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By J. Brown on 2010-01-09 09:53:26
New England Championship Wrestling WAS scheduled to air today at 4 P.M. on Comcast Sports Net. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the show did not air as scheduled and is currently available On Demand to Comcast New England subscribers in the Get Local folder or
The debut episode kicks off at Birthday Bash 9: Rage in the Cage, with the introduction of NECW’s four owners, including company founder Sheldon Goldberg.  All four are greeted with a great ovation. In the ring, the fans are thanked for their support since the beginning and over the last 9 years.  An announcement of the first NECW General Manager is made.  That man is…Paul Richards?  Yes, Paul Richards, the former ECW referee.  Paul hands the mic over the Sheldon.  Sheldon is very gracious for the support of the NECW fans as we cut to the TV opening.
The opening is a gritty, old school, collection of NECW highlights and graphics.  It opens with a laser beaming on the planet Earth, more specifically New England, and then closes in on Massachusetts.  I liked it a lot as it reminded me of ECW’s opening during 1995-1996.  The theme song was OK.
Sheldon Goldberg and Joe Matterazzo are in the NECW studio as they review this upcoming episode with the announcement of NECW Television Champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro defending against Chris Camaro.  Also, tag team action in the main event as Real Natural is set to face Twiggy & Stupefied.
Following is “NECW 101” which will bring fans up to date on their roster, more specifically their champions in this episode.
First is NECW Television Champion Kris Pyro (babyface).  The 24 year old won the title in August 2008.  His highlights looked good.  He is on the small side, but looking exciting and acrobatic. 
Second, we are introduced to World Women’s Wrestling Champion Alexxis Neveah (babyface).  WWW is the sister promotion of NECW for those who do not know.  The belt is made of red leather, with a nice gold polish.  Neveah is a two time WWW Champion.  Her first reign began in August 2007.  However, she was defeated in March 2008 by “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel.  After climbing her way back up the ladder, Alexxis Neveah regained the WWW Title in August 2008.
The Crown Jewels (heels) are the NECW Tag Team Champions.  Managed by “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses, the team of Darling Damon and Bad Boy Jason are a flamboyant duo along the lines of Billy & Chuck (or Christopher Street Connection).  Based on the highlights shown, I was surprised to see this type of gimmick in NECW.  It’s been done before, will be done again, but what are parents telling their kids after an independent show when a guy spanks his foe or kisses his partner?  For a “family friendly” product, this one totally shocked me.  Hopefully I’ll have a better understanding in a few weeks.

And finally, the NECW Triple Crown Champion is Max Bauer (babyface).  Better known as “The Enforcer,” this specimen began as a bodyguard before winning the Triple Crown in April 2008.  He is currently the longest reigning champion in NECW at 20 months.  The tall, rough, and aggressive Bauer was put over as their top star.
The first NECW TV Taping for Comcast Sports Net is Saturday, January 23, 2010 at the Quincy National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA.
Match #1, NECW Television Champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro (now spelt Chris on the screen) defends the title against Chris Camaro.  Camaro starts with a take down that looked botched and painful for Pyro.  Pyro recovered only to be taken down again as Camaro shows off in the corner.  The two locked up with Camaro scoring yet another waist lock take down, this time following it up with some slaps across the back of Pyro’s head.  Pyro gains the advantage with a collar and elbow tie up, drop toe hold, arm drag, hip toss, and finally a drop kick.  Pyro hits a modified sunset flip for the two count.  Another arm drag by Pyro followed by an elbow.  Camaro regains the advantage by hitting a neck breaker on Pyro over his knee for a two count of his own.  Camaro with running knees into the corner, followed by a choke with the ropes.  Pyro is back to his feet and an elbow exchange ensures. Pyro hits a DDT for a two count.  Camaro back to his feet and hits a jaw breaker/enzigiuri combo for a two count.  A brutal face first uranage into a cross face submission is broken up when Pyro reaches the ropes.  Camaro sends Pyro into the corner, but eats Pyro’s boot running towards him.  Pyro hits a spinning DDT off the second ropes that looked good.  Both men down as the referee begins a ten count.  An elbow exchange on both men’s knees as Pyro gains the upper hand.  Off the ropes and Camaro is nailed with a clothesline, following with an elbow smash and drop kick.  Camaro is sent off the ropes again and is hit with a flying head scissors by Pyro for another two count.  Camaro regains control with a hip toss into a neck breaker for a two count.  Pyro back again and shoves his boot to the neck of Camaro and drops down with impact stunning Camaro.  Off the ropes, Pyro hits a tilt a whirl, converts it into a quick arm bar, and pinning combination for the three count. 
Still NECW Television Champion, “The Heat” Kris Pyro!
 Backstage, “Rock God” Brett Adams cuts a promo.  This over the top David Lee Roth wanna-be’s screeching was loud and annoying, as I’m sure it was meant to be.  Adams puts over the Real Natural tag team of Scott Osbourne and Brandon Locke.  Adams came across as the weakest character to this point.

