and at times, Lane and even Jim Cornette, the Midnights' perennial manager). He worked a number of independents in the Southeast as well, both as a single and in a team with Eaton.

This will be Condrey's first foray working for WWE in any capacity.

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