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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-10-10 17:07:33
On Saturday night, Full Impact Pro Wrestling returned to action with their Fallout 2009 show that featured two title matches inside the confines of the unforgiving steel cage. There was another title on the line as well as a build to the annual Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup that will take place on November 20 and 21.

Here is some of the fallout from Fallout 2009:

Three Titles on the Line with the Final Chance for the Challenger

All three titles were on the line at Fallout and the challengers were given the stipulation that if they could not win at Fallout, they would never get another title match against the current champion.

In the Florida Heritage Title Match between Rhett Titus and Brad Attitude, an additional twist was added when all members of Heartbreak Enterprises were banned from ringside for the match due to repeated interference by the group. Thanks to some legal maneuverings, an injunction was entered to allow Heartbreak Enterprises at ringside. That did not help despite the addition of Amy Vitale to the mix because Cowboy Ron Bass, who was interrupted earlier by Sean Davis was asked by Brad Attitude to be in his corner. Your new Florida Heritage Champion is Brad Attitude.

After a controversial finish last time in the FIP Tag Title match between the British Lions and the champions Erick Stevens and Roderick Strong, Fallout would see these two teams meet, possibly for the final time, inside a steel cage. In a match that saw all four men bleed, it was not Heartbreak Enterprises that cost Stevens and Strong the title, it was Erick Stevens who turned on Roderick Strong and left Strong in the cage for the British Lions to win the FIP Tag Titles. It was not a happy celebration for The Lions because the tension that existed between Taylor and Gray when they joined Heartbreak Enterprises reared its head again when Taylor would not join in the post match beat down of Roderick Strong. Taylor even offered to give the title belt back to Strong, but Strong would not accept it.

In the final title match of the night, Davey Richards and Kenny King met one more time for the FIP World Heavyweight Title and it turned out to be King’s last shot at Richards’ title because Davey Richards was able to retain after a match that saw tables, chairs, chains, and Heartbreak Enterprises get involved in the match. Both men absorbed a lot of punishment during the match that saw Richards get the victory with a DR Driver through a series of chairs in the center of the ring.

Renewal of a Top FIP Feud?

In 2007 and 2008, one of the top feuds in FIP revolved around the World Heavyweight Title and the friendship between Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens. Despite being friends, Strong did not like Erick’s attempts to win the FIP World Title from him. This culminated with a series of bloody matches all over Florida and saw both men hold the FIP World Title. They found a common enemy and joined forces to win the FIP Tag Titles and while things appeared to be fine between both men, there were acknowledgements that they might be partners, but there were still some seeds from their past battles that remained. It turned out that the British Lions were not the only team in the tag title match who had some internal problems. During their match, Roderick Strong accidentally kicked Stevens but Stevens did not think it was an accident and when it appeared that Stevens was going to finish off the British Lions, Stevens gave Strong a clothesline and then hit a Doctor Bomb before leaving the ring. Roderick Strong vowed to get revenge on Stevens for what he did. Will we see Stevens and Strong inside a steel cage one more time but as opponents instead of partners?

Field of Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Starts to Take Shape

On Friday November 20th and Saturday November 21st, the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup returns and there is a bit of a change to the format of this year’s tournament. While it remains a sixteen man tournament, four companies will provide four wrestlers to participate. One of the companies is Full Impact Pro and two of the spots were determined in qualifying matches. TJ Perkins became the first person to qualify after defeating Sal Rinauro. The second qualifier was Chris Jones who defeated Chasyn Rance for the chance to participate in the 2009 Tournament. During the show, it was announced that the final two participants from FIP would be the two singles champions so the brand new Florida Heritage Champion, Brad Attitude and the FIP World Heavyweight Champion Davey Richards complete the FIP contingent.

The Cowboy Rides Again

Cowboy Ron Bass was a special guest of FIP at Fallout 2009 and was there to sign autographs and talk to the fans about his wrestling career. During the show, he came to the ring to address the crowd and he was interrupted by Sean Davis. Davis and Bass would be on opposite sides of the ring during the Florida Heritage Title match with Bass being asked by Brad Attitude to be in his corner. After the match, Bass and Davis battled and Bass made a challenge to Davis for a bullrope match on November 21st in Crystal River during the second night of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. Davis eventually accepted the challenge.

Here are the results from the show.

Match Number One: Caleb Konley defeated QT Marshall

The two men try to get a feel for their opponent and try to work on the arm until Konley takes control of the match but it is short lived as Marshall works on Konley’s neck. Each man gets a number of near falls, but Konley hits a neck breaker and gets the three count.

Match Number Two: Bruce Santee defeated Slyck Sleazy

Santee takes advantage of Sleazy who was making his FIP debut and uses his slight size advantage on Sleazy. Sleazy was able to change the momentum of the match but he got a bit too cocky and does push ups and sit ups after a drop kick. Sleazy misses a leg drop from the turnbuckles and Santee gets the three count with the Big Dump.

