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By Michael Spears on 2009-09-12 23:27:03

Skip Sheffield beat Christof Herzog.

Vance Archer pinned Dawson Alexander Esq. with his feet on the ropes.

Alberto Banderas & Espiral beat Eric Escobar & Mr. Tarver when Banderas pinned Escobar.

Justin Angel pinned Fletcher Chase.

Eli Cottonwood pinned Gabriel.

Donny Marlow & Johnny Haku beat Johnny Prime & Fred Rosser.

Sheamus pinned Johnny Curtis.

Savannah was named the winner of a bikini contest hosted by Abraham Washington that also featured Liviana, Jenny Cash, April Lee, Trinity McCray and Courtney Taylor.

FCW Florida Tag Team Champions Bo & Duke Rotundo and Brett DiBiase defeated the Dudebusters – Trent Beretta, Caylen Croft and Curt Hawkins.

FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Heath Slater retained the title in a lumberjack match by pinning Joe Hennig.  The lumberjacks were Trent Beretta, Caylen Croft, Curt Hawkins, Aiden Frost, Dylan Klein, Christof Herzog, Troy Jackman, Bo Rotundo, Duke Rotundo, Brett DiBiase, Skip Sheffield, Dawson Alexander, Night Claw, Justin Angel, and Wes Brisco.


Curt Hawkins is officially a member of Dudebusters, coming out in the same ring attire as Croft and Beretta.  The Dudebusters have become a little more effeminate, even kissing Bo Rotundo on the head before clotheslining, and then kissing each other after Bo ducked.  Not a promising development for an otherwise excellent heel tag team/stable.

Byron Saxton did the ring announcing.

An Unforgiven 2007 commemorative folding chair signed by the Undertaker was raffled off.

Santino Marella signed autographs and posed for pictures before the show.

Injured FCW stars Lennox McEnroe and Derrick Bateman were among those helping out at the event.

The fans were the real winners of the bikini contest.

The overall quality of the matches was not as good as the 15 July Punta Gorda show which featured Tyson Kidd, Natalya, Festus, Drew McIntyre, Kris Logan, Tyler Reks, Serena and Yoshi Tatsu.  Unfortunately, this has been the trend of FCW events lately as many of the most talented wrestlers are now wrestling on WWE TV while others, like Kaval, have been injured.

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