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By Mike Johnson on 2009-04-16 17:43:47


Caged Collision opened with ROH's Dave Prazak in the ring in Chicago welcoming everyone to the PPV.  The crowd chanted "ROH."  Prazak then sent it to announcer Kyle Durden backstage with Austin Aries and Jimmy Jaocbs.  He noted that they were teaming in a Dream Partner tag where the winner of the fall gets a World title shot.  Jacobs said that he was in a tag match with three men he didn't like and he wanted his title shot.  Aries said it was his title shot since ROH officials took it from him and they both agreed they didn't want Tyler Black to get it.  As they left, Aries decked Durden, then glared into the cameras smiling.  Hilarious.

ROH aired an opening video of clips from previous shows.  The logo for the event featured a huge lock instead of the first vowels in Caged and Collision, which I thought was cool. 

Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne vs. Silas Young vs. Kenny King

Dave Prazak butried Payne, saying he didn't deserve to be on the PPV.  King refused to sign and slapped both.  Payne got tossed out of the ring, but grabbed King's foot.  That allowed Young to dropkick him.  Payne nailed a top rope dropkick.  Both worked over King.  Young whipped Payne into King, nailing a leg lariat.  King retreated to the floor.

Payne rolled up Young from behind for a two.  Young went for a back suplex but Payne landed on his feet and rolled him up again.  Young overpowered Payne, who kept kicking up.  King remained on the outside talking trash to the camera.    Payne dropkicked Young, but was pulled out of the ring by King.  King slammed him into the barricade.  Young faked a dive over the ropes, landed on the apron, but was nailed by a King kick for a two count.

King whopped Young and went for a big boot but was caught.  King nailed a bicycle kick.  Payne returned to the ring with a pinfall attempt.  Payne then nailed a crucifix for a two count.  King grabbed Payne in a Fireman's Carry but Young broke it up.  Young nailed a neckbreaker but Payne broke up the pinfall. 

Young and Payne went back and forth in the ring with Young getting the better of the exchange.  King got involved and was drilled with a German suplex for a two count.  Young went for a TKO but King nailed elbows to escape.  He nailed a Blue Thunder Powerbomb for a two count.  The cameras focused on Payne trying to recover.  Young and King went back and forth with punches in the center while getting to their feet.  They grappled, trying to get the better of the other, but were both nailed by a missile dropkick.

Payne began cleaning house and the crowd booed.  Payne nailed a Perfectplex for a two count on Young.  Payne ducked a clothesline and went for a high cross bodyblock.  King caught him and slammed him down but Young broke it up.  King missed the Elijah Express in the corner on Young, who drilled him with a clothesline for a two count.   King leaped over the top, clotheslining Young's throat over the top rope.  Payne caught Young with a forward roll and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sugarfoot!

A decent opener with all three working as hard and as fast as they could.  Payne is obviously being designed for the young, scappy underdog character based on how he's been used the last two PPVs.  King is absolutely going to be awesome down the line.

ROH aired a video feature on Claudio Castagnoli and Kevin Steen.

ROH Tag Team champ Kevin Steen vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Castagnoli worked over Steen's arm early.  Steen used a forward role into a single leg takedown, overwhelming Castagnoli for a moment before locking in a front facelock.  Claudio got to his feet but Steen went for a Sharpshooter.  Castagnoli escaped the attempt.  Claudio began attempting European uppercuts but Steen slapped him and drilled a spinning kick.  He clotheslined Claudio over the top to the floor.  Steen went for a sliding kick out of the ring but Claudio returned to the ring, avoiding it.  Steen knocked him down and hit a slingshot senton over the ropes into the ring,

Steen charged Claudio in the corner but the referee was pulled into the ring.  Claudio used the distraction to drill Steen with a kick.  Claudio began nailing knees into the back, then locked on a side chinlock.    Steen fought to his feet and nailed several chops but was caught with an over the knee backbreaker.  Castagnoli had a trickle of blood running down his chest from the chops.  He nailed Steen with a Gut Wretch suplex, then dropped another knee into the lower back.

