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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-11-21 11:17:57
We are live on tape from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

Match Number One: Batista versus Matt Hardy

Matt with punches and Batista goes to the floor. Batista pulls Hardy to the floor and they send each other into the ringside barrier before returning to the ring. Hardy with a kick and punches to Batista but Batista sends Hardy face first into the middle turnbuckle. Batista with a running power slam for a near fall. Batista starts to work on Hardy’s back and then he puts Hardy in a body scissors with a rear chin lock. Batista with a reverse chin lock and Hardy with a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. Hardy punches Batista but Batista with a knee and Irish whip. Hardy with a boot to Batista when he charges into the corner and then Hardy with an elbow from the turnbuckle and he sets for a Twist of Fate but Batista sends Hardy off the ropes. Batista tries for a Batista Bomb but Hardy counters with a DDT and Hardy gets a two count. Batista with a rake of the eyes. Hardy tries for a Side Effect but Batista escapes the hold and then he clips Hardy. Hardy with a drop toe hold that sends Batista into the middle turnbuckle. Hardy climbs the corner and he punches Batista until Batista hits snake eyes. Batista with a spinebuster and then he kicks Hardy. Batista with a second spinebuster and then he gives Hardy a third one. Batista sets for the Batista Bomb and hits it for the three count.
Winner: Batista

We go to footage from the contract signing last week when Rey pushed the contract signing table onto Batista before leaving the ring.

Batista is walking in the back and Josh Mathews starts to ask Batista a question. Batista says that Rey made three mistakes. One, Rey cost Batista his title. Two, Rey signed the hold harmless agreement. Three, Rey embarrassed him last week. Rey will never embarrass him again and at Survivor Series, he will punish Rey with no mercy, no regrets, and no remorse.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package about the Undertaker and Kane and their brotherhood of destruction.

Teddy Long is in his office and Vickie Guerrero and Eric Escobar enter. Vickie says that during her time as general manager, she never thought of reuniting the Brothers of Destruction. Teddy tells Vickie that it was not his idea, it was Vince McMahon’s idea. Vickie says that they can ruin his main event at Survivor Series. She says that is why Teddy is on probation. Vickie points out that Teddy has not used her boyfriend. Teddy says that he does not need Vickie’s advice and will never need it. Teddy tells Vickie and Eric to leave.

Vince McMahon enters the office and he shakes Eric’s hand. Vince says that he has an idea. Vince wants to know where Teddy came up with the idea to reunite Kane and Undertaker. Vince says that it is stupid. Teddy tries to remind Vince that it was his idea, but Vince does not fall for that trap. Vince points out what Vickie said a few minutes ago that it could ruin the Smackdown main event at Survivor Series. Vince has an idea and since Teddy is on probation, he will help Teddy get off probation by having Vickie Guerrero named a consultant for Smackdown so Teddy can get off probation. Vickie celebrates like she won the lottery. She hugs Eric and almost hugs Vince before he stops her. Vince leaves and Vickie dances.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at the feud between Drew McIntyre and Finlay.

Drew gets on the mic before the match and he says that Finlay says that he loves to fight, but in his experiences, Finlay loves to cry and weep. He says that Finlay reminds him of a little old lady who is afraid of him. Drew says that those are fighting words so he wants Finlay to come out to fight.

Match Number Two: Drew McIntyre versus Finlay

Finlay is reluctant to let go of the shillelagh but he puts it in the corner. Finlay with a double leg take down and he punches McIntyre. McIntyre goes to the floor and Finlay follows and punches McIntyre. They return to the ring and he takes McIntyre down and he punches and kicks McIntyre. The referee pulls Finlay out of the corner but Finlay returns to the attack. The referee pulls Finlay away again and that allows McIntyre to connect with a poke of the eyes. McIntyre with the double underhook DDT for the three count.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

We go to commercial with CM Punk walking in the back.

We are back and CM Punk comes to the ring. There is a table with three buckets and a trash can. Punk says that tonight he is going to do something for the fans that people who loved them should have done a long time ago. Punk says that he knows that everyone is sick and helpless. He wants to help them in the form of an intervention. Punk says that it is a straight edge intervention. Punk says the first step to recovery is a confession. He says that you need to stop lying to yourself and say to yourself that you have a problem. Punk wants everyone to stand up in the arena and says that if you need to put your hand on the television screen at home if they want. Punk wants everyone to admit that they are an addict. He says that he hears a lot of denial. Punk says that addicts do not realize that they have a problem, so he says that they are all in denial. They are in denial of the fact that they are weak and powerless. They are in denial that they are nothing without the substances that wither away at your minds and bodies. Punk says that he is going to show everyone how to survive.

