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By World Wrestling Insanity on 2009-09-16 10:49:01
He's the most elusive former WWF star in history. 14 years ago, he left. No interviews. No comebacks. Not even a real name online....Until now. is about go get hopping with Oscar from Men on a Mission in his first shoot interview…ever!

He got the crowd moving and was a bigger part of WWE TV than many remember. With a special rap for each pay-per-view, Oscar sold more than just Men on a Mission to the WWF fans. A short time ago, Mabel (aka Big Daddy V, Viscera) came to the Club. Now the man who calls himself the "Godfather of Hip Hop and Wrestling" joins for a 30 minute shoot to discuss it all!

Oscar's full interview features tons of topics including Why He Left The Wrestling Industry, Not Getting Along With Mabel and Mo, The Upcoming Men on a Mission Reunion, How a Casino Run-In With Vince McMahon At WrestleMania 9 Lead To His Debut, Why He Didn't Join WCW, The Rap Skills of "K-Truth," Being "The Black Steven Regal," Getting His Passion Back For Wrestling, Why His Real Name Isn't Online, Returning After 14 Years, Rapping With Randy Savage, John Cena's Hip Hop Gimmick, TNA Possibilities, What It Would Take For a Return To Wrestling, Proving To His Fiancée That He Has a Trading Card, Dusty Rhodes, Frank Sinatra, Bob Backlund, Andrew Dice Clay, and More. (More detailed list on

Fans have wondered about Oscar since his sudden WWF departure 14 years ago. When Men on a Mission turned heel, they jumped him in the ring and he was never heard from again. James Guttman asks Oscar about why he didn't stay on with the group when this happened. He explains:

"When the discussion came about turning heel, and I remember it was in Liberty, New York, Vince asked me if I wanted to do it and I really kinda - it was a mutual thing - I declined to do it. I did not want to be a heel because I've always had this thing where - and I know it's wrestling and everything like that - but one of my strong convictions in my entertainment career, I've always talked to kids about saying no to drugs, yes to education and things like that. I was never gonna be a gangsta rapper in my career. I did not want a stigma of being on television in a negative light."
Oscar goes into detail on about his entertainment career both before and after WWE, how performing with Andrew Dice Clay in Las Vegas lead to a chance meeting with Vince McMahon and Randy Savage in a casino, what Oscar was doing when he saw them, what he did when he ran up to them, how it earned him a spot on the roster immediately, calling Titan Tower for the first time, dinner with Frank Sinatra and Milton Berle, and more.

James points out that it wasn't like Men on a Mission had an easy gimmick. There have been tons of hip-hop stars in wrestling that didn't achieve the same success. Oscar speaks about seeing "K-Truth" and John Cena play the gimmick, being the "Godfather of Wrestling and Hip-Hop," seeing the gimmick he started evolve through the years, and more. But one name that stands out as someone who was doing something similar to Oscar during that time period was P.N. News. The gimmick wasn't easy and News didn't have the same success as M.O.M. Oscar tells listeners why:

"Well, see the thing is, they had the right idea but P.N. News couldn't rap. The whole thing of it, coming out going "Yo, baby. Yo, baby. Yo." I mean that wasn't gonna happen. And then when he tried to do in between, the guy just couldn't rap. I met him my very first day when I was in Dayton, Ohio. I ran into him backstage. He had went to tryout for WWF. Then, after he saw me go out there and do my thing, he said, "Oh. I see. The raps have to rhyme." I'm like, uhhhh yeah. They kinda have to come together."

With Oscar's success cam e rough moments too. His friendship with Mo and Mabel wasn't something that started overnight. As a non-wrestler in the WWF locker room, he had to find ways to fit in. At first, it was rough. He speaks about butting heads with the Men on a Mission members, why they argued at first, being a "black Steven Regal," the different worlds he and the other MOM members came from, returning to Pro Wrestling Ohio after 14 years, getting the passion to return to wrestling, and more. On the subject of wrestling passion, you can expect to see more of Oscar as his big return to PWO got him excited about the business again. He then announces to listeners how they can see all of Men on a Mission back together and when…

"September 26th, Mo, Mabel, and I are getting back together. We're going to be in Pennsyvlania…We're gonna be a part of this big autograph signing even that's getting ready to happen. So I'm gonna see them for the first time in about ten years. I'm really excited about that."

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