Claudio then locked in Steen's own finisher, the Sharpshooter on him.  The announcers noted Steen has been working on a bad knee courtesy of the American Wolves.  Steen made his way to the ropes.  Claudio and Steen exchanged chops and forearms.  That broke down into punches but Claudio used a thumb to the eye to stop the onslaught.  Claudio charged but was caught with a boot to the face and a tornado DDT out of the corner. 

Steen unloaded with a kick to the chest, then a pumphandle lift into a neckbreaker for a two count.  The crowd chanted, "Mr. Wrestling."  Steen went to the top rope for a swanton but Cladio got his knees up.  He scored a two count with a Waterslide, then attempted the Ricola Bomb.  Steen escaped and finally drilled a glancing superkick.  Steen nailed a cannonball in the corner, then cinched in a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

Claudio fought his way to the ropes but Steen pulled him back.  Larry Sweeney came out but El Generico came out and forced him to the back.  The referee was distracted, allowing Claudio to nail a low blow and a Ricola Bomb for the pin.

Your winner, Claudio Castagnoli!

ROH aired a video feature on the Age of the Fall's fallout with The Necro Butcher as well as Delirious falling under Jimmy Jacobs' power.

Kyle Durden tried to interview Sugarfoot (I hate that name) about his win but Nigel McGuinness attacked him from behind.  He said, "There is a saying in this business....payback is a B**ch" and told him to get out of "my locker room."  McGuinness said he didn't forget the last time he was here.  He said Sugarfoot was a disgrace like the contenders to his belt - Geritol Lynn, Tylenol Black and Clamdigger Danielson.  They aired clips of each challenger as Nigel spoke.  Nigel said they are all disgraces and don't deserve title shots.  McGuinness said that if El Generico tries to hit a flippy thing or an Ole Kick, "I'm going to kill ya."  He said that no matter what, "I'll kill ya."  Good solid, old school heel promo.  You can really see that the company's MO these days is to provide more of a traditional wrestling product in terms of personas, heels vs. babyfaces, etc.

Necro Butcher & Jerry Lynn vs. The Age of the Fall's Delirious and Brodie Lee

Lee and Necro began brawling outside the ring immediately.  Lynn whipped Delirious into the guard rail.As it settled down, Lynn nailed head scissors on Delirious.  Delirious missed a back senton splash and Lynn tagged in Necro.  Necro drilled him with a right hand, then hit a monkey flip!?  Necro then locked on an abdominal stretch but Brodie Lee jumped into the ring and began striking him.  Lee broke the move and tagged in. 

Necro and Lee began exchanging punches in the center of the ring.  Necro headbutt Lee, who staggered into the corner but began returning fire.  Necro was whipped into the corner but came out with a big right hand.  Necro nailed a drop toe hold.  Dave Prazak quipped, "There are no drop toe holds in a bar fight."  Lynn tagged in but was tagged with a right hand.  Lee shot Lynn into the air but the former ECW champ nailed a hurancanrana.

Lee chased Lynn to the floor and back, with Lynn trying to wear out Lee.  Jimmy Jacobs distracted Lynn, allowing Lee to overpower him and nailed a suplex.  Delirious tagged in and the Age of the Fall double teamed Lynn as Necro tried in vain to get past the referee.  The NECRO BUTCHER can't get past a lowly referee?? Come on!  Lynn avoided a charge in the corner from Lee but was hit with a big boot.  Lee began tearing at Lynn's face.

Lynn was worked over in the AOTF's corner for some time.  Lee went for a running boot but Lynn ducked and Lee fell to the floor.  Lynn went to make a tag but Necro was pulled off the apron by Lee. Lynn kept kicking up.  Delirious went for a backslide but Lynn battled his way out and nailed a DDT.  There were some nice close-ups of the guys as they battled for leverage. 