Punk removes the first bucket and there is a carton of cigarettes underneath. Punk asks the fans if they realize the dangers of ingesting cigarette smoke. Punk mentions the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes. Punk reads the warning on his carton of cigarettes. Punk suggests that you should throw your lungs in the garbage, instead, Punk throws the cigarettes in the garbage and says that is how you survive.

We go to bucket number two and it is a bottle of prescription medication. Punk says that people sit behind a prescription and a doctor. He says that this is not candy. It is failure in a bottle. When you take one of the pills, you are giving up and failing at life. Punk says that there is a label on the bottle, but it should be on every pill. Punk says that he feels that everyone in the building is under the influence. Punk tells them to look inside themselves and find the straight edge inside them. Punk pours the pills into the trash can.

Punk goes to bucket number three and it is a bottle of whiskey. Punk wants to know how many people want to see him take a drink from the bottle and based on the reaction, Punk says that he feels ill. Punk says that it is not going to happen. He figures that everyone has partaken in the liquid hell in the bottle and need to be held responsible for their actions. Punk says that the bottle should not come with a warning label, it should come with a hazard symbol. He says that this is the worst of all. Punk says that when you drink it, you are poisoning yourself. Punk says that your life is going down the drain and Punk pours it into the trash can to a chorus of boos.

R Truth comes out to confront Punk and he is not rapping to the fans. Truth asks What’s Up and he says that the Truth is what’s up. He says the truth is that Punk thinks that he is better than everyone else. He tells Punk that the truth is that everyone makes their own decisions in life. He says the truth is that he does not like Punk. Truth kicks the trash can into Punk and then he hits a DDT. Truth takes the trash can and pours the contents onto Punk and then Truth stands over Punk with the trash can and hits Punk in the midsection with it.

Truth leaves the ring and we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: John Morrison versus Dolph Ziggler in a Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match for the Intercontinental Title

Fall Number One

Ziggler with a take down and a quick near fall. Ziggler with a kick and snap mare followed by a punch to the head. Morrison with a drop kick and clothesline followed by a leg lariat and a near fall. Morrison with a forearm followed by an Irish whip. Morrison trips Ziggler and then he tries for the split legged moonsault but Ziggler goes to the floor and Morrison lands on his feet. Morrison with a springboard flip dive onto Ziggler. Morrison favors his ribs as he returns Ziggler to the ring. Morrison tries for the corkscrew split legged moonsault, but Ziggler gets his knees up. Morrison with an inside cradle for the first fall.
Morrison 1 Fall . . . Ziggler 0 Falls

We go to commercial.

Fall Number Two:

We join the second fall in progress and Ziggler with the neck snap for a near fall. Ziggler with a body scissors and reverse chin lock. Ziggler with a waist lock and Morrison with elbows before a reversal and a rollup for a near fall. Morrison misses the Shining Wizard and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the second fall.

Morrison 1 Fall . . . Ziggler 1 Fall

Fall Number Three

The referee checks on Morrison during the rest period and then Ziggler with a drop kick for a near fall. Ziggler with a punch and kick followed by elbow drops to the abdomen and lower back for a near fall. Ziggler returns to the body scissors and a rear chin lock. Morrison with punches but Ziggler with a knee to the midsection. Ziggler with a gut buster from a fireman’s carry position for a near fall. Ziggler uses the ring post to stretch Morrison. Ziggler with a baseball slide that sends Morrison’s abdomen into the ring post. Morrison rolls over on a cover and gets a near fall of his own. Ziggler with an X Factor but he can only get a two count. Ziggler with a punch but Morrison with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and then Morrison hits the corkscrew split legged moonsault for the three count.
Winner: John Morrison

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the way that Michelle McCool and Layla have tried to get into Mickie’s head.

Match Number Four: Mickie James versus Layla

Layla pushes Mickie but Mickie with forearms and a Thesz Press and punches. Mickie with a kick and Layla falls into the corner. The referee pulls Mickie away and that allows Layla to kick Mickie in the knee. Layla with kicks to Mickie and then she punches Mickie. Layla with a drop kick for a near fall. Mickie with forearms to Layla but Layla with a kick. Mickie floats over and gets a rollup and bridge for the three count.
Winner: Mickie James

After the match, Layla gets on the mic and says that now that she has Mickie’s undivided attention, she tells Mickie to enjoy her victory. Before the party gets started, she tells Mickie to watch the TitanTron. Michelle McCool calls Mickie ‘Piggy’ and she does her version of Old MacDonald. The pig that Michelle talks about has Mickie’s face. Mickie leaves the ring and she is crying as she walks to the back.

Rey Mysterio is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista joins Todd and Matt at the announce table and Batista is not very talkative before Rey comes to the ring.

