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By Mike Johnson on 2009-11-02 10:04:22
Dragon Gate USA's second PPV "Untouchable" opened from Chicago, IL at the Congress Theater with the crowd clapping for the opening.  We went right into the opening bout with clips of the other competitors backstage warming up as the ring entrance took place.


This was a rematch from the first DGUSA PPV in Philadelphia.

They opened up fast with some back and forth counters and near falls.  The crowd clapped as they faced off.  Kid ducked under a Yoshino leapfrog and nailed an armdrag.  Kid rebounded off the ropes with a spinning headscissors.  Kid went for a dive, but Yoshino moved, so Kid swung through the ropes and mocked him.  Yoshino walked around the floor to slow down the momentum, but was kicked in the mid-section with a knee as he returned to the ring.  The crowd booed Kid's knee.

Dragon dropped a pair of knees over Yoshino for a two count.  He slammed Yoshino's head into the turnbuckles, then hit a dropsault.    Kid then hit a big dropkick into Yoshino's face.  Kid rebounded off the ropes but was kicked in the stomach, then nailed with an over the knee backbreaker.  Yoshino chopped him down, then followed up with a second one.

Yoshino locked on a single leg Boston Crab but Kid made his way to the ropes.  Yoshino began going after Kid's back with stomps and kicks, then nailed a suplex for another two count.  Kid was whipped into the ropes, but held on, then kicked him in the face.  Kid whipped around Yoshino with a series of moves, sending him to the floor.  Kid then hit a dive over the top into a hurancanrana on the floor.

Kid tossed Yoshino back in the ring and nailed a springboard missile dropkick into the ring.  Yoshino crumbled into the corner.  He fought back against Kid but was caught with a Buff Blockbuster into the ring.  Kid locked on an Octopus on Yoshino.  Yoshino pulled himself to the ropes and fell over, breaking the move. 

Kid charged and was backdropped onto the apron, but landed on his feet.  Kid was grabbed and hit with a Facejam.  Yoshino went to the top but was cut off.  Kid went for a top rope hurancanrana but was shoved off.  Yoshino nailed an awesome missile dropkick, sending Kid flying across the ring and crumpling under the ropes.  He pulled Kid up for a suplex for a suplex but Kid snapped his throat on the ropes.  Kid nailed a double springboard moonsault for a two count.

The fans began chanting for both men.  Kid nailed a series of elbows in the corner.  He placed Yoshino on the top turnbuckle.  Yoshino shoved Kid down.  Kid fought back with a series of rights and a chop before jumping atop Yoshino's shoulders and hitting a hurancanrana off his shoulders while Yoshino was standing on the top rope.  He gets a two count.  Kid goes for the Dragonrana but was shoved off.  Yoshino is slammed in the ropes and hit with a dropkick.  Kid hit the Ultimate Hurancanrana but Yoshino kicked up at the last second. 

The fans began chanting, "This is awesome."  Kid went to the top but Yoshino avoided him.  He nailed the Lightning Spiral for a two count.  Yoshino hit several strikes but was nailed with a kick.  They went back and forth until Kid caught him with a Crucifix for the pin.

Your winner, Dragon Kid! 

The announcers put over that Kid was now 2-0 on PPV.   Kid held out his hand to show respect to Yoshino after the bout but was blown off by his rival.

Real good opener, but it seemed again like they were holding back and not doing everything they could.  Still, a fun 15 minute bout with tons of dives, strikes and aerial moves.  It was interesting to see Kid getting booed at one point, since he's the most obvious character to new fans- the underdog masked babyface. 

We go to clips of Mike Quackenbush issuing an open challenge from CHIKARA to Dragon Gate USA at the last PPV.  YAMATO comes out and disrespects him in Japanese.  In a nice twist, they showed subtitles of what he said in English.  We then see clips of Gran Akuma and Jigsaw getting involved, which sets up the next bout.


The heels attack Quack and Jigsaw before the bell.  They dispose of Jigsaw and work over Quack.  Quack came back with several chops and attempted to rebound off the ropes but was caught and slammed down on their knees back-first, playing off his back injuries.  Quack went to the floor as YAMATO and Akuma turned their attention to Jigsaw.

It simmered down to YAMATO beating down Jigsaw, then dragging him to their corner where Akuma stood on his throat to choke him, then nailed a kick to the back.  Quack pulled himself back up to the apron but was shoved off by YAMATO.  YAMATO began kicking Jigsaw's leg and hamstring.  He cinched in a leglock as the crowd tried to rally Jigsaw.  YAMATO went after Quack to distract the referee, allowing Akuma to nail a knee strike and snapmare on Jigsaw.  Jigsaw came back with a modified armdrag while rebounding out of the corner but his momentum was quickly cut off. YAMATO slammed him and cinched in an anklelock, going right into a STF submission.