Lynn makes the hot tag and Necro drills Lee with a foot to the face, a slam and began beating him down in the corner.  Necro bulldogged Lee, then placed him in the corner.  Necro then hit a top rope frankensteiner.  Lynn hit a flying high cross body off the top rope but Lee clotheslined Lynn for a two count.  Necro drilled Delirious while he was on the top rope preparing for a Shadows over Hell splash.

Necro and Lee brawled outside.  Necro legdropped Lee through a table on the floor and Chicago loved it.  Delirious went for the Shadows over Hell splash from the top but Lynn moved.  Lynn grabbed the cradle piledriver and scored the win.

Your winners, Necro Butcher and Jerry Lynn!

Another good back and forth tag team bout.  Lynn was really good in his role as the babyface getting sympathy.  I still feel Necro isn't being used right here - he should be the modern day Abdullah, not doing drop toe holds and ranas, but that's just me.

After the match, Jimmy Jacobs shoved down Delirious and told him he had disappointed him for the last time.  He said he was doing this because he cares.  He pulled out a chain.  Daizee Haze hit the ring to stop him but Jacobs shoved her down.  She ended up with Jacobs' spike and threatened spiking him but instead accidentally spiked Delirious, who she has been trying to "free from Jacobs."  Jacobs smiled like he had gotten exactly what he wanted.  Haze began crying that she was sorry while Jacobs blamed her.  I didn't care for the angle but I got that they were going for the idea that Jacobs had tricked her into doing the opposite of what she wanted and in doing so, she had helped Jacobs' cause.  That said, I thought the performance was a little over the top.

They aired a video feature on the Dream Partner Tag bout.

Austin Aries was in the ring when they returned and began heeling the crowd.  He said he didn't want them to chant for him because it was all fake and the ROH fans are the most fickle in all of wrestling.  He said he and Jimmy Jacobs tore each other apart for 8 months and everyone applauded because the fans only wanted their instant gratification.  He said that now that "A Star" is here, the show can begin.  You can tell Aries is loving the new role.

Jimmy Jacobs made his way to the ring.  When he entered the ring, Jacobs and Aries stared each other down.

Danielson and Black came out to "Final Countdown", which I actually saw performed on Broadway in "Rock of Ages" earlier this week.  Now THAT was surreal.

Danielson took the mic and said that between the all of the others, there's been a lot of emotion and tension.  He said that he doesn't know if they trust each other, but he doesn't know that he can trust any of them, but there is nothing that's more important to him than the ROH World title.  The fans chanted, "Best in the world."  He said that since he can't trust Tyler Black and the opponents can't trust each other, he suggested a Four Way instead with one fall of a finish.  Everyone agreed.  A nice twist that the crowd popped for.  It's always good to give a little more than you advertise so I liked it as well.

Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries

ROH champ Nigel McGuinness joined Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard for commentary.  He said that while he's scheduled to defend the title next, he wanted to scout who was going to challenge him next.  Aries did a lot of stalling early.  One thing I've noticed with this PPV is that in terms of the camera work, the editing and the overall production is that a lot more attention has gone to the personalities and facial expressions, as opposed to just the wrestling moves. 

Jacobs tagged in.  Danielson grabbed him in a waistlock, then took him down and attempted to cinch in a cross-arm breaker.  Jacobs made it to the ropes but Danielson snapped his arm down against the mat.  Jacobs backed off, then locked up with Danielson, grabbing a hammerlock.  Danielson reversed it but Jacobs caught him with a back elbow.  Jacobs retreated from the ring to break Danielson's momentum, then tagged out to Aries.  They go back and forth for awhile.

It finally settles down to Danielson and Black facing off and exchanging moves.   Black takes the opportunity to nail Aries on the apron, leaving him open to attacked by former Tag Team championship partner Jacobs.  Black makes a comeback and Aries tags in.  Black avoided headscissors and drilled Aries with a drokick.  Danielson tagged in and again, Aries went to the floor.  Danielson caught him with uppercuts when he returned to the ring and whipped him into the ropes for a hard kick to the chest.

