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By Nick Knowledge on 2009-09-06 14:36:14

Saturday 9/5/09
Berwyn Eagles Club, IL

All American Wrestling drew a near capacity crowd in what is a very small bingo hall. There was a pretty long line to get in & front row tickets were sold out.  With that said, I got a general admission ticket and sat in the second row. By the way, first row tickets were $15 & general admission is only $10. So right off the bat, I had a good impression of my first AAW show.
The DVDs were priced at $9 for new releases & $8 for older DVDs. So the good impression continued. Now before I forget, these shows have an open bar with $1 beers. 'Nuff Said. 

Gabe Sapolsky made an apperance and was selling Dragon Gate USA tickets during intermission for the Open The Untouchable Gate at the Congress Theater.

There were 2 pre-show matches. Unfortunately, I didn't catch all 4 participants' names from the opening tag team match. All I know is Jeff Brooks & a partner beat Michael Facade & his partner (3:32).

In the second pre-show match: Mason Beck b. Trevor Gibson
(2:10/crucifix power bomb turned backbreaker)


There was a video package to hype the show, including a Jay Bradley promo that gets interrupted by Jimmy Jacobs and ends in Bradley choking him out. This would lead to something later on the card.

After that, AAW owner Jim Lynum came out to address the crowd, thanking the crowd for coming out & putting over the product to new audience members.

Then the show began in earnest...

1) Faith in Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) d. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon (7:36)
This was a nice highspot-oriented tag team match to open up the show. Lyndon came out sporting an afro wig with a headband. Lots of back-and-forth action. I was already familiar with Kendrick & Lyndon from Jersey All-Pro but this was my first look at Faith in Nothing & I enjoyed their work. Though, I won't be at JAPW next week, I'm sure Faith in Nothing will have a good match with The Garden State Gods at 9/12 show in Toms River, NJ.  Vincent Nothing ended up pinning Kendrick after a double-team finish in which Christian Faith had Flip in a Kudo Driver while Nothing hooked Flip in a Ki Crusher '99 before dropping him. Nice start to the show.

•Shane Hollister did an in-ring interview about how he's ready for another run at the Heritage Title (currently held by Arik Cannon). Danny Daniels (along with Ryan Boz & Nick Brubaker) came out to run down Hollister then sent Brubaker to prove he belonged in Daniels' group by beating Hollister, which led to...

2) Shane Hollister b. Nick Brubaker (4:53)
Good short match in which they both had their moments. Brubaker, with his facial features & reddish complexion, honestly looked like an Umpa Loompa (minus the green hair).

•There was a video of Jim Lynum greeting the crowd gathered outide the building before the show. Lynum notices Chandler McClure among the crowd & reminds him that he's suspended. McClure, who is accompanied by Jordan McEntyre & Knight Wagner, says he refuses to be left off the biggest show in AAW history. He goes on to say that McEntyre & Wagner will not participate in protest, unless McClure is allowed on the show. Lynum warns McEntyre & Wagner that if they don't wrestle tonight that they will be suspended indefinitely. Needless to say, McClure was left by himself as the other two ran into the building.

3) Jordan McEntyre & Knight Wagner d. Krotch & Juice Robinson
Juice is now sporting a short hair cut instead of a blond afro. This was an OK match that I had no reaction to. I don't care for Krotch who looks like a thinner Trik Davis (yes, it's possible) but without the talent.  The North Star Express did a run-in on Krotch at ringside. The finish had Wagner get a school boy (along with a handful of trunks) on Robinson for the win at 7:24.

•Jimmy Jacobs had an in-ring promo interrupted by Dave Prazak that led to...

4) AAW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jimmy Jacobs vs Jay Bradley (c)
This match was fought all around ringside and Jacobs got a good amount of color, getting busted open early. Jacobs had been on the offensive from the start but then got beaten down by Bradley. Dave Prazak interfered a few times. The finish saw Bradley set up a table in the ring with Jacobs placed on it & attempted a splash off the top rope. Jacobs got away & Bradley came crashing down onto the table. Jacobs quickly climbed the opposite corner & hit a diving senton for the pin & the title victory at 14:21. Jacobs celebrated with the crowd. Prazak & Bradley argued after the match.

