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By Buck Woodward on 2009-12-04 13:06:23

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry, responding to a rather insulting email he received from a "Logan" that took Ross to task for not going to Raw this Monday in Dallas (Jim Ross has a doctor's appointment), not going on the trip to Iraq (Ross volunteered, but Michael Cole was chosen to go) and comments supposedly made by Jesse Ventura.  That section of the blog is reprinted below:

Logan also said he spend 5, whole minutes with Jesse Ventura once upon a time and that Ventura told him that "Jim Ross was selfish and only cared about himself."  That must be accurate because it was uttered by the former Governor of Minnesota who's NEVER been known to embellish a story or "break his arm patting himself on the back" as Gorilla Monsoon often said about Jesse.  For the record, in the politically volatile world of pro wrestling if one doesn't look out for one's self then one can easily be taken advantage of and kicked to the curb for a variety of reasons or for no reasons.  So, perhaps at the end of the day many of the "survivors" within pro wrestling have to be a little selfish to make it long term.  I am indeed a survivor.  

Also, I assume that when I take the time to sign things that  fans send us, not associated with a purchase, etc that I am being selfish. I assume that all the Make A Wish visits that I have been involved with over the past many, many years makes me selfish as well.  I might be a lot of things but being egocentrically selfish isn't one of them.

Plus, I personally don't care what Jesse Ventura thinks about me. He was great in his day as a wresting broadcaster but I wouldn't consider him to be one of my favorite partners.  I am not taking any thing away from Ventura's talent but I had partners that I felt were better while working with me including Lawler, Heyman, and Cornette.

 You can read the full blog by clicking here.  In my opinion, I think Jim Ross should have hit the "delete" key rather than respond to this person's mostly uninformed accusations, but that's just me.

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