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By Richard Trionfo on 2008-08-10 22:52:46
Welcome to tonight’s live coverage of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s Hard Justice pay per view. Tonight’s pay per view takes place in Trenton, New Jersey. Here are the matches that are scheduled for tonight’s pay per view:

*X-Division champ Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed
*TNA Knockouts champ Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim and ODB vs. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Awesome Kong
*TNA Tag Team champions LAX vs. James Storm and Robert Roode
*Black Tie Brawl N' Chain Match: Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt (Tuxedo Match rules)
*Jersey Street Fight: Christian Cage and Rhino vs. Team 3D
*Last Man Standing: AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
*TNA champ Samoa Joe vs. Booker T - Weapons Inside the Six Sides of Steel

Tonight’s pre-show starts off with a video package for the six women’s tag match. The next video package is for the Tag Title Match. The next match featured is the TNA Heavyweight Title Match. The next match featured is the Tuxedo and Chain Match between Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal. Up next is a look at the Jersey Street Fight. They show the video package for the Last Man Standing Match between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle.

The pay per view starts with a series of video packages with a crime theme to it looking at the matches.

Lauren is outside the building ‘fifteen minutes ago’ and Lauren sees Sting, not wearing any makeup, but he has a baseball bat. She wants to know why he is here and why he helped Booker T with Samoa Joe. Sting will not talk. Sting enters the building.

We go inside the building and we have Filthee and GrandMaster Caz perform on their way to the ring.

Don West and Mike Tenay are your announcers as the pyro goes off in the building. They welcome everyone to New Jersey and their pay per view debut in the state. Mike wonders how Sting will impact tonight’s event. Don and Mike run through the matches on the pay per view.

We see the X Factors and it is mentioned that Scott Steiner is not there with Petey. They also mention the upset that Consequences Creed had to get this title match.

Match Number One: Petey Williams with Rhaka Khan versus Consequences Creed for the TNA X Division Title
The referee tells Khan to get off the apron before they lock up. She gets back on the apron and Creed is not distracted as he blocks a kick and has Williams in a side head lock. Creed with a front face lock and Williams tries to roll out and he eventually escapes. Williams misses a springboard cross body but Creed hits an elbow drop for a near fall. Williams tries for the Canadian Destroyer but Creed escapes and gets a near fall. Creed pushes Williams and Williams goes into the ropes to get the referee to stop Creed. Creed presses Williams over his head and hits a gutbuster. Williams goes out of the ring and then he hits a somersault senton that hits Williams and the apron. Creed tries for a power bomb on the floor but Williams gets into the ropes and he hits a leg drop on the apron. Khan hits Creed while Williams is with the referee.

Williams rolls Creed back into the ring and Williams with the slingshot gutbuster for a near fall. Creed with punches and then he turns them into jabs but Williams knows that the split is coming and he hits a drop kick. Williams punches Creed in the corner and he Irish whips Creed but Creed goes to the floor. Williams with a drop kick that sends Creed off the apron. Williams with a slingshot rana on the floor. Williams rolls Creed back into the ring. Creed with a bridge for a two count. Williams with a drop toe hold that sends Creed into the ropes and then he hits a hesitation drop kick. Creed pushes Williams away but Williams rakes the eyes. Creed swings wildly because he cannot see. Creed with a super kick to Williams as Williams comes off the ropes and both men are down. Williams gets to his feet first and then Creed and Williams exchange forearms and the crowd cheers for Williams and boos for Creed. Williams with an Irish whip and running clothesline but Creed with a clothesline and elbow. Creed with an Irish whip but Williams sends Creed to the apron. Creed hits a springboard bulldog.

Creed with jabs and then he does the splits and hits a roundhouse punch but only gets a two count. Creed pulls Williams up and Williams lands on his feet and Williams hits the tilt-a-whirl into the side Russian leg sweep. Williams sets for the Canadian Destroyer but Creed blocks it. Williams with a jawbreaker but Creed with a somersault into a clothesline. Creed charges into a shoulder from the apron and then Williams comes back in. Creed catches Williams on his shoulders but Williams with a rollup. Creed and Williams with near fall. Creed with an enzuigiri after getting out of the Canadian Destroyer. Creed tries for another gutbuster from a gorilla press but Williams is able to counter and he puts Creed in the Sharpshooter. Creed eventually makes it to the ropes but Williams does everything to keep him from getting the ropes including grabbing Creed’s arm.

Williams slaps Creed and Williams wants him to get up. Williams chops Creed and Creed wants more. Williams with another chop and Creed asks him if that is all he has. Williams with a back elbow but Creed bounces up. Creed with a German suplex and then he hits a knee in the corner followed by a DDT. Creed goes up top and he hits a leg drop but he can only get a two count. Khan gets on the apron and then she gets into the ring while Williams rolls out. Creed blocks a slap and Creed hits a TKO on Khan. Williams comes back in and he tries for the Canadian Destroyer but Creed counters with a Jig N’Tonic but Creed can only get a two count.

