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By Mike Johnson on 2009-04-03 01:30:00

It's not an overstatement to say that this coming weekend is the biggest weekend of the year when it comes to the world of professional wrestling. 

Wrestlemania has always been WWE's soap opera wedding meets their time capsule moment of the calendar year, but over the last several recent years, Wrestlemania has evolved from something that was just "the" biggest WWE event of the year to more of a destination point for the most diehard, hardcore professional wrestling fans in the world.  Following the Walt Disney World model of adding new attractions and destinations to grab even more money from their audience, WWE has attempted to branch out and populate the weekend with as many events as possible, starting with the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2004 and adding additional special events, including the return of AXXESS as a paid attraction where fans can meet and greet wrestlers and peruse different attractions.

Even promotions outside of WWE's reach and realm have tried to latch onto the Wrestlemania weekend, wisely realizing there will be wrestling fans in the area with money to burn in their pockets in recent years.  This year, TNA star Booker T and Ring of Honor will both hold events timed with Wrestlemania.

WWE is promoting that this is the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, but one thing that doesn't need any promotion or hype is the sheer amount of talent, events and attractions awaiting professional wrestling fans this weekend when they arrive in the Lone Star State.

So, here's's unofficial preview of the biggest weekend of the year - enjoy!

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