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By Jason Davis on 2010-03-05 09:58:11

* Titus O'Neil d. Adam Atherton with a Spinebuster. This was the debut of Atherton, who some people were saying just came over from OVW.
* Joe Hennig d. Joe Doering with a Perfectplex. Good solid oldschool match.
* Curt Hawkins comes out and introduces his giant, Jackson Andrews. Hawkins says that they will be the most dominant team in FCW. This brings out the Dudebusters. Hawkins basically "breaks up" with Berretta and Croft in this entertaining segment. Trent Berretta challenges Jackson Andrews to a match with Caylen Croft for later.
* Donny Marlow w/ a debuting Sarona Snuka d. Big E Langston with a X-Factor. In the time that Marlow has been in FCW, he is showing himself to be a solid prospect who improves each time out.
* Richie Steamboat d. Derrick Bateman with a rollup out of the turnbuckle. This was match of the night. Bateman really put on a fine performance, and connected with a nice looking Gutbuster during the match.
* Jackson Andrews d. Caylen Croft with a Double Handed Chokeslam.
* AJ Lee, Courtney Taylor, and Aksanna d. Rosa Mendes, Livianna, and Naomi Night. Courtney connected with a Ho Down on Rosa for the win. AJ Lee and Naomi Night have really been improving with each passing day. Aksanna needs some work on pyschology, as her leg was worked on for the majority of the night. But, after the match she didn't sell her "leg injuries".
* Bo and Duke Rotunda come out to the ring. They claim that even though they aren't the champions, they are the team to beat in FCW. The yet to be named Samoan/Islander Stable (Donny Marlow, G-Rilla, Jimmy Uso, Jules Uso, and Sarona) come out. Marlow, playing the leader, claims that the only team worthwhile in FCW is the Uso's.
* Heath Slater d. Skip Sheffield with Sweetness. Skip Sheffield really does know how to connect with the FCW audience, and it will be intresting to see if that translates to the WWE audience.
* Justin Gabriel and Kaval d. Wade Barrett and Alex Riley when Kaval connected with a Warrior's Way on Riley. During the match it looked like Barrett was going to hit his finisher on Gabriel, but Riley tagged himself in. Barrett left his partner in disgust and went to the back.
Abraham Washington and Byron Saxton were the announcers.
The FCW regulars were saying that newly signed Jillian Beyor has left FCW. Don't know how true this is, but she hasn't been there recently.....
Ata Maivia was in attendance.

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