Sheik Abdul Bashir comes out and he has a chair with him. Creed with a kick and Bashir hits Creed in the back with the chair. Williams with the Canadian Destroyer for the three count.

Winner: Petey Williams

After the match, Bashir gets on the mic and he pulls a cameraman into the ring. He wants the cameraman to show the red, white, and blue, laying on the floor. He says that this is a representation of this pathetic company. Bashir says that the American Dream was destroyed by the Middle Eastern Nightmare.

We go to the locker room where Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash are being interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Jeremy asks Joe if Sting’s presence will distract him from his match. Joe says that he has never been more focused. Joe says that he knows that Sting is here and he knows what he has to do. He is tired of the hocus pocus, the light show, and Showtime. Nash tells Joe to think this out. At Victory Road he had to focus on Booker. Kevin tells Joe that he has his back and to trust him with Sting. Nash says that Sting will not be coming down to the ring. Joe says that Nash is right. It is about Booker tonight. The paper champion will go into the cage and he is going to stomp Booker’s ass all over New Jersey. Joe says that Booker will learn that Joe is ‘Pro Wrestling’.

Match Number Two: Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed versus Gail Kim, ODB, and Taylor Wilde with guest referee Traci Brooks
ODB and Angelina start things off and ODB does her mannerisms before they lock up. ODB pie faces Angelina. Velvet tags in to start off. Velvet smells something so she gets some air freshener. Velvet mocks ODB and then ODB blocks punches but ODB with a kick to the groin area and ODB follows that with a clothesline. ODB uses the air freshener on herself. Gail tags in and she hits a flying clothesline followed by punches and a splash into the corner. Velvet with an Irish whip but Gail with a sunset flip for a near fall. Gail with an arm drag using the turnbuckles. Angelina comes in and Gail gives her a Japanese arm drag. Gail tags in Taylor and Taylor works on the arm. Angelina with forearms and kicks to Taylor. Taylor with forearms followed by an arm drag and drop kick. Angelina backs into her corner.

Kong is tagged in after Angelina asks the fans if they want to see her. Taylor with kicks to the legs but Kong with a body block. Gail tags in and she hits forearms but Kong catches Gail on a cross body attempt and Kong tosses Gail down. ODB and Kong exchange chops and ODB tries for a shoulder tackle but Kong stays up. Kong takes ODB down with a shoulder tackle of her own. Gail and Taylor come in while ODB recovers. Kong with a double clothesline. ODB with forearms to Kong. Taylor clothesline Kong while Gail trips her. Kong charges at ODB and Gail, but they move out of the way and Kong goes to the floor.

Kong returns to the ring and ODB with forearms to Kong. Saeed trips ODB and Traci Brooks tells Saeed to go to the back. Kong continues to batter ODB in the ring. Kong is confused when Saeed leaves and ODB spits some beverage in Kong’s face and then she hits a splash after a brief confrontation between Traci and Kong. Velvet tags in and she puts ODB in an octopus and she bites ODB’s arm. ODB backs Velvet into the turnbuckles. ODB tries to make the tag and she tags in Gail. Gail with a clothesline and drop kick to Angelina. Angelina with a kick followed by an Irish whip. Gail avoids a charge. Angelina sends Gail into the ring post and the guardrail. Angelina rolls Gail back into the ring and hits an elbow drop for a two count. Angelina chokes Gail with Gail’s hair. Gail kicks Angelina but Angelina punches Gail. Angelina choke Gail and Traci pulls Angelina off Angelina. Angelina pokes Traci and tells her to mind her own business. Angelina with an Irish whip and she chokes Gail, but Traci pulls Angelina off. Angelina pushes Traci and Traci pushes Angelina. Gail tags in Taylor and Taylor with a clothesline to Angelina followed by a drop kick to Velvet. Taylor with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a two count on Angelina. Kong enters the match and Gail attacks Kong.

All six are in the ring but Gail and Kong go outside and Kong sends Gail into the rails. Angelina with a bicycle kick to Taylor. Kong tries to clothesline Gail against the ring post but Gail moves. In the ring, Taylor with a rollup on Angelina for the three count.

Winners: Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim, and ODB

Lauren is with Team 3D in the back. Lauren admonishes Devon to stop grabbing her. Ray says that he is up there. Ray is looking for Sting. Lauren says that Ray is afraid of heights. Lauren tries to make light of his phobia. Ray says that he has Sting’s back. Devon tells Sting that they are behind him 110 percent in whatever he wants to do. Ray reminds Sting that he is welcome to help them out during their Jersey Street Fight. Ray says that Devon is afraid of the dark. Ray goes downstairs quickly.

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