Arik Cannon/North Star Express d. Jigsaw/Gran Akuma/Hallowicked (12:58/Arik--> Hallowicked after Glimmering Warlock)
This was one of the best matches on the show.
I have been to the last 2 CHIKARA King of Trios events & have enjoyed it every time I've seen Arik with NSE.
I had trouble believing Gran Akuma as a babyface (or tecnico in CHIKARA terminology) since he's been a heel (rudo) for several years now.  I feel NSE are an entertaining team who should see more time on the east coast & Cannon who seems to get unjustly criticized, but is someone who excels in a tag & trio format. The CHIKARA guys keep improving & Mike Quackenbush should be very proud.


6) Shiima Xion b. Johnny Gargano (13:29 after a superkick)
The match did nothing for anyone. Xion gets a lot of hype but is a hit-or-miss. Gargano didn't impress me.

10) Danny Daniels & Ryan Boz d. Zero Gravity (CJ Esparza & Brett Gakiya) (9:16)
I'm not sure what caught my attention more: how much smaller both members of Zero Gravity are compared to Daniels or how bad Daniels & Boz both looked. Daniels is completely out of shape. Correction, he's in shape...he's round. The Danny Daniels of 2003, or even 2004 for that matter, seems to be long gone. Boz looks completely broken down with a brace & 2 elbow pads on his left elbow. It was actually quite a sad sight to see.  The match itself was done in a big man-little man style. Daniels pinned Esparza after Boz hit him with a variation of the Magnum Tokyo Viagra Driver. 

8) "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson b. Silas Young (24:00/small package)
This probably goes without saying but this was MOTN. There's something surreal about a wrestling crowd made up of mainly 20-something year olds singing along to ring entrances that consist of 80s music from Europe & Journey, respectively.
The match was probably the best of Young's career. Danielson is a ring general with few peers on the independent scene, which is why he will be so sorely missed. He put on a clinic of holds & strikes with Young looking pretty decent on the comeback. The obligatory split chants were par for the course. Danielson took very few risks but accomplished to put on a great match with Silas. Post-match, Danielson tried to shake Young's hand but Silas just slapped him & walked away. Danielson soaked in the crowd's cheers & thank you's before making his way to the back.  

Young Bucks vs House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Able) (c)
This is my first time seeing Raymond team with Able. I have to say of their ring attire, I'm not sure what I'm more disturbed by: Able in white fishnet stockings or Raymond with what looked like streamers across his crotch.  I'm not sure if it was because there was a lack of chemistry between the two teams but this was my least favorite Young Bucks match I've seen in over a year. Despite that, Raymond & Able, along with Truth Martini as their manager, are a good heel unit. The highspot of the match was Raymond hitting a top-rope shooting star bodypress on one of the Jackson brothers. The House of Truth come out with a whole entourage, so the finish saw Martini take advantage of a distracted referee to light up a cigarette & burn Matt Jackson in the eye. This allowed Able to get the pin & retain the belts at 18:12. The finish ws reminiscent of "Luscious" Johnny Valiant using a lit cigarette on Barry Windham when The Dream Team (Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake) defeated The U.S. Express  (Windham & Mike Rotundo) for the (then-WWF) Tag Team Titles back in 1985.  I didn't feel that this was a good way to end the show as I felt Raymond & Able could have found another way of cheating to win. Faith in Nothing made a post-match run-in on the House of Truth to end the show.

Overall, I enjoyed my first AAW show. Jacobs winning the Heavyweight Title makes the title picture more interesting as Tyler Black (as mentioned in Bradley's earlier promo) has a future title shot. Faith in Nothing vs House of Truth could be something to watch as is Shane Hollister's attempt to go after Arik Cannon & the Heritage Title again. This was well worth the price of admission. I would recommend any fan in the area to check out AAW.

I will be back with another report after the DGUSA Open the Untouchable Gate show.   

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