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By Mike Johnson on 2009-10-27 15:17:18
The Hulk Hogan-TNA press conference today featured Eric Bischoff introducing Hulk Hogan.  Hogan talked about TNA and stated he was becoming a "partner" in the company and that he was feeling great and looking forward to being a part of the company.  The conference left the impression Hogan may be involved as a personality, but not wrestling for the group.

TNA President Dixie Carter gave a short speech saying she was looking forward to working with Hogan and that while they have great ratings for a Thursday night, Hogan would be the "boost that TNA needed."  SpikeTV's Kevin Kay was also in attendance and gave a brief statement about the network working with Hogan.

The Q&A session was said to mostly be fluff fan type questions, although one fan did ask Hogan whether working with Vince Russo would be an issue.  Hogan responded that as long as Russo stayed in his place and didn't cross him, there would be no issues. Hogan then said that if he did, Hogan would have to take care of it. 

When the topic of Eric Bischoff came up, Hogan did not say Bischoff was working with him in TNA but noted they have other side projects they are working on.

Obviously, Hogan's book being plugged was a big part of the conference as well.

CNN's Larry King Live had a camera crew there shooting footage for tonight's Hogan appearance.

Thanks to Sunil for all his help.

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