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By Buck Woodward on 2004-07-12 01:30:00

WWE Vengeance opened with a very good video focusing on Triple H vs. Chris Benoit. 

Jonathan Coachman & Garrison Cade vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri & Rhyno. 

Rhyno was the surprise partner for Tajiri.  Coach acted like he wanted to start, until he saw that Rhyno was starting.  Coach immediately tagged in Cade to start the match. Cade and Rhyno traded arm wringers and side headlocks, and Rhyno hit a shoulderblock. Cade complained the the referee, claiming Rhyno pulled his trunks.  Cade slapped Rhyno, and Rhyno unloaded with punches, then hit a hip toss.  Rhyno set for a Gore, but Cade rolled out of the ring. Rhyno went after Cade and tossed him back in, then tagged Tajiri.  Tajiri hit some kicks, and Cade responded with right hands.  Tajiri kicked away a backdrop, dropkicked his leg out, and grabbed La Magistral for a two count.  Tajiri hit more kicks, and Coach kneed him from the apron, so Tajiri kicked him in the head, sending him to the floor.  Cade used the distraction to hit Tajiri with a back suplex. Coach tagged in, and worked on Tajiri's back. Coach was screaming "You don't mist me" at Tajiri, then hit some shoulderblocks to the back. Coach slammed Tajiri, then mocked him with a bow, so Tajiri kicked him in the forehead.  Coach dropped an elbow, and tagged in Cade for a double suplex. Cade covered Tajiri for a two count. 

Coach tagged back in and put Tajiri in a surfboard.  Tajiri booted a charging Coach and put him in the Tarantula.  Tajiri kicked Coach and tagged in Rhyno, who hit a series of clotheslines and a suplex on Coach.  Cade ran in and Rhyno backdropped him, then hit a spinebuster on Coach.  Cade broke up the cover, and tossed Rhyno from the ring.  The match broke down, and Tajiri hit springboard elbows on Coach and Cade simultaneously. Tajiri spit the mist in Cade's face (meant for Coach, who ducked). Rhyno then went to Gore Coach, and he dodged it, and Cade took the Gore as well. Tajiri then kicked Coach in the head and got the pin at the eight minute mark. 

Winners: Yoshihiro Tajiri & Rhyno. 


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