Jigsaw used elbows to defend himself but was unable to escape.  YAMATO released him and stomped his back.  Jigsaw fought back but was curtailed with a boot to the chest.  YAMATO sized him up in the corner and began chopping away at him, then kicked him in the throat.  Jigsaw nailed several foremarms but was caught with a sleeper.  They went to the mat, where YAMATO cinched in a kneebar.  Quackenbush has had enough, as he hit the ring and stomped YAMATO's face.

The referee dragged him back to the corner, allowing Akuma and YAMATO to work Jigsaw over.  They went to whip him out over but he crumbled due to his leg injury.  Jigsaw finally made the hot tag and began chopping Akuma, nailed a bulldog and went for a pin.  Quackenbush was halted by YAMATO.  YAMATO and Akuma soon overpowered Quack, who came back with a springboard elbow on Akuma.  YAMATO saw it coming and ducked, allowing him to go right after Quack.    Quack nailed a headbutt and went to the top but was caught and slammed off. 

Akuma held Quack, but when YAMATO charged, Quack moved and left Akuma to be nailed.  Jigsaw hit YAMATO with a superkick out of nowhere for a two count.  Jigsaw was caught with a nasty tombstone into a facejam on Akuma's knee but Quack it up.  YAMATO nailed a brainbuster then cinched in a CCV submission.  Quack grabbed the ropes to break it.

Quack comes back with a Lou Thesz Press for a two count.  Quack goes for a German suplex but YAMATO blocks him.  YAMATO cinches in an anklelock.  Quack climbs to the ropes but is pulled back to the middle of the ropes and turns it into another CCV.  Jigsaw pulls himself in and breaks it up.  YAMATO goes for a lariat but is caught and hit with a Michinoku Driver.  Quack nails a senton from the top rope.  Akuma returns and kills Jigsaw with a kick to the head.

Akuma nails a neckbreaker on Quack, then places him atop the turnbuckle.  He teases an Exploder from the top but is dropkicked by Jigsaw from behind.  Jigsaw attacks him but is shoved off.  Quack sends Akuma crashing into the ring.  Jigsaw puts Akuma on his shoulders and drops to his knees.  Quack comes off the top with two knees to the chest, sending Akuma flying over backwards.  Jigsaw goes for the pin but YAMATO breaks it up.

YAMATO cinches in a sleeper and then suplexes Jigsaw backwards.  He kicks Quack in the stomach and charges him but again, Quack evades and Akuma is the victim of the move.  YAMATO is sent to the floor.  Quack hits the Quackendriver 2 (spike tombstone piledriver) for the pin.

Your winners, Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw!

YAMATO attacks Quackenbush and locks in a choke.  With Jigsaw too hurt to help, Hallowicked hits the ring to make the save.  The crowd chants his name.  The announcers note the war between CHIKARA and Dragon Gate is far from over.

Good athletic tag bout telling a solid story.  Whoever laid this out did a great job as everyone had their moment to shine.  The CHIKARA talents more than held their own with YAMATO, who is an awesome heel when it comes to facial expressions.  So far, 2 good bouts in a row.

They run a quick promo announcing the first DGUSA champ will be crowned at the next PPV.

BRYAN DANIELSON VS. Open the Brave Gate champ NARUKI DOI (non-title)

The ring announcer announced, "A man who needs no introduction."  The lights went off and when they returned, Danielson was in the ring.  The crowd chanted, "Best in the World" at him and threw streamers.  The announcers noted it was one of Danielson's final independent bouts.  It was presented as the best of the indys vs. the best of DG with Danielson "testing himself one more time."

They immediately went back and forth into technical wrestling, going back and forth.  Doi went after Danielson's leg, kicking at the hamstring.  Danielson and Doi exchanged side headlock takeovers, before Danielson got the better of the exchange and cinched in a head scissors.  Doi escaped and they continued trying to best the other before facing off. 

They went into a test of strength.  Danielson nailed several European uppercuts while Doi responded with chops.   Doi caught him with a dropkick to the knee.  Danielson sent Doi into the corner and began working on his shoulder and elbow.  Danielson continued to torque the left arm, then maneuvered Doi to the mat and hooked the right arm as well.   Danielson maintained his assault on the elbow, gaining several near falls and submission attempts.

