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By Mike Johnson on 2009-09-20 13:55:23
Promoter Ricky Otazu issued the following announcement:

Today it is my pleasure to Announce that the September 26th show at the Wayne PAL is now free to the public. Our New sponsor Smash Fight Wear has informed us they would like to treat the fans in Wayne NJ to a night of NWA action. This is more then generous and being that it is alsoThe Dennis Coralluzzo Hall of Fame Tribute show . Smash Fight Wear is one of the nations leaders in MMA appeal and their cutting edge style is what separates them from the rest clothing lines out there.  Check out Smash fight wear at

Please come on out September 26, and enjoy a night of pro wrestling with the family and friends and not have to pay a single cent !!  Here is the official line up

NWA New Jersey Dennis Coralluzzo Invitational
September 26 , 2009
Wayne PAL
1 Pal Drive
Wayne NJ

The NWA is proud to be inducting legendary promoter into our Hall of Fame on September 26 in Wayne NJ.

In addition to the induction of Dennis Coralluzzo into the NWA Hall of Fame there will be an NWA New Jersey Title tournament.

First round matches for the tournament are:

Rob Eckos vs. B-Boy
Danny Demanto vs. Danny Maff
Pappa Don vs. Judas Young
Crowbar vs. Justin Corino

In addition to the NWA Jersey Title Tournament the following matches have been signed:

The Power of Pain (Warlord and Barbarian) vs. The Varsity Club (Baby Huey and Josh Daniels )
Spirit Squad vs. Fire Power (Inferno and Jim Powers)

For more information on the amazing night of wrestling action please call 201-370-7891 or go to

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