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By Josh Higham on 2010-02-05 23:22:12

John Kermon w/ Agent Sly Stetson def. Robbie Wolf.
Bobby Dempsey def. Ernesto Osiris.
Claudio Castagnoli def Andy "Right Leg" Ridge with an Airplane Spin Slam.

Episode One:

*Rayna Von Tash was the showgirl for the TV belt, which is silver and blue. She's gorgeous.

*Rhett Titus vs. Kevin Steen started the tournament. Steen made a little girl in the front row cry. She had brought a "Kiss Me Rhett It's My Birthday" sign. Steen won with the Crippler Crossface.

*Kings of Wrestling def. The Bravados with KRS ONE. They then challenged the Briscoes for the belts at the Big Bang.

*Skullcrusher Rasche Brown destroyed Caleb Kay or something like that.

*In another TV Title first round match, Kenny King faced El Generico. Good tv match. Kenny King won with a Coronation from the top.

Episode Two

*It started with Eddie Edwards and Colt Cabana in a first round match. Steve Corino came out to watch a bit of the match until getting sent back. Corino returned long enough to distract Colt allowing Edwards to lock in a half crab.

*DCFC killed the Set.

*Daivari debuted and cut a promo forsaking his previous gimmicks but saying he could walk away from guaranteed money because he was rich from working hard unlike the people of Philadelphia. USA chants.

*Kyle O'Reilly defeated Tony Kozina. Tony got in a ton of offense.

*The last TV title first round match was Davey Richards vs. Delirious. Davey Richards won with an armbar.

Episode Three

*Necro Butcher def. Cedric Alexander.

*Erick Stevens def Pelle Primeau. Pelle got in a lot of his moves, but eventually got caught. Post match beatdown with Pelle bleeding from his mouth until Necro Butcher made the save.

*Steve Corino def Bobby Shields. Colt came out to confront Corino with Corino again saying "be careful who you stand up for." Colt attacked, got the upper hand, hit the flying asshole, and threw Corino out. Steen came storming out, but Corino caught him.

*Chris Hero defeated Jay Briscoe. Claudio tried to interfere, Mark got the ref distracted enough for Hero to hit two roaring elbows.

*In a bonus non-televised main event, Roderick Strong pinned Austin Aries in a three way that included Tyler Black. Austin was thrown to the outside and into guardrails, so the in-ring stuff was left to Tyler and Strong most the time.

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