Danielson nailed a double underhook suplex into a cross armbreaker.  Doi teased submitting but eventually made his feet to the ropes.  Doi turns the tide with a dropkick to Danielson's chest and a somersault senton splash.  Doi whips Danielson into the ropes and nails him with a Stun Gun, followed by a belly to back suplex for a two count.  Danielson mounts a comeback with several strikes, then hits a missile dropkick.  Danielson began grabbing his knee and sells it after connecting with a running kick to the chest.

Doi and Danielson began exchanging punches and forearms in the center of the ring.  Doi catches him with an elbow while coming off the ropes for a two count.  Doi went for a TKO but Danielson blocked it and cinched in an anklelock.  Doi made his way towards the ropes and eventually makes them.  Danielson continued to sell his knee.  Doi nailed a Dragon Screw legwhip and then hooked on a figure four leglock.

Danielson pumped his arms to rally the crowd as he fought to turn the leglock around.  Danielson doesn't turn it but makes it to the ropes.  Doi keeps going for a leglock but Danielson keeps kicking him off.  They go into a great series of near falls, which the Chicago crowd loved.  Danielson hits a running knee strike on Doi.  Danielson is the first to his feet.  He attempts several full nelson suplexes and a crucifix before locking in a cattle mutilation submission.  Doi made it to the ropes.

Doi was nailed with an uppercut and returned in kind.  They exchanged strikes.  Danielson went glassy-eyed and Doi began slapping him.  Danielson nailed a roaring elbow.  He avoided a sliding kick and cinched in an anklelock.  Doi went for the ropes but Danielson pulled him up and snapped him into a German suplex for a two count.  He went right back to the leg and locked another anklelock.  Doi came back with a running splash in the corner and a TKO for a near fall.

Doi hits a Tiger suplex for a two count.  Great back and forth match.  Doi goes to the top for a moonsault but Danielson follows.  Doi hits an back elbow, sending Danielson to the mat.  Danielson recovers but is nailed back off.  Danielson crashes to the mat.  Doi prepares for his move but Danielson charges and takes out his legs.  Danielson nails a belly to back superplex and locks in the Cattle Mutilation in the center of the ring.

Doi refuses to tap and Danielson maneuvers him into position to begin raining down elbows onto Doi.  Danielson covers him and gets a two count.  They noted the referee could have stopped the bout due to elbows but didn't due to the importance of the match.  Danielson nailed a high kick to the chest but Doi responded with a punch.  They exchanged blows and strikes.  Danielson drilled Doi with a running kick but needed to regain his wind before he could make the cover.  Danielson went to the top but was nailed with a strike by Doi.  Doi went for a move but was caught with a series of elbow strikes. 

Doi finally nails Danielson with the Doi Fives, then a sliding kick for a two count.  This match is awesome.  Doi nailed Danielson with a Muscular Bomb for the pin.

Your winner, Naruki Doi!

Awesome 20 minute plus match with some great back and forth ring combat here.  Whether you like technical finesse, highspots or stiff strikes, this had it all.  This was a fitting final PPV bout for Danielson's independent career and one hell of a way to go out.  Good booking here for DGUSA as well as they have Doi cleaning pinning the name that most hardcore fans that follow the indies believe to be the best worker in the world.  This one is worth the price of the PPV alone.

As Doi celebrated, the crowd chanted, "Thank you Dragon."

Another promo for the title tournament on the next PPV.


This is Kendrick's first PPV appearance since departing WWE and he came out wearing his trademark white leather jacket.  Lenny Leonard yelled for the cameras to go to the locker room, where we saw Dragon Kid being separated from Masato Yoshino in the locker room.  They said they'd update the situation soon on

Kendrick immediately attacked CIMA from behind.  He used his boot to choke CIMA from above.  Kendrick nailed an enziguiri and covered him for a two count.  Kendrick went to the top rope early but CIMA leaps and nails him.  CIMA goes for a superplex but is shoved off.  CIMA nailed him with a palm strike and drilled him with an Iconoplasm from the ropes, then a splash off the ropes. 

CIMA drilled Kendrick with a basement dropkick.  Kendrick countered with a rollup and hooking the tights for a two count.  Kendrick began slamming CIMA's head into the turnbuckle.  CIMA caught him with a superkick and came off with a double knee bomb off the ropes for the pin.

Your winner, CIMA!

FAR too short and not worthy of the quality of those involved.  There was obvious clipping here so hopefully the full bout is a lot better.  I'd personally see the match not shown in this manner, but that's just me as I didn't want to see Kendrick presented in what was a squash but it's smart booking to show CIMA beating a former WWE name.   This was a tease of a great bout that didn't deliver in the manner DGUSA aired it.


