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By Buck Woodward on 2009-10-15 10:00:00

Has there ever been a steel cage match between the divas, and if not do you think that WWE might do it ?

There have been female steel cage matches, but I can't recall any in "WWE Diva" history.  Honestly, I don't think any Diva feud ever lasts long enough or gets heated enough to warrant them having a cage match.  Jim sent word that there was a Lita-Victoria match on Raw in a steel cage several years ago.  It lasted a little over five minutes, and there was no blood.

When a wrestler, male and female, are signed by WWE and sent to FCW what exactly are the officials there hope to see? What is expected of wrestlers in FCW?

WWE wants to see improvement and that the wrestler can take direction.  They want to see the wrestlers perform well and also do what is asked of them successfully.

Any idea where Gail Kim has disappeared to in recent weeks? And why?

She was on Raw Monday.  Boy, that was easy.  Seriously, Kim is part of the Raw roster, but since she is not the top Diva, there are going to be weeks that she doesn't get TV time.

Whatever happened to the good old days of heels and faces? Most wrestlers seem to hover in tweener land these days, or jump around so quickly that the changes lose meaning.

I agree that face-heel turns happen too often, but in all honesty, things are a lot more stable than they were a decade ago, where it seemed almost everyone was a tweener, and wrestlers turned at the drop of a hat. 

In the days before wrestling was 'exposed' and everything was still kayfabed, how did wrestlers with fake names and gimmicks do simple things that would require ID, like book hotel rooms, rent cars, fly on airplanes, etc. When someone recognizable like an Abdullah the Butcher, who never spoke and was supposed to be from the Sudan, needed a car or a room, what did they do? Obviously it would be hard to deny being Abby to anyone who is a wrestling fan, but seeing an ID that said Larry Shreve would've exposed the business in a time when they did all they could not to expose the business.

They used their real names, but you have to remember the time.  The chances that some wrestling fan would be standing behind Abdullah on line, then would use his cell phone to tell his friends, who would put it on the Internet, exposing it to the world, were non-existent. Now, everything is "out there".  I don't think that part of kayfabe could work in this day and age. 

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