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By Michael Spears on 2009-11-06 20:48:34

Dark Match:

    * Bo Rotundo pinned Big E Langston

Episode 60:

   * Alberto Banderas pinned Caylen Croft (w/Trent Beretta)
    * The South Beach Boys (Percy Watkins & Darren Young) beat Vance Archer & Lennox McEnroe
    * Joe Hennig pinned Dylan Klein after a prefect-plex
    * Curt Hawkins defeated Johnny Prime
    * FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Justin Angel pinned Heath Slater after hitting the 450 Splash

Episode 61:

    * Alberto Banderas pinned Trent Beretta (w/Caylen Croft)
    * AJ Lee pinned Courtney Taylor
    * The Abraham Washington Show featured new FCW Diva Aksana, Eli Cottonwood and a suspended Gabriel was in the crowd eating popcorn; a match was set-up between Cottonwood and Mr. FCW for the next episode where if Mr. FCW won Gabriel would be reinstated.
    * Donny Marlow (w/Jimmy Uso) pinned Dino Carter (formerly known as Rashard Goff and Damian Richards) after a diving headbutt
    * Results of the 8-man battle royal where the last two men fought it out to determine a #1 contender are listed in order of elimination:
          o Brett DiBiase by Dylan Klein
          o Klein by Curt Hawkins
          o Joe Hennig by Heath Slater
          o Michael Tarver by everyone
          o Tyler Reks by Hawkins & Slater
          o Slater by Hawkins
          o Hawkins then pinned Skip Sheffield to become on the #1 contender

Episode 62:

     * Tommy Dreamer pinned Eric Escobar after a DDT
    * Mr. FCW defeated Eli Cottonwood by DQ when Cottonwood refused the referee’s instruction to stop beating on Mr. FCW
    * Johnny Prime, Skip Sheffield and Joe Hennig beat Vance Archer, Heath Slater and Michael Tarver when Sheffield pinned Slater
    * FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Justin Angel pinned Curt Hawkins (w/Trent Beretta & Caylen Croft) after hitting the 450 Splash


    * Tommy Dreamer and WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat signed autographs for fans before the show.  Both men were extremely nice and accommodating to the fans.
    * Doug Basham was among those in attendance.
    * The arena was the most electric it has been for months during the Dreamer-Escobar match.

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