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By Ryan Martinez on 2009-09-07 08:00:00

September 7th

On this day in history in ....

1927 - Jack Reynolds wins his fourth World Welterweight Title from Bert Willard in Columbus, Ohio.

1936 - Honey Boy Hackney becomes the first two-time Southern Light Heavyweight Champion in Atlanta, Georgia, by defeating Ben Jordan.

1945 - Buddy Rogers defeats Ted Cox to win his second Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston, Texas.

1951 - The NWA commences its annual meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1953 - Ciclón Anaya and Tommy Martindale defeat Cowboy Carlson and Dory Funk for the NWA Southwest Tag Team Title in Abilene, Texas.

1956 - Pepper Gomez defeats Gene Kelly (Kiniski) for the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston, Texas, beginning his fourth reign. The title had been held up after a match between the two a week earlier.

1956 - Don McIntyre defeats Fred Blassie to win the Georgia NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Atlanta, Georgia, ending Blassie's third reign and beginning McIntyre's 12th.

1956 - Médico Asesino defeats Jose Lothario in a tournament final for the vacant Mexican National Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1960 - Tony Borne defeats Ed Francis to win the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title, ending Francis' fifth reign.

1961 - Cyclone and Hurricane Smith defeat Man Mountain Campbell and Stan Stasiak to win the Toronto NWA International Tag Team Title in Toronto, Ontario.

1961 - Karl and Kurt Von Brauner defeat Ike Eakins and Eddie Graham in a tournament final in Jacksonville, Florida for the vacant Florida NWA World Tag Team Title, beginning their third reign.

1962 - George South is born in Zionville, South Carolina.

1962 - Duke Keomuka and Taro Miyake defeat The Alaskan (Jay York) and Tarzan Tyler in Houston, Texas for the Texas NWA World Tag Team Title.

1963 - AWA World Heavyweight Champion Verne Gagne defeats Omaha World Heavyweight Champion Fritz Von Erich in Omaha, Nebraska to unify the titles.

1964 - NWA World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz defeats American Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion Karl Krauser (Karl Gotch) in Columbus, Ohio to unify the titles.

1967 - John DaSilva defeats Al Hobman in Wellington, New Zealand to win the New Zealand Heavyweight Title, ending Hobman's second reign.

1967 - Raul Guerrero defeats Raul Rojas for the Mexican National Lightweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1970 - Don Leo Jonathan and Duncan McTavish defeat Bob Brown and John Quinn to win the Vancouver NWA Canadian Tag Team Title in Vancouver, British Columbia.

1970 - The Interns win their second Mid-America NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee by defeating Johnny Walker and Tojo Yamamoto.

1971 - Red Bastien and Bill Howard defeat Rusher Kimura and Thunder Sugiyama for the vacant International Pro Wrestling World Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.

1972 - Seiji Sakaguchi defeats The Sheik to win the NWA United National Title in Osaka, Japan, to begin his second reign.

1973 - Masked Lee and Lita Marez defeat Mariko Akagi and Jumbo Miyamoto for the WWWA World Tag Team Title in Nagasaki, Japan, ending Akagi and Miyamoto's sixth reign.

1974 - The AWA held an event at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois. The results were:
- Vivian Vachon defeated Lucille Dupree.
- Greg Gagne and Buddy Wolfe fought to a draw.
- Chris Taylor defeated Ox Baker by disqualification.
- Pepper Gomez and Baron Von Raschke fought to a double-disqualification.
- Kim Duk defeated Jim Brunzell.
- Wilbur Snyder defeated Sgt. Jacques (René) Goulet.
- AWA World Tag Team Champion The Crusher, Larry Hennig and Ivan Putski defeated Nick Bockwinkel, Superstar Billy Graham and Ray Stevens.
- Bobby Heenan and The Sheik defeated Bobo Brazil and Dick the Bruiser.
- AWA World Heavyweight Champion Verne Gagne defeated AWA World Tag Team Champion Billy Robinson by countout to retain the title.

1974 - Man Mountain Mike defeats Manny Soto in Hollywood, California for the NWA Beat the Champ Television Title.

