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By Mike Johnson on 2009-10-22 09:37:13
Last night's episode of South Park featured a plot of Kyle, Stan, Cartman and the crew deciding to create their own backyard wrestling promotion after attending a WWE event. The episode featured animated versions of Edge, John Cena and Vince McMahon and lampooned the soap opera aspects of professional wrestling as well as fans who buy into the idea that the storylines are real.

Edge and Cena were shown wrestling each other in the opening segments when the boys attended the WWE event.

Vince McMahon, portrayed as having a British accent, attended a "WTF Smackdown" event the boys put on while "scouting for the talent." He was placed in an private balcony and watched the performance using opera glasses. In the end, McMahon hired their former amateur wrestling coach, who arrived with a rocket launcher (natually killing Kenny) and ranted about what was real wrestling.

As is usual with South Park when celebrities appear, the WWE talents' voices were performed by voice actors, not the actual WWE performers.

There were a lot of theatrical comparisons between professional wrestling and theater, including a scene where the boys auditioned new wrestlers that was lifted right out of "A Chorus Line."

The episode will replay this week on Comedy Central and is made available for viewing at as well.

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