Danielson dropkicked Aries' sending him to the floor.  When Aries returned to the apron, Danielson knocked him off and into the front row.  Danielson went to dive into the crowd but was shoved off the top rope by Jacobs.  Aries grabbed Danielson on the floor and tossed him back into the ring while he was still dazed.  Aries and Jacobs began working over Danielson in the corner, taking turns tagging.

Jacobs stomped on Danielson in the corner and choked him against the ropes.  He began using double stomps across Danielson's gut.  Aries tagged in with a slingshot senton splash.  Aries began unloading with uppercuts.  He whipped Danielson into the corner but Danielson flipped over him, then tagging Black.  Black came off the top on Aries then began unloading on Jacobs.

Black took turns going back and forth on Jacobs and Aries.  Danielson came in with a missile dropkick on Aries, drilled Jacobs with a clothesline and hit Black with a knee strike.  He cinched in the cattle mutilation on Black but Tyler escaped, turning it into an inverted DDT for a two count.    Black went to the top for a Phoenix Splash but was attacked by Aries.  Danielson took out Aries, then grabbed a belly to back superplex off the top on Black.  Jacobs leaped on Black for a pinfall attempt.

Jacobs was tossed to the floor, where Black teased a dive but Aries tripped him.  Lots of teases of dives to build to the spots.  Aries tossed him to the floor where Jacobs held him.  Aries went for a dive but Black moved and Aries wiped out Jacobs.  Black then hit a dive over the ropes. Jacobs and Aries are tossed over the rail into the crowd.    Black tries to return to the ring but Danielson dropkicks him to the floor then does a dive over the top to the floor.  As Danielson celebrated, Bison Smith, dressed in street clothes, attacked and laid out Danielson before walking out. The announces wondered if Danielson was going to be out of commission the rest of the match.

This left Black alone with Jacobs and Aries.  Jacobs locked in his choke.  Black fought to his feet and shoved him in  corner.  Aries nailed a dropkick.  Aries went for a suplex but Black escaped and went for the powerbomb in a corner.  Jacobs speared him.  Aries and Jacobs both attempted a pin but Black kicked up.  They went back and forth until Black scored a surprise pin on Aries, who was furious.

Your winner and next in line for a ROH title shot. Tyler Black!

They aired a video feature on Nigel McGuinness and El Generico.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn, sporting a black eye was interviewed.  Lynn promised that if Generico didn't get the job done, he would take the title.

ROH champ Nigel McGuinness vs. El Generico

McGuinness attacked Generico before the bell and threw him into the ringpost shoulder-first.  Generico crumbled  to the floor.  Nigel smashed his arm against the corner post.  Nigel then drilled him with the London Dungeon on the floor.  Generico began to be counted out, but Kevin Steen ran out to try and get him to return to the ring.  Generico just makes the count.

McGuinness continued to work over Generico's arm, but Generico nailed a chop to stun Nigel.  McGuinness recovered and then slapped Generico down.  Nigel went the handspring kick in the corner but Generico shoved him over to the apron then dropkicked him to the floor.  Nigel cut off Generico as he left the ring and slammed him into the barricade.  He went to whip Generico into the railing but it was reversed.

Generico went for a Yakuza Kick but Nigel avoided it and kicked him into the barricade.  Generico was again in danger of being counted out on the floor but made it in at the last second.  McGuinness continued to focus on Generico's shoulder and arm.  Generico keeps fighting back but Nigel is able to take him back down and locks on different armbars to continue wearing him down.

The crowd began singing "Ole Ole" to rev up Generico.  Generico finally broke free and went for a tornado DDT but Nigel "had it scouted" and immediately slammed Generico back down to the mat.  Nigel continued to control the flow of the match.  Nigel continued to beat down Generico, who refused to go down. 

