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By JP Nichols on 2009-12-08 19:20:54

JP Nichols texted the following results from Tuesday's Impact tapings for the episode to air on December 17th. This is the final episode before the Final Resolution Pay Per View.

In a dark match, Alex Shelley won using the Air Raid Crash.

Match Number One: Roxxi defeated ODB with a rollup. ODB went to hit Roxxi with the flask but the referee stopped ODB and Roxxi got the win. After the match, ODB went after Roxxi and choked Roxxi with her bandana. Tara came out to make the save.

Match Number Two: Brother Ray defeated Matt Morgan in a lumberjack match. The lumberjacks in the match were the other six men in their match at Final Resolution (Hernandez, D'Angelo Dinero, Suicide, Brother Devon, Rhino, and Jesse Neal). Things broke down with the lumberjacks brawling. Morgan had Ray set for the Hellevator, but Jesse hits Morgan with a low blow and then Ray hit a DDT for the victory.

Match Number Three: Hamada and Awesome Kong defeated Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky and Sarita and Taylor Wilde in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. Kong pinned Madison.

After the match, Lauren tried to interview the Beautiful People, but Lauren got blown off.

A promo was shown on the screen hyping a Black Machismo Invitational Match.

Match Number Four: Tatanka defeated Jay Lethal with a Samoan Drop in the Black Machismo Invitational. Lethal got in more offense against Tatanka than Neidhart.

Match Number Five: Desmond Wolfe versus Daniels goes to a ten minute draw in what was described as a pretty good match.

Match Number Six: A.J. Styles, Tomko, Bobby Lashley, Abyss, and Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner, Dr. Stevie, Raven, and British Invasion was scheduled but never happened . Steiner and Lashley brawled to the back and so did Abyss, Stevie, and Raven.

The match is changed to Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus with Rob Terry versus A.J. Styles, Tomko, and Kurt Angle. A.J. gets the pin on Magnus with a small package. During the match, they showed the brawling that took place in the back. After the match Angle picked up the TNA Heavyweight Title belt and there was a face off between Angle and Styles. Desmond Wolfe and Daniels attack Angle and Styles. Daniels gives A.J. Angel's Wings while Desmond puts Angle in the London Dungeon. Daniels then poses with the TNA Heavyweight Title belt.

Xplosion Match: Daffney defeated Traci Brooks with a rollup and a handful of Traci's tights.

Xplosion Match: Amazing Red defeated Chris Sabin to retain the X Division Title.

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