1975 - Pat Patterson wins his fifth San Francisco NWA United States Heavyweight Title from Angelo Mosca in Sacramento, California.

1977 - Molly Holly is born in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

1977 - Greg Valentine defeats Wahoo McDaniel to win the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title in Raleigh, North Carolina, beginning Valentine's second reign and ending McDaniel's fifth.

1977 - Texas Red defeats Chavo Guerrero for the NWA Americas Heavyweight Title in Los Angeles, California. This began Red's second reign and ended Guerrero's 10th.

1980 - NWA Tri-State held an 11-man tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma to crown the first NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Champion. The results were:
First round:
- Mr. Pogo defeated Hector Guerrero.
- Wahoo McDaniel defeated Haru Sonada.
- Killer Karl Kox defeated Koko Ware.
- The Spoiler defeated Doug Somers.
- Terry Gibbs defeated Ron McFarlane.
- Mr. Pogo defeated Wahoo McDaniel.
- The Spoiler defeated Killer Karl Kox.
- Terry Gibbs defeated Ed Wiskowski.
- Mr. Pogo defeated The Spoiler.
- Terry Gibbs defeated Mr. Pogo to become the first NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Champion. Danny Hodge was the guest referee.

1980 - El Texano defeats El Gringo for the UWA World Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1981 - The Continental Wrestling Association held an event at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee. The results:
- Koko Ware defeated Tojo Yamamoto.
- Ricky and Robert Gibson defeated The Assassins (#1 and #2).
- Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantel defeated Mr. Fuchi and Mr. Onita.
- The Nightmare and Speed defeated Plowboy Frazier in a Handicap match.
- The Heartbreakers (Joey Cagle and Rocky Sortor) defeated AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Morton to win the title.
- Steve Keirn defeated NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion Bugsy McGraw in a Title vs. Hair No Disqualification match to win the title. This began Keirn's second reign.
- The Dream Machine defeated AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler in a Loser Leaves Town No Disqualification match to win the title. Koko Ware was the guest referee. This ended Lawler's 25th reign and began Dream Machine's second.

1981 - Dory Funk, Jr. defeats El Gran Apolo to win the NWA Florida Television Title in Tampa, Florida.

1983 - The Dynamite Kid defeats Curt Hennig for the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title in Seattle, Washington.

1984 - The WWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results were:
- Pat Patterson defeated Ron Shaw.
- Nikolai Volkoff defeated Steve Lombardi.
- Kamala (with Friday) defeated Rick McGraw.
- Paul Orndorff defeated Chief Jay Strongbow.
- Roddy Piper defeated B. Brian Blair.
- The Iron Sheik defeated André the Giant by disqualification. Friday was the guest referee.
- WWF Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Bob Orton, Jr. to retain the title.

1985 - The WWF held an event at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The results:
- Lanny Poffo and Iron Mike Sharpe fought to a time-limit draw.
- King Tonga pinned René Goulet with a flying bodypress.
- Corporal Kirchner pinned Moondog Spot after reversing a powerslam into a small package.
- The Missing Link pinned Swede Hanson after a diving headbutt from the middle turnbuckle.
- WWF Champion Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy (with Jimmy Hart) by disqualification to retain the title, after Bundy hit Hogan with Hart's megaphone.
- Adrian Adonis pinned Special Delivery Jones after a DDT.
- Terry Funk (with Jimmy Hart) pinned George Wells after reversing a sunset flip into a roll-up.
- Desiree Peterson pinned Leilani Kai after a missile dropkick.
- Uncle Elmer (with Hillbilly Jim and Cousin Junior), Pedro Morales and Ivan Putski defeated WWF Tag Team Champions The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine) and Johnny V, when Morales pinned Johnny V with a roll-up.

1986 - Colin Delaney is born in Rochester, New York.

1986 - The WWF's "Wrestling Challenge" premieres. The show was taped at the Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut on August 27. The results were:
- The American Express (Mike Rotundo and Danny Spivey) defeated Don Muraco and Iron Mike Sharpe (with Mr. Fuji).
- Adrian Adonis (with Jimmy Hart and Bob Orton, Jr.) defeated Tommy Sharp.
- Koko B. Ware defeated Bob Bradley.
- Paul Orndorff (with Bobby Heenan) defeated Troy Martin (Shane Douglas).
- WWF Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs (The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith (with Lou Albano)) defeated The Moondogs (Rex and Spike) to retain the title.

