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By Mike Johnson on 2008-09-14 23:00:00

The 2008 TNA No Surrender PPV opened with one of the company's signature video pieces pushing the talents involved in the Four Way main event.  We went right into Mike Tenay and Don West welcoming everyone to the show and pushing the TNA title bouts.  As of this afternoon, there was at least one title changed planned.  No mention of Booker T not appearing yet.

Sting's music hit and out he came, mic in hand.  No baseball bat.  Sting played to the crowd like a babyface.  The crowd chanted "TNA", so from a live standpoint, it's going to be an easy crowd to get over with.  Sting said that it feels "too good to be back in Canada."   Every shot of the Arena looked packed.    The crowd chanted, "You're a legend."  Sting announced he would face the winner of tonight's Four-Way at Bound for Glory next month.  Sting said tonight fans will see some of the greatest talent the world has to offer and if you were in the ring tonight, you have talent.  He said that if you have talent, that doesn't mean you are at the top of your game or the best of life.  He said that a friend once told him that you have to walk the walk and talk the talk, and possess pride, honor, dignity and respect.  Sting said that the most important thing that separates the men from the boys is respect.  He said on the other side of the curtain there are some men, but also some snot nosed brats.  Sting said that he brought his cause to Canada because ten years ago, Bret Hart fought for the same ideals.  Big pop for Bret's name, but TNA shouldn't use it if they aren't going to deliver an appearance.  Sting said he is fighting for respect and he isn't going to retire until wrestlers like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe understand respect.  He told them that tonight is "Showtime!"  The promo was decent, but the crowd was turning on it until Bret's name was brought up.

They showed footage of Christian Cage arriving at the venue earlier today, noting he'll be challenging for the World title just an hour from where he grew up.

Mike Tenay and Don West announced that Booker T would not appear due to the effects of Hurricane Ike.  Tenay said that TNA did everything in their power to ensure Booker would appear, but they were not able to make it happen.  Tenay sent TNA's best wishes to everyone in the Gulf Coast area.

The Prince Justice Brotherhood vs. The Rock N' Rave Infection & Christy Hemme

Super Eric and Jimmy Rave started early doing some comedy spots.  Rave bumped out of the ring and Eric hit a running plancha to the floor.  Eric hit a missile dropkick into the ring on Rave.  Young avoided a Rock and Rave double clothesline  and tagged in Shark Boy.  Sharky is caught with a knee by Rock, but was able to backdrop Rave when he tagged into the ring.  Sharky stomped a shark hole in the corner on Rave.  Curry Man tagged in and pulled Rave into a position where he tagged Christy in.  Christy grabbed him in a headlock, which Curry was thrilled about because he was in her bosom.  Shark Boy tagged in but was backdropped out of the ring to the floor.  Rock whipped Sharky into the guard rail on the floor.

They used a flapjack on Sharky,  Rock slammed Hemme onto Shark Boy.  Shark tagged in Curry Man, who cleaned house on the heels.  Curry hit a Tokyo Dangerous backbreaker on Rave.  Hemme tried to wrestle Curry Man, who kissed her.  Rock dropped Curry down with a slam and Hemme did a split off the ropes, dropping a leg on him for a two count.  That was different.  Super Eric and Shark Boy hit the ring.  Shark Boy hit the stunner on Hemme but was nailed with a big boot.  Eric whipped Rock into Rave in the corner, then nails a Death Valley Driver on both at once.  Curry pinned Hemme.

Your winners, The Prince Justice Brotherhood!

It was your typical opening style match.  Some silliness, a few highspots and OK wrestling.  You could see the crowd is hot, but I get the feeling that they didn't properly mic the venue to show that off.

ODB vs. Awesome Kong  - Falls Count Anywhere

ODB took a beer from a fan at ringside and chugged it.  Raessa Saied attacked ODB at ringside.  Kong went right after her, throwing ODB into the ring.  Kong clotheslined ODB down, but missed a big splash.  ODB went to the outside and pulled out a table.  She brought it into the ring and dropped it across Kong.  ODB set up the table in the corner.  She tried to whip Kong into it but Kong stopped her with a slap and a clothesline.  They brawled to the crowd.  ODB nailed Kong with a rubber trash can, but Kong nailed an elbow to regain control.   Kong tosses ODB onto the entrance ramp, then slammed her atop of it. 

