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By Buck Woodward on 2009-02-08 22:50:00

Welcome to's coverage of TNA's Against All Odds Pay-per-view.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

The PPV began with footage from earlier today of the Main Event Mafia arriving at the building, but without Sting.  They also showed Team 3D's arrival, as they drove in together.  Then they showed Sting arriving alone.  The announcers speculated on the unity of the Main Event Mafia.

TNA X-Division champion Alex Shelley vs. Eric Young.

Alex Shelley came out alone, no Chris Sabin.  Shelley charged Young at the bell, but Young side stepped him, delivered a drop toe hold and hit some elbow drops.  Young hit a second rope elbow, then clotheslined Shelley over the top rope and to the floor.  Shelley regrouped, then as he slid in the ring, Young slid out, frustrating him. They did it again, then as Shelley went to get in, Young dropkicked him to the floor.  Young hit a pescado, but then got on the apron and stood there too long, allowing Shelley to sweep his leg out.  Young crashed on the apron.  Young and Shelley punched it out on the apron, then Shelley shoved Young into the ringpost.  Young fell to the floor, and Shelley jumped off and hit a knee to the chest.  Shelley got on the apron, but Young pulled him face first to the apron.  Young then went for a top rope dive to the floor, but Shelley moved and Young crashed into the rail.  

On the floor, Shelley kicked Young in the chest, then rolled Eric back in the ring.  Shelley slapped Young across the head and rammed him into the turnbuckle.  Young leapfrogged Shelley, but when he went for a reverse bodypress out of the corner, Shelley dropkicked him.  Shelley put Young in a bow and arrow, then stomped his back.  Shelley has been playing heel, but it appears he has more crowd support.  Shelley snapmared Young and hit a kick to the back, then delivered a kneedrop.  Dueling chants for both men now.  Shelley chopped Young.  Young flipped to the apron on a whip attempt, but missed a shoulderblock and Shelley kneed him.  With Young hung over the second rope, Shelley hit a top rope kneedrop to the back.  They two fought on the apron, and Shelley went for a catapult on the apron, but Young blocked it.  Young charged Shelley (again, on the apron) and Shelley moved and Young went gut first into the ringpost.  

Shelley tossed Young back in the ring, put him in a corner and hit a pair of elbows and then a dropkick to a slumping Young for a two count.  Shelley hit a kick to the back, then elbowed his arm.  Shelley put Young in a Cobra Clutch and bent him over his knee.  Young fought out of it, kicked away a backdrop attempt, took an elbow to the chin, but hit a flapjack.  Young hit some punches, then a back elbow.  Young hit a reverse atomic drop and a forearm to the back of the head.  Young hit a discus clothesline, flipping Shelley for a two count.  Young went to the top rope, but Shelley met him there and hit a second rope jawbreaker.  Shelley hit a clothesline in the corner, but had a second one blocked.  Young hit an enzugiri, then went for a Death Valley Driver, but Shelley escaped and hit a kick to the gut.  Shelley went to run the ropes, Young tripped him, then hit a springboard legdrop to the back of the head for two.  Young went for a moonsault, but missed.  Shelley rolled him up for two, then hit a thrust kick to the head and a spinning faceplant for two. 

Shelley went for Sliced Bread #2, but Young blocked it and went for a Wheelbarrow suplex.  Shelley grabbed the ropes to block it, then flipped over Young into Sliced Bread #2 for a two count.  Shelley took Young onto the ropes, and Young grabbed Shelley, but Shelley turned it into a top rope bulldog.  Shelley then hit a frog splash for a two count.  Shelley set up Young on the ropes again, and Young almost grabbed a Death Valley Driver, but Shelley blocked it.  Young jumped off the ropes and gave Shelley a Hot Shot into the top turnbuckle instead.  Shelley appeared out near the ropes.  Young went after him, but the referee held him back, since he was in the ropes.  Shelley, was playing possum, and cradled Young from behind as he was talking with the referee and got the three count at the 14-minute mark. 

Winner: Alex Shelley.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle and asked about Sting not arriving with him.  Angle talked about about being a competitor and how neither he nor Sting wants to lose, saying true champions "push each other".  Angle said he would push Sting tonight.  Angle said regardless who wins, the Main Event Mafia will be strong. 

Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner.

Both men flexed and trash talked at the bell.  The size difference is very noticeable here.  They locked up and Steiner shoved Williams to the mat.  They locked up again and Steiner raked his eyes and hit a chop.  Steiner hiptossed Williams and flexed.  They locked up again and Steiner hit a knee to the gut, then slammed Williams.  Steiner yanked Williams' arm, and Williams kicked Steiner's leg and grabbed a wristlock.  Steiner shrugged it off, but Williams dropkicked his knee and hit a stunner.  Williams went to the top rope and hit a dropkick for a one count.  Steiner rolled to the floor to regroup.  Williams gave Steiner a baseball slide dropkick, then hit a jawbreaker in the ring.  Williams hit a spinkick, then punched Steiner.  Williams went to the top rope, but Steiner punched him, crotching him on the top.  Steiner got on the second rope and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex.  

