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By Mike Johnson on 2009-12-05 21:55:26
During the Ultimate Fighter Finale, Joe Rogan interviewed Hulk Hogan, who sounded like he was fighting off a sore throat. Hogan said he was a UFC fan and that the fighters tonight were "going to war."

Rogan pointed out Hulk Hogan had signed with TNA as Dixie Carter's new partner.  Hogan put over SpikeTV and said they had "just gotten the word" that TNA will be going "head to head" with WWE on Monday Nights on 1/4.  Hogan said he was there to "take over" and you'd "never know when the old man with the yellow boots" will get back into the ring.

Dixie Carter was shown watching during the announcement, but did not speak.

TNA sources have confirmed the timeslot for the special will be 8 PM Eastern. An official press release is forthcoming.

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