Nigel ducked a  Yakuza Kick and hit Generico with a kick to the back, then a Tower of London in the ring.  Nigel set up Generico on the top rope for another lariat but Generico blocked it with a boot. Nigel came back and hit another tower of London off the top rope outside the ring as Generico hit the apron and went to the outside. Nigel whipped Generico into the guard rail at the 17 count but Generico jumped into the ring at 19 to save himself.

Generico came back and nailed a brainbuster for a two count, then a Yakuza kick in the corner.  He went for a brainbuster off the top but Nigel escaped.  He locked on an arm bar but Generico made it to the ropes.  Nigel pulled him back into the center of the ring and finally forced the submission.

Your winner and still ROH champion, Nigel McGuinness!

Tyler Black came back out and said he could exercise the title shot he won tonight at any time and, "What better time to do this, but tonight, on PPV.  What better place to do this, but Chicago!"  Before he could cash in, Jimmy Jacobs and Austin Aries attacked him on the ramp.   Jerry Lynn and Necro Butcher made the save as Nigel left through the crowd.

They aired a video feature on the main event.  Kyle Durden interviewed Larry Sweeney backstage.  Sweeney said he's assembled the most dominant faction to ever exist in ROH.  He said when you put them into a situation with no rules, that makes them mad.  He said that the world will see their wrath tonight.

Steel Cage Warfare:  Sweet N Sour Inc vs. Brent Albright & Ace Steel & Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong & Jay Briscoe
Davey Richards was the first man in for Sweet N' Sour while Strong was  Richard and Strong went back and forth.  Strong grabbed him in a Fireman's Carry and slammed him into the cage.  The Horsemen, er...Sweet N' Sour won a cointoss and the second man out was Tank Toland.  They both beat down Strong. Ace Steel came out next, making the save for Strong, running both men into the cage, then hitting stereo dropkicks into the cage with Roderick,

There was another countdown, but no one came out for Sweeney's team.  Jay Briscoe was next but was attacked by Eddie Edwards and Sara del Rey, working over his knee .  Edwards then entered the ring with a chair and began beating Steel and Strong down.

The next out for Team Sweeney was Bobby Dempsey, who looked scared to be in the ring and began punching Steel.  Briscoe was carried out and never entered.  The next in was Erick Stevens, who began cleaning house.  Dempsey was too worried to do anything as Sweeney was screaming at him. 

Adam Pearce came out as the final man on Team Sweeney.  Strong grabbed him and threw him into the cage.  Pearce was busted open, as were a lot of others.  It's a total old school Cage match.  Brent Albright is the last man in.  By this point, Strong gained ownership of Edwards' steel chair and began beating everyone.  Richards and Edwards were thrown out of the cage.

Brent Albright went to the top of the cage but was stopped by Pearce, who was now alone (except Dempsey, who was hiding).  Albright nailed Pearce with a powerbomb off the top.  The babyfaces took the battle to the floor.  Briscoe returned with his knee bandaged and threw Dempsey into the cage, cutting him open. 

Briscoe ascended to the top of the cage and hit a monster dive.  Pearce was tossed back into the ring as Ace Steel and Albright worked him over.  Pearce was taking one burial of a beating as everyone hit their main moves on him.  Albright drilled him with a German suplex to score the pin.

After the match, Sweeney blamed Dempsey.  He spit on Dempsey, who snapped and nailed him.  All the babyfaces took turns working over Sweeney, bloodying him.  Dempsey ripped his shirt off, drilled Sweeney with a cannonball in the corner, then hit a Death Valley Driver.  The legend of Bobby Dempsey is born. 

Thoughts: A great PPV.  I really feel bad for ROH knowing this is airing the night before a Chuck Liddell fight and the same weekend as a top TNA PPV.  With no bad matches, a great old school Wargames match in the main event, an excellent four way and a really good Nigel vs. Generico title bout, this is a no brainer at $10 for purchase.  You can see the company evolving here as its still about the wrestling, but not so much about the wrestling moves with more importance put on storylines and personas.  A really fun 2 hours.

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