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By Buck Woodward on 2004-08-16 11:02:00

WWE Summerslam opened with a video package, set to Rush's version of "Summertime Blues" (the official song of Summerslam), highlighting the matches for the show.

The Dudleys (Spike, Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. Paul London, Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio. Spike taunted Rey with the Cruiserweight Title belt as he came to the ring.  D-Von and Kidman started off, with D-Von working over Kidman in a corner, but got caught in a headscissors and an armdrag.  Kidman hit a dropkick for a two count, then tagged in London, who hit a double back elbow, then was flipping onto D-Von by Kidman for a two count.  London hit a leapfrog kick to D-Von's back off the second rope, and then hit a dropsault.  Bubba grabbed London from the apron to switch the momentum back, and D-Von hit a lariat.  Spike tagged in, and hit a top rope double stomp on London, then spit at Rey on the apron. Bubba ran in for a brief double team, then Spike stomped London in a corner.  Bubba tagged in and hit a vertical suplex, then a falling headbutt, elbowdrop and a forearm for a two count. D-Von tagged back in and put London in a rear chinlock.  London elbowed out, but ran into a D-Von powerslam.  Kidman broke up the cover at two.  Bubba tagged in, and London fired off some punches and kicks from the mat, however D-Von clipped him from behind.  London dodged a charging Bubba, who collided with D-Von.  London hit Bubba with an enzugiri.  Spike tagged in and tried to stop London from tagging, but London kicked him away and tagged Rey. 

Rey hit Spike with a flapjack and a springboard legdrop for two.  Rey whipped Spike into a corner and hit a top rope rana for another two. Rey hit Bubba with a springboard senton and gave D-Von a reverse DDT as they tried to run in.  Spike hit a headbutt to the gut on Rey, but he tagged Kidman, who cleaned house on all three Dudleys, and scored a two count on Spike with a spinebuster (BK Bomb).  The match broke down, with all six men in the ring.  London hit a springboard off the back of Kidman into a senton on Bubba. Rey and Kidman hit a Hart Attack on Spike, and Kidman then catapulted Spike into 619 position.  Rey hit the 619 on Spike, and Kidman followed with a Shooting Star Press.  Kidman covered Spike, but D-Von pulled him out of the ring. Rey tried a springboard dive on D-Von, but he moved and Rey crashed into the security wall.  D-Von and Bubba took Kidman into the ring, and threatened to use a leather belt on him, but Kidman kicked them away.  However, he ran right into a 3D by the Dudleys, and Spike came in for the pin at the eight minute mark. 

Winners: The Dudleys. 

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