1986 - The WWF held an event at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario. The results:
- Koko B. Ware defeated Steve Lombardi.
- Hercules defeated Cousin Luke.
- Dick Slater defeated Mr. X.
- Kamala defeated Lanny Poffo.
- WWF Tag Team Champion Davey Boy Smith defeated Johnny K-9 (subbing for Hoss Funk).
- WWF Tag Team Champion The Dynamite Kid defeated Jimmy Jack Funk.
- Ricky Steamboat defeated The Iron Sheik.
- WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper defeated Adrian Adonis (with Jimmy Hart) and Paul Orndorff by disqualification when Jimmy Hart interfered and hit Hogan with a chair.

1987 - The World Class Wrestling Association held its fifth and final "Labor Day Star Wars" event at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The results:
- The Spoiler defeated Tony Falk in a Whipping match.
- Vince Apollo defeated Vic Steamboat.
- Killer Tim Brooks defeated Al Madril.
- Matt Borne and The Spoiler defeated Ted Arcidi and Percy Pringle in a Tug of War.
- WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champ Ted Arcidi defeated Matt Borne to retain the title.
- Steve and Shaun Simpson defeated WCWA World Tag Team Champions Eric Embry and Frankie Lancaster to win the title.
- WCWA Texas Brass Knuckles and Texas Tag Team Champion Tony Atlas defeated Brian Adias to retain the title.
- WCWA World Heavyweight Champion Al Perez defeated Kevin Von Erich by countout to retain the title.

1987 - Carl Fergie defeats Jeff Jarrett in Memphis, Tennessee to win the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title, ending Jarrett's third reign.

1987 - Larry Hamilton defeats Scott Armstrong for the Southeast NWA United States Junior Heavyweight Title in Birmingham, Alabama. This ended Armstrong's fourth reign and began Hamilton's third.

1988 - Jim Crockett Promotions held the third "Clash of the Champions" at the Civic Center in Albany, Georgia, which aired live on TBS. The results were:
- NWA World Television Champion Mike Rotunda fought Brad Armstrong to a 20-minute time-limit draw to retain the title.
- Nikita Koloff and Steve Williams defeated The Sheepherders (Butch and Luke (with Rip Morgan)).
- Dusty Rhodes defeated Kevin Sullivan (with Gary Hart).
- Ricky Morton defeated Ivan Koloff in a Russian Chain match.
- Sting defeated NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham by disqualification. Windham retained the title.

1988 - Mogur defeats Pierroth, Jr. in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title.

1990 - Johnny Ace and Kenta Kobashi defeat The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers) for the vacant AJPW All Asia Tag Team Title in Fukui, Japan.

1991 - The WWF held its sixth "King of the Ring" event at the Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island. This was the final edition of the event before its 1993 pay-per-view debut. The results were:
First round:
- Jerry Sags (with Jimmy Hart) defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Road Warrior Hawk by disqualification.
- Ted DiBiase and Ricky Steamboat fought to a 15-minute draw, with neither advancing. Jerry Sags advanced to the semifinals as a result.
- Jim Duggan defeated Brian Knobbs.
- Irwin R. Schyster defeated The Berzerker by countout.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Pete Dougherty (subbing for Kerry Von Erich).
- Skinner defeated Virgil.
- Sid Justice defeated The Warlord.
- The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Road Warrior Animal.
- The Beverly Brothers (Beau and Blake) defeated The Bushwhackers (Butch and Luke).
- Irwin R. Schyster defeated Jim Duggan.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Skinner.
- Sid Justice and The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) fought to a double-disqualification, with neither advancing. Irwin R. Schyster advanced to the final as a result.
- Irwin R. Schyster defeated Jerry Sags (with Jimmy Hart).
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Irwin R. Schyster to win the King of the Ring Tournament.