This is Richards' first DGUSA appearance.  They circled each other before locking up.  Shingo muscled Richards into the ropes but Richards avoided a chop then kicked him in the head.  Shingo and Richards exchanged shoulderblocks while testing the other.  Richards snapmared him and kicked him from behind.  Shingo avoided it and got in Richards' face.  They exchanged blows.  Richards ended up on the apron.  Shingo grabbed his leg as he returned and nailed a Dragon Screw legwhip.  Richards fell to the arena floor.

Shingo went after Richards on the floor, whipping him into the railing.  He goes right into a leglock.  Richards fights to escape but Shingo maintains the control.  Richards pulled himself to the ropes but Shino grabbed him and continued to work over Richards' leg, then grapevined the leg with an Achilles Tendon leglock.  Richards suffered through the hold and made his way to the ropes.

Shingo continued to work over Richards, slamming him in the center of the ring.  They began chopping each other.  Richards began to mount a comeback with several kicks but was caught by Shingo and dumped over the top to the floor.  Richards grabbed at his knee on the floor.  Shingo went to the outside and draped Richards' leg over the barricade, then hit a running kick to the knee.  Shingo nailed a shinbreaker on the floor.  Richards tried to fight back with a chop but Shingo soon cut him off.

Shingo brought Richards to the apron on the outside.  Richards used several headbutts to daze Shingo, then slammed him down.  Richards whipped him into the railing.  Richards pulls Shingo's elbow in the railing and kicked it.  Richards slammed Shingo and then began taking him apart with stiff lariats and kicks.  Richards works over Shingo's shoulder, then grapevines the legs for a Texas Cloverleaf.  Shingo grabs the ropes to escape.

Shingo and Richards continue to maul each other with strikes,  Richards nails a running forearm in the corner, then suplexes Shingo.  Richards hits a diving headbutt off the top rope.  He cinches in a crosschest armbreaker.  Shingo uses the ropes to escape.  Richards continues to beat Shingo with kicks to the chest but Shingo dares him to continue.  Richards nails him again and again.  Shino gets to his feet.  Richards nails him with an enziguiri but Shingo rebounds up and tosses him with a German suplex.

The referee began counting both competitors out on the mat.  They return to their feet, where Shingo began getting the better of their exchange.  Shingo nails a lariat in the corner.  Shingo follows up with a Death Valley Driver.  Richards avoids a kick but eats a lariat.  The crowd began chanting "This is awesome" after Richards kicks up.  Richards nails a Saito Suplex.  Shingo rolls out to recover but Richards nailed an insane dive through the ropes, landing in the crowd and landing literally three or four rows into the crowd.

When Richards returned to the ringside area, they returned to the ring.  Richards was over huge after the dive and began killing Shingo with kicks.  He nailed a handspring into a dropkick for a two count.  This is awesome.  Richards was nailed with a DDT.  Richards avoids a Facejam and kicks him in the face for a two count that most thought was the finish.  The place went nuts when Shingo kicked out.

Richards slammed Shingo and went to the top, but was hurting and it took too long as Shingo caught up to him.  They battled on the top rope.  Richards went for a sunset flip powerbomb but Shingo avoided it.  Richards charged and was kicked off.  Richards nailed a leaping enziguiri on Shingo, then snapped out a top rope hurancanrana.  Richards nailed a German suplex with a bridge for a two count.  The crowd chanted about how awesome the bout was again.

Richards called for his finisher, the D.R. Driver.  Shingo muscled out of the move and grabbed Richards, who reversed it into a crossarm breaker.  Shingo fought out of the move but was caught again.  Shingo was trapped in a triangle choke, but muscled up after his arm dropped twice.  He muscled Richards to the ropes and nailed a death valley driver off the middle rope.  He covered Richards, who kicked up.  Incredible bout.

Richards was killed with a lariat but kicked out again.  At this point, the building is going nuts.  The crowd began chanting for Richards.  Shingo went for Made in Japan but was caught with a forward roll for a two count.  Richards nailed the D.R. Driver but Shingo kicked up.  Richards began nailing a series of Kawada Kicks to the face.  Shingo nailed the Made in Japan but Richards kicked out again.

Shingo made his way to his feet while Richards was out in the corner.  Richards pulled himself up finally and was nailed with a running clothesline.  Richards was placed on the top turnbuckle.  Shingo follows him up but Richards jumped down to catch himself.  He returned to the ropes and they butted heads.  Richards went down and returned with a leaping kick.  Shingo clotheslined  him back into the ring.  He charged Richards again but missed, nailing the post shoulder-first.

