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By Dave Scherer on 2009-09-09 13:33:46

The 9/5 edition of AM Raw did a 0.6 rating.

The 9/5 TNA Impact replay did a 0.3 rating.

Paul Heyman's Heyman Hustle website has a story today about former WWE and TNA diva Shelly Martinez got over her addiction to pain pills by turning to using marijuana instead.  You can read it by clicking here.

Steven Fernandes reporting. ... The Sun website has an interview with The Hart Dynasty mentioning being disappointed that they were not on SummerSlam. They say they hope to be on Breaking Point, adding it is a PPV tailor-made for them.  You can read it by clicking here.

Craig sent this. ... Santino Marella will be co-hosting the late night Canadian talk show The Surf on Thursday September 10th at 11pm EST.  The Surf is a live late night talk show that airs on BITE Television. (Rogers channel 106, BellTV 530, Cogeco 123).  Since the show is LIVE, Santino will be taking calls and email from fans.  To chat with Santino call in on Thursday night between 10 – 11pm EST to 1-888-778-2483 or email in your questions anytime to is the shows homepage to interact and get details.

Eric Lewis sent this item. ... In my weekly column for the newspaper I work for, the Times & Transcript, I wrote about my lifelong love for wrestling. The RAW brand has a house show in my home of Moncton, New Brunswick, next weekend, which prompted my column. You can read it by clicking here.

Ian Hamilton sent the following press release.

Sep 08, 2009 -- This Friday, September 11 2009 on Ringside, in our first new-look episode (and, coincidentally, our second anniversary), Ian Hamilton and Adam Firestorm are joined by a man who needs no introduction, but will get one anyway: Rob Van Dam.

A few days ahead of a two-date run in Portimao, Portugal with the World Stars of Wrestling promotion, RVD talks about his latest tour of Europe, as well as a look back to his long career in ECW and WWE, how fans still continue to react to him today and whether he would consider a return to a full-time schedule.

We also ask Rob about his time with the Nu Wrestling Evolution, and his experiences of helping train the Ultimate Warrior for his comeback match last year. Rob also tells us about how much (or little) wrestling he watches nowadays, before we wrap up with a quick game of word association featuring some of RVD’s former bosses.

Also on the show, we’ll run through the week’s news from the worlds of pro wrestling and MMA, preview Sunday’s Breaking Point pay-per-view, review the Dragon Gate USA pay-per-view, and give you a head’s up on upcoming live events with the Ringside Event Center!

Don’t miss it, this Friday at – subscribe via iTunes, or download the shows from the website shortly after it’s posted at around 7pm EST.

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