Steiner chopped Williams, then hit a clothesline.  Steiner dropped an elbow, then did some pushups.  Steiner chopped Williams, who fought back with a kick to the chest.  Williams went for a Tornado DDT, but Steiner just threw him off.  Steiner hit a belly to belly suplex, but refused to pin him.  Steiner put Williams across the top rope, then drove him into the mat with a faceplant.  Steiner again refused to pin him.  Steiner chopped Williams, then whipped him across the ring.  Steiner ran into a boot, and Williams hit some punches, but Steiner raked his eyes.  Scott put Petey on the top rope and went for a superplex, but Petey headbutted him and pushed Steiner to the mat.  Williams hit a flying bodypress off the top, then a pair of running forearms.  Williams hit a swinging DDT, then went to the top rope. Williams hit a top rope headbutt, but Steiner kicked out at two.  

Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer, which Steiner stood up in, and hit Williams with an Alabama Slam.  Steiner went to pick up Williams, but Williams floated over and hit a kick.  Williams went to the apron, shoulderblocked Steiner, then hit a slingshot Codebreaker.  Williams charged Steiner, who moved out of the way.  Williams stopped short of the turnbuckles, but then pretended that he hit the ringpost to trick Steiner.  Steiner thought Williams was out, but Williams rolled him up for a two count.  Williams hit some punches, and clotheslined Steiner out of the ring.  Williams went for a slingshot rana onto the floor, but Steiner caught it and just rudely powerbombed Williams on the floor.  Steiner rolled Williams into the ring and put him in the Steiner Recliner.  Williams made the ropes for a break. Steiner went for a vertical suplex, held him, then twisted him into a tombstone piledriver (a slower version of the Steiner Screwdriver) for the pin at the eleven minute mark. 

Winner: Scott Steiner. 

Scott Steiner got on the mic and said that he didn't need the cheers from the "white trash".  Steiner said he is Mafia, Williams is Frontline, and this is how he would "finish the job".  Steiner then gave Williams a second rope Samoan Drop.  Steiner went for the Recliner again, but Samoa Joe's music hit.  Joe appeared on the screen, saying Steiner was one of the five responsible for the "sins I am about to commit".  Joe said Steiner would be the first to be introduced to his "nation of violence".  Steiner looked a little concerned, then went back to trash talking fans. 

Mike Tenay and Don West said Mick Foley would be joining them for the main event, and that Foley would present the World Title belt to the winner. 

Jeremy Borash was backstage with Mick Foley and Sting.  Foley said he doesn't want to have to give the belt to Kurt Angle, because he can't stand him.  Sting said he couldn't stand there while he insulted the Mafia.  Foley said his issue with Angle was personal.  Foley said he has respect for Sting, and wishes him luck tonight.  Sting took Foley's handshake and said he appreciated it.  Foley walked off.  Sting was asked about Angle's desire to win the belt.  Sting said he understands that only one of them can be champion, but regardless, tomorrow morning the Mafia will still be together and fighting for respect. 

Brutus Magnus vs. ???.

Magnus got on the mic and said he was not the American stereotype of a British person.  He said he was hungry for victory, and that he understood someone had accepted his challenge.  Chris Sabin's music hit.   

Brutus Magnus vs. Chris Sabin.

Magnus shoved off Sabin as they locked up.  Sabin called for a test of strength, and Sabin instead grabbed an arm wringer.  Magnus reversed and Sabin rolled out, but Magnus yanked him to the mat by the hair.  Sabin hit some chops, then a shoulderblock that didn't do much.  Sabin went for another, with no effect.  Sabin then rolled under a clothesline and hit a kick to the gut, but Magnus grabbed him for a press slam.  Sabin floated out of it and kicked at Magnus' legs.  Sabin went for a reverse bodypress off the middle rope, but Magnus caught it and gave Sabin Snake-Eyes, then hit a running knee for a two count.  Magnus hit an elbow and kicked Sabin in the head.  Magnus stood on Sabin's throat. Magnus gave Sabin a vertical suplex.  Magnus slammed Sabin, then hit a slingshot elbowdrop.  Magnus hit a kick to Sabin's back, then put him in a chinlock. Fans are not enjoying this match.  Sabin floated out of a slam attempt by Magnus and hit a reverse atomic drop, then a pair of clotheslines.  Sabin hit a springboard clothesline for a two count.  Sabin went for a sunset flip, but Magnus rolled through it, lifted Sabin off the mat, and powerbombed him for two.  Sabin lid out of the ring, Magnus followed, and Sabin slid back in and then hit a pescado on Magnus.  Sabin rolled Magnus back in the ring and went to the top rope.  Magnus held the referee in front of him, then did an awkward spot where the referee "pushed" Magnus into the ropes, causing Sabin to be crotched on the top rope.  Magnus then gave Sabin a spinning Samoan Drop for the pin at the seven minute mark. 

Winner: Brutus Magnus.

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