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By Michael Spears on 2009-08-14 00:44:49

Dark match:

            Brett DiBiase pinned Curt Hawkins after a missile dropkick

Episode #48:

            Heath Slater pinned Johnny Curtis after hitting his Sweetness finisher

            Mike Tarver pinned a retuning Johnny Prime after hitting Tarver’s Lightning

            Justin Angel pinned Vance Archer following a 450 splash

            FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Tyler Reks defeated Alex Riley by DQ after a ref bump and interference from Fletcher Chase & Troy Jackman.  Eli Cottonwood then came down and chokeslammed                   Reks after the match.  Cottonwood then rubbed Reks in what was probably an awkward moment for all.  Cottonwood is listed at 7’1”, 320 pounds and towered over everyone else in the ring.

Episode #49:

            Yoshi Tatsu pinned Drew McIntyre after a kick to the head

            Sweet Papi Sanchez pinned Donny Marlo after a splash

Alberto Banderas pinned Caylen Croft following an enzuigiri while Croft was perched on the top turnbuckle.  After the match Eric Escobar came down an attacked Banderas and cut a promo crapping on the     FCW fans.

            Dawson Alexander pinned Trent Beretta

            The Abraham Washington show featured host Abraham Washington, Liviana, Fletcher Chase and Troy Jackman along with special guest Joe Hennig. Eventually Heath Slater and FCW Florida Heavyweight                     Champion Tyler Reks came down so Washington made a triple threat match for next week.  The men ended up brawling in the ring with each other, Eli Cottonwood, Jackman and Chase.

            FCW Florida Tag Team Champions Duke & Bo Rotundo retained their titles against Dylan Klein & Vance Archer when Duke pinned Klein

Episode #50:

            FCW General Abraham Washington welcomed fans to the historic 50th episode of FCW

            Justin Angel pinned Sheamus following a 450 splash

            Gabriel defeated Alex Riley.  Riley attacked Gabriel after the match as he was conducting an interview.

            Eric Escobar pinned Alberto Banderas

            Serena Mancini pinned April Lee to win a shot at the Queen of FCW Miss Angela in a 4 way match that also featured Tiffany and Alicia Fox

            Heath Slater pinned FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Tyler Reks to win the championship in a triple threat match that also included Joe Hennig.  Slater hit his Sweetness jumping Russian leg sweep                 finisher from the top rope on Reks to secure the pin.



            Dusty Rhodes & Byron Saxton provided commentary

            Rosa Mendes did the ring announcing for two of the tapings

            The divas match was probably the best divas match in recent memory.  Serena carried them through a great match and really had the crowd into it.  April was good too.

            The crowd had some dueling chants during the Tarver-Prime and Hennig-Reks-Slater matches.

            The crowd was dead of large portions of tonight’s tapings

            The crowd could sense a title change looming given Reks’ position on the ECW roster

            Mike Rotundo was in attendance

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