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By Mike Johnson on 2009-07-19 22:50:00
The TNA Victory Road opened with a video piece leading into the show.  Fireworks went off as Mike Tenay welcome everyone to the PPV.

TNA Knockouts champion Tara vs. Angelina Love (with Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky)

Tara cleared the ring early but Love came back.  She drilled Tara back-first into the corner, then slammed her out of the corner for a two count.  She followed up with a clothesline and a headbutt.  Don West name-checked Bobo Brazil.  Tara kicked out of several pinfall attempts. 

Tara knocked Velvet Sky off the apron.  Sky went to spray Tara with the hairspray but got Love instead.  Referee Slick Johnson threw Sky and Rayne out of ringside.  That allowed Love to kick out of a pinfall attempt.  Tara went for a top rope moonsault but Love rolled out of the way.  Love covered Tara and scored the pin, although Tara had her leg on the rope.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion, Angelina Love!

After the bout, Tara argued with Johnson over the count, then laid her out.  She drilled Love with the Widow's Peak and teased putting the tarantula on her, but the other Beautiful People pulled Love out of the ring.  Tara then put it on Johnson.

This never seemed to get out of first gear.  I have a feeling that if they had been given more time, this really could have been something more memorable, so hopefully down the line.  I'll be blunt, I hated the finish too.  It came out of nowhere and was weak to me.

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the rest of the PPV lineup.

Birthday Boy Jeremy Borash was in the Main Event Mafia's locker room.  Borash noted to Kurt Angle that 9 months ago, they declared that all the former World champions in one group would dominate wrestling.  Angle said that unlike others, he backs up his word.  He told the fans not to expect a quality wrestling match, since he was going to "maul Mick Foley as quickly as possible."  I guess he's like JYD where he doesn't get paid by the minute.  Angle said all the things Foley has done in the past mean nothing.  Angle then told everyone else that there was no fun or games tonight and that if they didn't have a clean sweep, with all pinfall and submission wins, Angle would come out and fire them on the spot from the M.E.M. tonight.

Matt Morgan vs. Daniels

Morgan and Daniels locked up.  Morgan immediately shoved Daniels over the ropes.  Morgan followed him to the floor, raking at his face and slamming him into the railings.  Back in the ring, Daniels mounted a quick comeback but was nailed by Morgan.  Daniels drilled him with several rights but Morgan nailed him with a knee.

Daniels tricked Morgan through the ropes and then hit a tope through the ropes, drilling Morgan.  Morgan staggered to the announcer's table but didn't go down.  Daniels continued to rock Morgan outside the ring with strikes.  He went to the apron and nailed an Arabian Press off the ropes to the floor.  The crowd chanted, "TNA!"  Daniels went for a pescado but Morgan moved out of the ring.  Daniels began selling the knee that has been injured of late.

Morgan tossed him back into the ring and nailed a discus clothesline.  Morgan draped Daniels' leg over the apron and nailed legdrop across it.  West called Daniels, "A good kid."  KID?  Morgan began drilling Daniels with rapid fire elbows.  He teased a sideslam, then dropped him in a moment of disrespect.  Morgan continued to work over Daniels' leg with stomps and leglocks.

Morgan elevated Daniels, then slammed him into the corner face first for a two count.  Morgan missed an elbow and legdrop.  Daniels, one on leg, began exchanging blows with Morgan.  He nailed Morgan with a jawbreaker, but it tossed into the corner.  Morgan charges but eats a Daniels elbow.  Daniels hit a high cross bodyblock for a two count off the top, then rolled Morgan up for a second.  Daniels used a Crucifix for another near fall.

Morgan came back with a Fall Away Slam and motioned for the Hellevator.  When he grabbed Daniels, he was caught in a DDT.    Daniels went for the BME but his leg buckled.  Morgan caught him with the Carbon Footprint.  He nailed the Hellevator for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Morgan!

Solid match with some good storytelling.  They did a nice job writing Daniels' knee issue into the bout to explain his loss. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed Dr. Stevie (with Daffney) asking why he would even get into the ring with Abyss.  Richards said that he respects the mind over the body so he knows he has Abyss where he needs him.  He said that tonight's bout will be No DQ and when it's over, everyone will know who the patient was and who the doctor is.  As Stevie left, Daffney told him she loves him.  He responded, "I know" and walked off.  Someone was watching Empire Strikes Back.

Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie Richards - No DQ

Richards attacked Abyss with a a baton immediately at the bell and worked him over.    Abyss began to make a comeback.  Richards began slapping and chopping away at Abyss to no avail.  Richards rebounded off the ropes but was slapped down by Abyss. 

Richards retreated to the floor but Abyss followed.  They went into the crowd.  Abyss catches him on the stairs and begins beating him down.  He drags Richards back towards ring.  Richards cuts him off and tries to whip Abyss into a wall, but it's reversed.  The crowd chanted for a second one and Abyss agrees, sending Richards face-first into the wall.  Abyss dumps Stevie back over the railing into the ringside area.

Richards was bleeding after they returned to the ringside area.  Abyss ripped off Richards' doctor scrubs and took his time chopping away at  Richards in a corner.  Abyss set up a chair in the corner, then drilled Stevie into it.  Richards was out on his feet.  Abyss picked him up for Shock Treatment and nailed it.

Daffney came to the ring with a taser but Lauren came out and shoved her down.  Richards got the taser but Abyss nailed the Black Hole Slam.  Abyss got the taser and nailed Richards with it.  Smoke came out of the taser to give the effect that Abyss burned Richards.  Abyss then scored the pin.

Your winner, Abyss!

Abyss and Lauren hugged after the bout.

In terms of finally giving Abyss vindication over Richards, the storyline of the match made sense.  It was the Abyss brawl around the Impact Zone that you'd have expected going in.

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