Match Number Five: Rey Mysterio versus Tyson Kidd with Natalya

Kidd with forearms and an Irish whip but Rey with a kick to a charging Kidd. Rey goes to the turnbuckles but Kidd stops him and Rey is in the tree of woe. Kidd kicks Rey while in the tree of woe and then he chokes Rey. Kidd with a hard Irish whip followed by a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Kidd stretches Rey and has his knee in Rey’s back. Rey with a kick to Kidd’s head but Kidd with a back kick and a drop kick to the head for a near fall. Kidd goes to the apron but he misses a springboard elbow drop. Rey with a forearm to Kidd followed by an Irish whip. Rey with a rana but Kidd holds on for a sunset flip. Rey rolls through and kicks Kidd in the head for a near fall. Kidd with an Irish whip but Rey with an elbow. Rey with a rana that sends Kidd into the ropes in ‘that position’. Kidd goes to the floor. Batista leaves the announce table and throws Kidd out of the way. The referee calls for the bell.
No Contest

After the match, Rey with a seated senton to Batista off the announce table. Batista goes into the ring and Rey avoids Batista. Rey with a baseball slide to Batista and then Rey leaves the ring.

Big Show and Jericho are in the locker room. Jericho tells Show that if they are not on the same page, Kane and Taker will beat them. Show says that his mind is on the Survivor Series and walking out of the pay per view as the new World Champion. Jericho calls Show selfish and says that they might not make it to Survivor Series. Show wants to know if Jericho is scared. Jericho says that he is not scared of anything. Show says that he has been in the ring with Kane and Undertaker and he has been tag team champion with both of them. He says that he knows how to survive. Jericho says that he has faced both men too. Show says that at Survivor Series, if it comes down to the two of them, it will be Show because he will not hestitate to punch him out. Jericho says that he is not intimidated by Show and he is not afraid of the Undertaker. Show leaves the locker room and the lights go out. Jericho starts to panic and Show turns the lights back on and chuckles as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look back at Raw from Madison Square Garden and the video package that aired on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Match Number Six: Big Show and Chris Jericho versus Kane and the Undertaker in a Non-Title Match

Kane and Jericho start things off and Jericho with punches and a kick. Kane with a vintage uppercut followed by punches and kicks in the corner. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline for a near fall. Taker tags in and he kicks Jericho and punches him. Taker with punches in the corner and then he sends Jericho into the turnbuckles. Jericho tags in Show and they go face to face. Show has some words for Taker and he misses a punch. Taker with punches and Show responds with punches and a head butt. Show with an Irish whip but Taker with a boot followed by the flying shoulder tackle. Kane and Taker clothesline Show over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho with forearms and kicks to Taker in the corner. Taker with an Irish whip and clothesline. Taker works on the arm and goes for Old School and he hits it and gets a near fall. Kane tags in and they hit a double boot and Kane gets a near fall. Kane punches Jericho and Show makes the blind tag. Kane grabs Jericho by the throat but Show with a spear for a near fall. Show with a head butt to Kane followed by kicks and punches. Jericho chokes and punches Kane while the referee is distracted by Taker and Show. Show with a punch to the chest. Kane punches back and then he connects with a knee to the head. Jericho with a kick to the midsection and back. Jericho with a chin lock and he isolates an arm. Jericho with a knee and bulldog. Jericho raises his arm because he can and then he tries for the Lionsault but he took too much time posing and that allows Kane to get his knees up. Both men are down in the ring and Show tags in and he stops Kane from making the tag. Jericho goes to the announce table and lectures Grisham and Striker. Show puts Kane on the top turnbuckle and sets for a superplex but Kane knocks Show off. Kane with a clothesline from the top and Kane looks like he suffered more.

Jericho and Taker tag in and Taker with punches and an Irish whip followed by snake eyes and a big boot. Taker with the Leg Drop of the Deadman but he can only get a two count. Taker punches Show on the apron and then Taker tries for a choke slam but Jericho counters and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Unfortunately, Jericho tries for a move that puts him between Taker’s legs and Taker locks in Hell’s Gate. Show makes the save and then all four men are in the ring. Show and Kane go to the floor and Kane punches Show. Show with a kick and head butt. Jericho clotheslines Taker to the floor but Taker lands on his feet and he pulls Jericho out too. Taker Irish whips Jericho into the ringside barrier and then Kane and Jericho send Show into the ring bell cubicle. Taker and Kane rearrange the announce table and Jericho saves Show from a double choke slam through the announce table. Kane and Taker turn their focus to Jericho as they return to the ring. Jericho gets punched by Taker and Kane hits a choke slam. Taker signals that it is over. Show pulls Kane out and punches him. Taker grabs Show by the throat on the apron. Taker is stopped by Jericho. Show punches Taker and takes him out. Show checks on Jericho and helps him up but Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Show. Jericho takes the World Title belt and leaves the ringside area.

No Contest

We go to credits with Jericho holding the World Title belt over his head.

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