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By World Wrestling Insanity on 2009-09-28 11:28:42

You've read the headlines. You've heard the rumors. Now get a unique perspective on it all from the woman who lived it all. The one and only Julie Hart joins for a shoot interview unlike any other.

She's wrestled with shadows and had Sunday dinner in the Dungeon.  Now, Julie speaks out on a ton of topics including: The Awkward Dinner After Bret Punched Vince McMahon, Worries They Would Get Sued, Surprise Over Bret's WWE Hall of Fame Induction, Who Should Induct Owen Hart Into The Hall, Wrestling With Shadows, Her and Bret Becoming Grandparents, Jade's Ironic Due Date, The Hart Dynasty, The Benoit Murders, The Last Time She Saw Chris Benoit, Why WWE Deserves No Blame, Her Joke About Wanting To "Kick The Sh*t Out of Bret Hart," Her Myspace Page at, Teddy Hart, Triple H, Dynamite Kid, Tiger Mask, Her Sister on CNN, Her Favorite Wrestlers (and it's not a Hart), The Montreal Screwjob, and Tons More.  (Complete listing of topics are on nbsp; at the following link:

One subject on the minds of fans today is Bret Hart returning to WWE.  Julie was with Bret throughout his original WWF run and talks about the ups and downs of the entire situation on including how Bret wanted to leave WWF, whether that was realistic, her feelings about DeGeneration X, surprise over Bret entering the WWE Hall of Fame, surprise over the Bret Hart WWE DVD Set, her unique point of view on the Montreal Screwjob, the fax machine he used in Wrestling with Shadows, and much more.  In another surprising moment, when James Guttman asked Julie about Hart's rumored WWE return, it was the first she had heard of it…

"See, I haven't really heard anything.  So there's a rumor going around that he's going back to work?  Is that what it is?"

JG explains that it's all still up in the air with some suggesting a wrestling role, others guessing at a GM spot, and tons of other ideas.  Julie has an idea of where her ex-husband would fit in…

"Well, you know, he would make a great agent.  Totally he would.  I mean, he knows that business inside and out.  He's got great ideas and stuff.  I could see him being an asset to Vince in that way.  But I don't know about wrestling.  I don't know.  I haven't really heard that, but all the power to him if he is going back."

As a long running member of the Hart Clan, Julie saw many students come through the Dungeon.  One of the most infamous is Chris Benoit.  The Benoit murders in 2007 shocked the wrestling community and Julie as well.  She spoke about the last time she saw Chris, his demeanor, warning signs and more.  When Guttman brought the subject up, she shared the story of her own brother's suicide and the questions her family faced afterwards.  James mentioned how in wrestling many fans look for someone to blame for the young deaths of many stars.  The usual entity that's pointed to is WWE.  He asks Julie if she feels they deserve the blame for situations like the Benoit case.  Before he even finishes the question, she answers…

"No.  No.  Absolutely not.  Again, I'll use (my brother's death) as a comparison.  I was, right away, (saying) he made that decision.  He did it on his own.  It's what he wanted, whereas my sister Michelle blamed it on other things.  My mom blamed it on foul play.  I said, no.  It's his responsibility.  He decided to do it.  You can't blame anybody else.  And it is, it's Chris's decision and it had nothing to do with Vince McMahon or whatever.  It was his time. =2 0He decided to do it and that was it.  You can't blame anybody for that."

Another subject that comes up for Julie is whether she was ever offered a storyline to work for WWE.  She answers that question along with talk about how WWF wanted to downplay Bret's family life at first, the current WWE wrestler she would love to work an angle with (and it's a surprising one), her favorite wrestler (and it's not a Hart,) Tiger Mask, and much more.  That's when JG asks the standard question.  Besides the wrestler she named earlier in the interview, if Julie could work with anyone in wrestling on TV, who would it be?

"Can I make a joke?  (laughs)  I'd like to kick the sh*t out of Bret Hart in the ring.  (laughs and gasps)  No, I'm just kidding.  Oh my God!  I'll get a tons of flack for that one."

James laughs and repeats back as he's writing., "Hang on.  Let me make sure I'm getting that down.  Wants - to - kick - the…"

And there it is.

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