King began dragging ODB towards the ring.  ODB began fighting back but Kong cut her off and shoved her into the ringpost.  Kong missed a running charge and hit the post.  Kong hit a Thesz Press off the ring steps to the floor for a two count.  ODB wedged a chair between two turnbuckles as Kong recovered.  Kong returned to the ring and ODB maneuvered her into charging into the chair, then rolled her up for a two count. 

ODB set up the table inside the ring and tried to pick up Kong, but was maneuvered into a powerbomb.  ODB landed on her feet but was clotheslined.  Kong called for a chair while standing on the ropes.  ODB grabbed her and nailed a powerbomb off the ropes onto the table.  Something went wrong as they looked lost for a second.  ODB covered Kong for a two.  Saed pulled ODB to the floor and attacked her, but was sent into the guard rail.  ODB caught Kong with an inside cradle for a two count. 

Kong hit a running splash in the corner, then nailed the back fist.  ODB crumpled to the mat.  Saed pulled another table from under the ring.  As Kong set up the table in the corner, ODB drank from her flask, then spit it in Kong's face.  ODB goes for a Thesz Press but Kong caught her and ran her into the table, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Awesome Kong!

An OK brawl but nothing great.

Lauren interviewed Christian Cage.  The story was that Cage is the only person with his eye on the title.  He said that this isn't an episode of the Hills but TNA.  Cage said that he is a wrestler and sacrificed everything for this business.  He said that one hour away is where he grew up and everything he has that is good in his life is due to wrestling.  Cage said that he was the kid who had the dream of being a wrestler and everyone laughed at him, but he proved them wrong.  He said when he became a wrestler, he was told he'd never make it to the top, but he's a two-time World champ.  Cage said when he won the title for the first time, all the long drives and all the nights he slept on a hard floor and ate a can of tuna because he couldn't afford anything more made it all worth it.  Cage said the first time he held the title he thought it would never get any better than this...until tonight.  Cage promised that in front of his family and friends in his home country, his dreams were going to come true again.  Cage said there's No Surrender tonight or ever "for this Canadian."  The best Cage promo in many, many months.  Good stuff!

Team 3D vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan

Brother Ray and Abyss start off.  They battle in a collar and elbow lockup.  Devon grabbed Abyss' hair and when he was distracted, Ray pounced.  Abyss reversed an Irish whip and caught him with a big boot.  Abyss charged in the corner but was hit with an elbow for a two count.  Devon tagged in and shoulderblocked Abyss for another two count.    3D teased walking out after being overpowered by Morgan and Abyss.  They were attacked in the aisle and all four brawled towards the ring.  As they returned to the ring, Ray clipped Abyss' knee from behind.  Devon worked over Abyss' leg.  Ray tagged in and he and Abyss hit a double clothesline.

Matt Morgan rallied the crowd as Abyss made the hot tag.  The crowd booed as they had been calling for tables.  He cleaned house on both former Dudleys.  He splashed Devon from behind in the corner, then nailed a big legdrop.  Morgan walked the ropes, leaping over Ray into a Devon bodypress.  Abyss and Ray brawled on the floor.

Morgan nailed a big boot on Devon for a two count but Ray pulled the referee out of the ring.  Morgan called for the Hellevator but Johnny Devine hit the ring and nailed Morgan with a chair to the back.  Devon covered Morgan, who kicked up at the last second.  Team 3D hit a double reverse neckbreaker (incorrectly called a 3D) but Morgan got his shoulder up.  Morgan came back with a double clothesline and tagged in Abyss. Devine tried to nail Abyss with a chair but was caught and nailed with Shock Treatment.

Abyss worked over Devon in the corner with punches.  Ray came from behind and pulled Abyss on his shoulders.  Devon came off the ropes with a clothesline for a two count.   Ray and Morgan brawled on the floor.  Abyss chokeslammed Devon for a two count.  Morgan hit a big boot on the floor.  Abyss grabbed a chair but hesitated, allowing Ray to attack him from behind.  Morgan pulled Ray out of the ring.  Devon went to use the chair but Morgan swung him around the punched the chair into Devon.  Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for a pin.

Your winners, Matt Morgan & Abyss!

Ray lowblowed Abyss, then nailed Morgan with it.  Ray put the chair in Abyss' hands, trying to plant the seeds that Abyss had turned on Morgan.  The crowd chanted for tables as 3D left.  Morgan and Abyss faced off but nothing physical happened.

I don't know what it is about the show so far, but everything feels off so far.

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