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By Mike Johnson on 2009-10-24 02:06:49
The John Cena WWE Studios film Oxley's Road has been officially renamed Brother's Keeper. Cena will be playing the lead character, Cal Oxley. In the film, Cal is the youngest son of a wrestling family who decides to join his High School's wrestling team. That decision is made against his mother's wishes in an effort to get her and his oldest brother to reconnect as they have been estranged for a decade following a car accident where Cal's father died.

WWE will be casting a 15 year old to play a younger version of Cal, so the younger version will be the centerpiece of the film with John Cena playing a smaller role as the older version of Cal.

Patricia Clarkson, who was featured in the past on episodes of Six Feet Under and Saturday Night Live and will be in the forthcoming Leonardo DiCaprio film "Shutter Island", will be playing Cena's mother, Sharon.

The film has a $10 million budget, which means its going straight to DVD.

Filming will commence on 12/8. Cena will work a reduced schedule for WWE during the shoot.

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