Match Number Three: Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis with Leva versus Todd and Mike Shane with Ron Niemi goes to a No Contest

The grudge match starts off with all four men brawling around the ring. Things get under control and Davis and Chavis have things under control. Mike and Todd fight back and they work over Chavis until Chavis hits a missile drop kick. The action goes back outside the ring and they fight to the back so the referee throws out the match.

After the match, Leva wants Niemi in the ring and he obliges but then he leaves and Leva chases him to the back.

It was time for a brief intermission.

The YRR come out before the next match and Mister Saint Laurent complains about Sal Rinauro and Chasyn Rance having to qualify to get into the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup.

Match Number Four: TJ Perkins defeated Sal Rinauro in a Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Qualifying Match

After stalling outside the ring, Sal trips trying to get into the ring. Perkins works on Rinauro’s leg at the start of the match but Rinauro is able to use the ropes to his benefit. Mister Saint Laurent makes his presence known when he clotheslines Perkins and that gives Rinauro a chance to take control. Rinauro works over Perkins but when Mister Saint Laurent’s attempt to interfere again fails, things go to the floor and Perkins regains the advantage. The referee sees more interference by Mister Saint Laurent but he does nothing about it and Rinauro gets a near fall. Perkins works on the arm and gets Rinauro to tap out.

Match Number Five: Chris Jones defeated Chasyn Rance in a Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Qualifying Match

Rance endures some early offense from Jones and then Jones is sent to the floor where Mister Saint Laurent attacks Jones. Rance tries for a frog splash but he lands on Jones’ knees and Jones gains control of the match and hits an Asai DDT after avoiding a super kick. Jones finishes off Rance with a moonsault.

Ron Bass comes to the ring and he addresses the fans. He talks about some of the wrestlers he faced in the past and then he talks about the people in the locker room and he says that they are the future of the business.

Sean Davis comes out with Phil Davis and Rhett Titus of Heartbreak Enterprises as well as Amy Vitale who has worked with the Davises in the past. Sean insults Bass and tells him to leave because he has a special surprise for Rhett Titus. Amy Vitale is Rhett’s new valet and she will be able to be at ringside along with Sean and Phil because they got an injunction to lift their ban from ringside.

After Bass and Sean Davis push each other, Brad Attitude comes out to help Bass and he wants Ron to be in his corner tonight for his match against Titus.

Match Number Six: Brad Attitude with Ron Bass defeated Rhett Titus with Sean Davis, Phil Davis, and Amy Vitale to win the Florida Heritage Title

Titus tries to get in Attitude’s head at the start of the match, but Attitude does not fall for any of his tricks and Brad takes control. Titus goes to the floor one more time but Attitude hits a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, Attitude tries for a spin kick from the turnbuckles but he is met with a drop kick and Titus takes over. Attitude appears to have things won but Phil puts Titus’ foot on the rope to stop the count. Bass chases Phil to the back but Amy Vitale distracts the ref long enough for Sean to get the belt but Bass tops Sean and Brad hits Titus with the belt and gets the three count.

After the match, Heartbreak Enterprises attack Bass and Attitude, but Bass and Attitude fight back. Bass gets on the mic and he challenges Sean Davis to a bullrope match on November 21st.

Sean says that he is now a manager but he will be able to kick an 80 year old man’s butt.

It was time for an intermission to set up the steel cage for the main events.

Match Number Seven: The British Lions (Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray) defeated Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens to win the FIP Tag Titles in a Steel Cage Match

The match starts off on the floor with the champions attacking the challengers. Eventually the action moves into the cage but not all four make it in as the challengers have Roderick Strong in the cage while Erick Stevens is bleeding on the floor. Eventually, Strong is able to fight back and that is when Stevens makes his way into the cage. Heartbreak Enterprises make their way to the ringside area. Strong and Stevens are able to use the cage to their advantage. They fight all over the cage and even try to fight on the top of the cage. Strong and Stevens both hit suplexes from the top rope and they appear to have things under control until Strong accidentally hits Stevens with the Yakuza kick when Taylor moved. Strong checks on Stevens and that allows the challengers to work over Strong. Stevens recovers and he attacks Taylor and Gray, and then he clotheslines his partner and gives him a doctor bomb before leaving the cage and Gray covers Strong for the three count.

After the match, the Lions and Heartbreak Enterprises celebrate in the ring and they are joined by Rhett Titus as they attack Strong. Taylor is told to hit Strong but he refuses and he hits Sean and Phil Davis instead. Chris stops Tommy and gives him his title belt and reminds him what they did this for.

Taylor remains in the cage and he helps Strong to his feet and offers him the belt. Strong gets on the mic and he vows to get back at Erick Stevens and then he congratulates Taylor for winning and thanks him for helping him out.