1991 - Galan Mendoza and Dusty Wolfe defeat The Latin Connection (Ray Gonzalez and Ricky Santana) to win the WWC Caribbean Tag Team Title in Caguas, Puerto Rico. At the same show, Monster Ripper (Rhonda Singh) defeats Candi Devine for the WWC Women's Title, beginning her fifth reign.

1992 - Katsuji Ueda defeats Dr. Luther for the WWA World Martial Arts Junior Heavyweight Title in Saitama, Japan.

1994 - Atsushi Onita defeats Mr. Pogo to win his third FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Title in Sapporo, Japan.

1996 - Spice Richards defeats Vance Nevada for the Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title in Winnipeg, Manitoba, ending Nevada's fourth reign.

1996 - Reckless Youth defeats Derrick Domino to win Tommy Cairo's NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Yardville, New Jersey, after Cairo no-showed.

1996 - Dennis Gregory defeats Lord Zoltan in West Newton, Pennsylvania for the Pro Wrestling eXpress North American Heavyweight Title, becoming the first two-time champion.

1997 - The WWF held its 17th "In Your House" event, subtitled "Ground Zero", at the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. The show got a 0.45 buyrate. The results:
- Brian Pillman pinned Goldust (with Marlena) after hitting him with Marlena's purse. As a result, Pillman won Marlena for 30 days. If Pillman had lost, he would have had to leave the WWF.
- Brian Christopher defeated Scott Putski by referee stoppage after Putski suffered a legit knee injury which occurred during a bodypress to the floor from Christopher.
- Savio Vega defeated Faarooq and Crush by pinning Crush after a spin kick after Faarooq got a heart punch from Crush.
- Max Mini pinned El Torito with a sunset flip.
- The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) (subbing for Steve Austin & Dude Love) defeated WWF European Champion The British Bulldog & Owen Hart, The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas) and The Legion of Doom (Animal & Hawk) in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination match to win the vacant WWF Tag Team Title. LOD was disqualified after using the Godwinns' slop bucket as a weapon, Thrasher pinned Phineas with a sunset flip, and Mosh pinned Owen after Steve Austin gave Owen a Stone Cold Stunner. Before the match, Austin and Love were forced to forfeit the title due to Steve Austin's neck injury sustained at "SummerSlam". After giving up his belt, Austin gave Jim Ross a Stunner.
- WWF Champion Bret Hart defeated The Patriot by submission by reversing an attempted Sharpshooter by The Patriot into one of his own.
- The Undertaker fought Shawn Michaels to a no-contest after both men had assaulted a referee and Triple H and Chyna had interfered.

1997 - Megumi Yabushita defeats Sumie Sakai in the finals of a round-robin tournament in Tokyo, Japan to become the first Jd' Junior Champion.

1998 - The 156th edition of "WCW Monday Nitro" was live from the Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida. The show aired unopposed in the ratings, due to USA's US Open tennis coverage, and would air on August 12 as "RAW Saturday Night". "Nitro" got a 5.52 rating on TNT, on hours of 5.03, 5.61 and 5.92. The results:
- Konnan defeated Bull Pain by submission with the Tequila Sunrise.
- Wrath pinned Lenny Lane after the Meltdown.
- Scott Steiner defeated Evan Karagias by submission with the Steiner Recliner.
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera pinned Héctor Garza with the Juvi Driver to retain the title.
- Ernest Miller pinned Kenny Kaos after a kick.
- Stevie Ray (with Vincent) pinned Chris Adams after hitting Adams with his slapjack.
- Saturn (with Kanyon, Lodi and Raven) pinned Riggs after a Spicolli Driver.
- WCW World Television Champion Chris Jericho defeated Jim Neidhart by submission with the Liontamer to retain the title.
- Dean Malenko defeated Curt Hennig (with Rick Rude) by disqualification in a Steel Cage match after Stevie Ray, let into the cage by Eric Bischoff, interfered. Arn Anderson made the save for Malenko.
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg pinned Scott Putski with the Jackhammer to retain the title.
- Diamond Dallas Page and Roddy Piper defeated Lex Luger and Sting by disqualification after Kevin Nash interfered.