Another promo follows suit, as “Rican Havoc” of Jose Perez and Don Vega are coming for the champions, The Crown Jewels.  The Hispanic team had a great intensity.  I’m interested if they can follow that intensity up in the future.
Match #2, World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Alexxis Neveah defending against Mistress Belmont (managed by Sean Gorman).  Mistress Belmont is basically a blue haired, east coast, MsChif-like women’s wrestler.  Belmont taking her sweet time getting into the ring, or as Sheldon called it, not taking her medication.  Neveah has seen enough and goes to the outside sending the Mistress into the ring apron and corner post.  Neveah sends Belmont into the ring as Sean Gorman grabs Alexxis, allowing Belmont to gain the temporary upper hand.  The bell is called for and the match officially starts.  Neveah quickly regains control with a clothesline and double axe handle that sends Belmont to the outside.  Belmont back up to the apron and is slingshot back to the ring.  Hurancanrana and a kick to the back by Neveah for a two count.  Belmont is back with a front liner across the knee for the two count.  In the corner, Belmont is stomping away at the champion and attempts the pin to no avail.   Belmont resorting to dirty tactics following a chin lock, grabbing the hair, the nose, biting and stepping on her throat.  Back to the corner, the Mistress sends Alexxis across the ring by the hair for another two count.  Belmont distracted by the crowd is school girled but only for two.  Belmont continues to beating, but is reversed in the corner with a hard chop by the champion.  Neveah drops her and whips the challenger into the corner.  Belmont gets the boot up as Neveah runs right into it.  Tree slam by Belmont for a two, followed by some ground and pound.  Grabbing the hair and another tree slam attempt by Mistress, but this time Alexxis counters it with a Code Breaker for the three count. 
Your winner and still WWW Champion, Alexxis Neveah!
 Alexxis showed great potential.  I cannot say the same for Mistress Belmont.  Alexxis is a very attractive, young, twenty something girl who has a great look.  With more ring time, I can see great things for her in the future.
Back from break we are going straight into Match #3.  “Real Natural” of Scott Osbourne and Brandon Locke versus Twiggy and Stupefied.  The bell sounds and Osbourne poses in the center of the ring.  Twiggy is on the apron getting the fans behind his teammate.  Circling, Stupefied with a go behind, as Osbourne drops to the ground and gains control with a wrist lock.  Stupefied reverses with a hammerlock and a head lock take over.  Osbourne reverses to a head scissors as Stupefied kicks up nicely.  A test of strength in the center of the ring and Osbourne is cranking it.  Reversal by Stupefied and a counter by Osbourne.  Osbourne takes him over with a headlock, but this time it’s Stupefied with a head scissors.  More ground work and they’re back to his feet as they meet in the center and Osbourne with a slap across the face, before being met with a good looking drop kick.  Locke tags in, as does Twiggy and Twiggy is going to town on Locke.  Off the ropes and flying arm drag by Twiggy bring Locke down.  From behind, Twiggy hits a drop kick that sends Locke to the outside to regroup with Osbourne.  Wasting time, Stupefied goes high and hits a running plancha to the outside on both men  Back in the ring, the illegal men are now legal?  Yes…Stupefied hits a hurancanrana on Osbourne followed by a flying head scissors.  Osbourne begging for mercy in the corner and reverses the tide as he sends Stuepfied into the 2nd turnbuckle.  Locke tags in and hits a brutal chop in the corner.  Body slam by Locke and an elbow for the two count.  Stupefied is sent into the corner and goes down hard holding his back.  Side back breaker for the two count.  Locke is looking really good until he is hit by Stupefied with a reverse DDT.  Twiggy is tagged in and another flying head scissors.  Knee to the gut, and a bulldog for the two count on Locke.  Stinger splash in the corner followed by some punches and an enzigiuri for two.  Twiggy with a knife edge chop in the ropes, then is distracted by Osbourne and is met with a side back breaker by Locke.  Locke sends Twiggy to the corner as Osbourne tags in.  Osbourne is putting his boots to the throat if Twiggy.  Elbow exchange in the center of the ring just as Twiggy gets the upper hand, Locke clocks Twiggy from behind.  Osbourne off the ropes and hits a knee drop for the two count.  Twiggy fired into the corner and met with a flying elbow smash.  Osbourne covers him but Stupefied break it up.  The ref sends him to his corner and Twiggy is double team by Real Natural.  Locke tagged in and is quickly small packaged for only two.  Locke having a hard time here, but Locke hits a hard body slam.  Osbourne back in with a shot to the back of Twiggy.  Reverse chin lock with a knee to the back as Twiggy gets back to his feet.  Twiggy sent off the ropes and uses momentum to reverse Osbourne into a DDT.  Stupefied tagged in and comes off the top rope with a flying cross body.  Locke in to break it up, but is met with a spinning high kick.  Double pele kick by Stupefied, followed with a super kick by Twiggy onto their opponent.  Real Natural send Twiggy to the outside, and Stupefied eats a double gut buster.  Two count.  Osbourne back to the corner as Stupefied is back in control.  Locke is down and eats a frog splash by Stupefied off the top.  Osbourne back in the ring and the count is broken up.  Stupefied launched to the outside as Twiggy is back in the ring.  Twiggy with an elbow and Osbourne is sent to the outside.  With Locke down, Twiggy goes to the top for a senton but is met with double knees on the way down.  Osbourne sends Twiggy back down with a clothesline as Locke finishes him off with an Alabama Slam for the three count. 
Your winners, the team of Scott Osbourne and Brandon Locke…Real Natural. 

Great showing by all four and by far the best match on the debut episode of NECW on Comcast Sports Net.

Thoughts:  I loved the "NECW 101" segment.  It put an immediate importance on all  of their championships.  However, they failed to follow it up with a Max Bauer match to show what he has as World Champion.  I think it is important to get your World Champion over immediately.  Here's to next week.  Kris Pyro stood out as a guy who could easily be wrestling in ROH, working his way up to the ladder.  I included my thoughts earlier on Alexxis Neveah, but I'm hoping to see more footage of the women of WWW and the contenders to her title.  With an only an hour of tv, I know I am being picky about the amount of footage, but the product had me interested.  The commentary was OK. Sheldon comes across as a nice guy, but the emphasis on move set was average.  He could definitely benefit by having a color commentator on a regular basis.  Overall, my first viewing of NECW was a positive one and I may have to check out a show for myself live come January 23, 2010.  I suggest all local New England fans do as well.

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