Match Number Eight: Davey Richards defeated Kenny King to retain the FIP World Title in a Steel Cage Match

King has the early advantage and Richards tries to beg for mercy by kissing King’s boots. King works over Richards and he goes up top but he is met with a drop kick and the momentum shifts. Richards leaves the cage and King follows after him. They fight to the merchandise area and King sends Richards through the table with a Blue Thunder Driver but the referee tells King that he needs to pin Richards in the cage. They return to the ring and King uses another table but he cannot finish off Richards. They both incorporate chairs into the match. Richards works over King but when he tries for a shooting star press, he lands on King’s knees. Heartbreak Enterprises enter the cage and the referee does not hear Richards tap to a cloverleaf so the match continues. King hits Coronation but Richards kicks out. Richards puts a chain on his boot and he kicks King repeatedly in the head and then he finishes off King with a DR Driver through chairs set up in the ring.

After the match, Richards gets on the mic and he says that he has proved his dominance in FIP and nobody can do anything about it.

Fallout 2009 Thoughts:

I thought the opening match was okay, but it felt like it went a bit too long and they could not keep the crowd interested in the match.

I was a bit surprised that the crowd was not into the Santee/Sleazy match because Santee is over with the crowd, but it looked like the fans had no reason to hate Sleazy. Maybe if they gave him a chance to cut a brief promo where he runs down the people of Crystal River or talks about how he knows that he can beat Bruce Santee. Then they would have reacted to what he did in the ring.

With the two cage matches, I was a bit surprised that there would be a ‘grudge’ match between the Dark City Fight Club and Shanes. For a grudge match, it resembled a ‘regular’ tag match until the last minute when they fought to the back. I was also a bit surprised at the No Contest decision by the referee. I wonder if they will do a six person match by including the managers.

I was a bit disappointed with the Rinauro/Perkins match because I expected a strong match from both men. I did not think there should have been any interference in this match because of the people in the ring.

After Sal Rinauro lost his shot to get into the Peterson Cup, I expected to see Chasyn Rance win his qualifier match against Chris Jones so there would be some YRR influence in the tournament.

If one referee is going to determine a match is a No Contest when they don’t return to the ring, shouldn’t a referee who sees blatant interference disqualify that person?

I thought the Ron Bass promo was good. He did a good job to provide a link between the past and present. I liked that he put over the talent before Heartbreak Enterprises came out to interrupt.

I did not like the way the stipulation banning Heartbreak Enterprises for the Titus/Attitude match was handled. What is the purpose of announcing stipulations for matches when they can be overturned that easily?

I was hoping that when Brad asked Ron Bass to be his manager, Sean would have pointed out that Bass did not have a manager’s license and then we could have had Brad mention that he had obtained a one day manager’s license for Ron Bass in case something like this happened.

I thought the Florida Heritage Title match was okay and I was a bit surprised that Brad Attitude won the title, but it did more to set up the Davis/Bass match in November.

The tag title match was a good brawl with some action outside the cage before they finally got inside. I liked that they kept Erick Stevens out of the cage to focus on Roderick Strong. I liked that once Strong got in some offense that Stevens finally made it into the cage. They did a good job of changing the momentum in the match which wore down all four men to set up an eventual finish to the match.

Speaking of the finish, I did not like the finish to the tag title match. Ever since the British Lions joined Heartbreak Enterprises, there was some tension between Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray until their last match. During the match, they were working as if those problems never existed. Meanwhile, Strong and Stevens started working together but did not forget about their past problems. However, that was not an issue that looked like it was coming back. Maybe the Yakuza kick by Strong that accidentally hit Stevens turned on like the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica. However, it was Strong who was reminding Stevens of their problems in the past, not Stevens.

I did not mind the beat down on Strong after the match, but why not celebrate the victory instead of trying to beat up the man they just beat? They still could have had Tommy and Chris argue about the victory and have the tension between the champions.

With the Roderick Strong promo, are they building to a situation with Taylor and Strong working together?

Will Strong and Stevens get their rematch? If not, who is the next tag team that challenges for the titles?

The main event was good, but I thought there was too much secondary stuff going on in the match. I did not mind the first table spot because it was not inside the cage. I thought it was a good touch to have the referee tell King that the pinfall had to take place inside the cage. I don’t know why there had to be a table spot inside the cage or all of the chair spots because they were already inside the cage.

Since Kenny King is no longer able to challenge Davey Richards, who is next to challenge for the title?

With the Florida Heritage and FIP World Champions in the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, does the person who beats one of them (since they both cannot win the tournament) get a title match? Is that going to be a way to bring a new person into the company?

Since Heartbreak Enterprises were able to get an ‘injunction’ to lift their ban from ringside, I wonder if Kenny King will go ‘the legal route’ to get him another title match against Davey Richards?

The last five matches had some sort of interference and it is one thing that I think there has been too much of on recent shows. I have mentioned in previous reports that it is a lot like Jeff Jarrett NWA Title defenses because you knew that certain things had to happen in each match so if those five or six things did not take place, it was coming and the match would not finish until that time.

Full Impact Pro Wrestling will be hosting the 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup on Friday, November 20, 2009 in Brooksville, Florida and Saturday, November 21, 2009 in Crystal River, Florida. Check out Full Impact Pro Wrestling’s website by clicking here or clicking here

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