Richards went to the top and nailed a shooting star press but Shingo kicked up at two.  Richards locked in a Kimura and Shingo tapped.

Your winner, Davey Richards!

Just bloody awesome.  They established Richards as a player here and after seeing this, he's got to be the front runner to become the first DGUSA champion.  This was the best I've seen Shingo, ever, as well.  This was portrayed as two bruisers going all out and beating the crap out of each other to see who the better man is, and wow, this was one hell of a bout. Between this and Danielson vs. Doi, you will easily get your money's worth.

They aired a commercial plugging the DGUSA website at

THE YOUNG BUCKS vs. Open the Twin Gate champions RYO SAITO & GENKI HORIGUCHI

Genki and Matt Jackson started out.  Genki got the better of him early, chopping away.  He got the better of a test of strength, but Jackson countered with several counters into a front facelock.    Jackson used a wristlock to work Genki down, but he escaped and they faced off.  Saito tagged in as did Nick Jackson.  Saito grabs a side headlock and is shot off into the ropes.  He shoulderblocks Jackson down.  Jackson comes back with several dropkicks and a frankensteiner.  The Jacksons nail stereo backflips into a dropkick on Genki.

Matt Jackson snapmared Genki out of the corner, allowing Nick to hit a twisting plancha into the ropes.  Saito grabbed Nick's hair and slammed him into the corner.  They worked over Nick Jackson until Matt tagged in.  They isolated Saito in their corner and made quick in and out tags, working over his left arm. Genki raked Nick Jackson's arm and locked him into a submission hold.  Nick tried to rally himself out of the move.  He uses Genki's hair to pull himself over and make a tag.  Matt Jackson nailed a double stomp to Genki's ponytail.  Seriously.

The Jacksons continued to work over Genki with kicks and strikes until Genki lowblowed Matt Jackson.  He attacks Nick Jackson and sends him over the railing into the crowd.  Meanwhile, Saito attacked Matt in the ring.  They began brawling into the crowd.  Genki suplexed Nick Jackson across several chairs in the crowd.  This left Matt Jackson left alone as Saito worked him over.  They drilled him with a series of moves, culminating with a facebuster and a sliding kick.

Nick Jackson crawled back into the ringside area as Matt was hung upside down in one of the corners.  Saito spit on Matt.  Nick hit the ring to attack Saito but was cut off by Genki and tossed back to the floor.  Saito grabbed Jackson's ponytail and twisted it, setting up Genki coming off the top rope onto it.  Genki locked on a leglock.  Jackson was nearly pinned by having his shoulders on the mat but kept getting them off the mat before a three count.  Genki knocked Nick off the apon, then hit a somersault clothesline on Matt.  He dragged him back to their corner, where a waiting Saito dropped down with a double stomp to the gut.

As Nick Jackson argued with the referee, Saito began strangling Matt with a rope.  They continued to beat on Matt, who finally recovered with a sliced bread #2.  He made the hot tag to Nick, who dropkicked Genki to the floor, then hit a moonsault off the apron to the floor.   He nailed a facebuster on Saito.  Matt helped with a top rope elbow but Saito kicked up at two.  They dropkicked Saito to the floor.  The Jacksons set up a dive onto Saito.  Genki then hit one of his own.

Back in the ring, Genki failed at a swinging DDT and was nailed with a Falcon Arrow by Matt Jackson.  Matt dropkicked Genki in the corner, then powerbombed him into Nick's knees.  Nick nailed a senton atomico for a two count.  Genki tossed Matt into a Saito German suplex.  He then suplexed Nick onto Matt.  Genki nailed a brainbuster for a two count.  Saito hit a splash for a two count.  Nick whipped Matt into the corner.  Matt nailed a Blockbuster on Saito for a two count.

Jackson went for a superplex but nailed the referee by accident.  They had Saito pinned but there was no ref.  Genki blew green mist in Matt's face.  Satio powered him up with a double cross powerbomb for the pin.

Your winners, Genki Horichuchi & Ryo Saito!

The champions celebrated as the show went off the air.

Another good bout with something of a more traditional heel vs. babyface dichotomy.  Fun bout to be sure.

Overall, a good second outing for DGUSA.  This wasn't the top to bottom cavalcade that the debut show was, but Danielson vs. Doi and Richards vs. Shingo were both top notch blowaway bouts.  The editing between matches is very rough enough the edges and fans expecting spectacular production will be let down but the nucleus of the presentation, great in-ring wrestling, you can't go wrong here.  A fun PPV.

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