1999 - At a "SmackDown!" taping in Albany, New York, The Big Show and The Undertaker defeated Mankind and The Rock in a Buried Alive match. This began Show and Taker's second reign. Earlier in the show, The British Bulldog made his return to the WWF, defeating The Big Bossman for the Hardcore Title. He then gave the title to Al Snow.

1999 - Shunme Matsuzaki and Kamikaze defeat Mike Samples and Ryuji Yamakawa in Fukuoka, Japan to win the BJW World Tag Team Title.

2001 - IWA Mid-South held the first of two nights of the "Sweet Science Sixteen" in Charlestown, Indiana, featuring the first night of the 16-man tournament. The results:
- Hy-Zaya defeated Dysfunction.
First round:
- Nova defeated Trent Baker.
- Dino Bambino defeated CM Punk.
- B.J. Whitmer defeated Mike Quackenbush.
- IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce defeated Chris Hero.
- Tarek the Great defeated Colt Cabana.
- Cash Flo defeated Psycho Patrick (with The Insane Clown Posse (Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J)).
First round:
- Mark Wolf defeated Mitch Ryder.
- Danny Dominion defeated The American Kickboxer.
- Ace Steel defeated The Suicide Kid.
- Mad Man Pondo defeated Ian Rotten in a Barefoot Thumbtack Death match.

2001 - John Walters defeats Slyck Wagner Brown for the Chaotic Wrestling Television Title in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Also at that show, Ronnie D. Lishus defeated Gino Martino to win the CW Heavyweight Title.

2001 - Miss Janeth defeats Zuleyma in Monterrey, Mexico for the UWA World Women's Title.

2001 - J.P. Black and Mike Thunder defeat The Black Attack (Mike Anthony and Al Jackson) to win the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in North Richland Hills, Texas, ending the Attack's second reign.

2002 - Yoshihiro Takayama defeats Yoshinari Ogawa in Osaka, Japan for the GHC Heavyweight Title at the ninth event of Pro Wrestling NOAH's "Navigation Over the Dateline" tour.

2002 - Bad Wresnch defeats Huracán Castillo, Jr. in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico to win the IWA World Hardcore Title, ending Castillo's 10th reign.

2002 - Julio DiNero defeats Dick Trimmins to win the vacant New Era Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Title in Painesville, Ohio.

2002 - Kazuki Ohkubo defeats Shouichi Ichimiya at an MMA event in Tokyo, Japan for the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Title, ending Ichimiya's second reign. The same day in Chiba, Japan, Sanshiro Takagi wins his third DDT KO-D Openweight Title from Kintaro Kanemura.

2002 - Kevin Duncan defeats Cyclone for the NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Title in North Richland Hills, Texas, to begin his second reign.

2002 - Cody Mantell and Max Pain defeat Brickhouse Brown and Brother Love in Magee, Mississippi for the NWA Southern Tag Team Title.

2003 - Thunder and Lightning win their 10th WWC World Tag Team Title by ending El Broncos II and III's fourth reign in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.

2004 - René Duprée and Kenzo Suzuki defeat Billy Kidman and Paul London to win the WWE Tag Team Title at a "SmackDown!" taping in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2004 - Jason Cross defeats The Wrestler in Columbus, Georgia for the GCW United States Junior Heavyweight Title.

2006 - Bradley Jay defeats Ryan O'Reilly to win the Deep South Wrestling Heavyweight Title in McDonough, Georgia.

2006 - Slick Nick defeats Mr. Instant Replay in Victorville, California to win High Risk Wrestling's Sole Survivor Tournament.

2007 - Mikey Nicholls defeats champion Karl Anderson and Ryan Taylor in a 30-minute Iron Man match for the Empire Wrestling Federation American Title. The score of the match was Nicholls 3, Anderson 2 and Taylor 2.

2007 - Bryan Logan defeats Brian Milonas to win the CW Heavyweight Title in Lowell, Massachusetts.

2007 - Judas Young defeats Josh Daniels and Ryan Wing in a three-way match in Newark, New Jersey to become the first NWA Pro East Heavyweight Champion.

2007 - Cassidy defeats Alex Brady in Salt Lake City, Utah to win the Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero Ultra-X Title, ending Brady's second reign.

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