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By Buck Woodward on 2008-04-27 22:00:04

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Backlash.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

Backlash opened with the three announce teams introducing themselves to us.  Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler for Raw, Mike Adamle & Tazz for ECW (I've been told Adamle was greeted with loud boos when he came out prior to the PPV starting) and Michael Cole & Mick Foley for Smackdown.  Adamle referred to Tazz as "the human suplex machine".  Haven't heard that in a long time. 

WWE United States champion MVP vs. Matt Hardy.

Mick Foley and Michael Cole reviewed the MVP-Hardy feud as Hardy made his entrance.  When MVP came to the ring, they started trash talking.  They did the "big fight" style introductions, with Hardy obviously a huge favorite.  They locked up at the bell, and the fans were chanting for Hardy.  MVP grabbed a single leg, but Hardy kicked him away.  MVP dove for Hardy's leg, but Hardy dodged him. MVP hit a shot and rammed him into a corner.  MVP went for a whip, Hardy reversed it and MVP leapfrogged Hardy.  MVP went to the floor for a breather, but Hardy went after him and tossed him back into the ring.  Hardy hit a back elbow and then dropped an elbow for a two count.  Hardy took MVP down with a side mare, but MVP got out of the headlock and kicked Hardy in a corner.  MVP ran into a Hardy boot, and Hardy hit an elbow to the back of the head from the second rope for a two count.  MVP came back with a shot to the kidneys and a back suplex for a two count. 

MVP set up Matt for a back superplex, but Hardy elbowed MVP to the mat.  Matt went for a moonsault, but MVP got his knees up as Hardy came down.  MVP scored a two count.  MVP stomped Hardy, snap mared him and hit a kneedrop to the shoulder.  MVP applied an abdominal stretch and punched at Matt's midsection.  Matt broke out of it, but MVP yanked him to the mat by his hair.  MVP hit some knees to the midsection, then applied an abdominal stretch, using the ropes for leverage.  MVP broke out of it with a low Samoan Drop and got a two count.  Matt hit some forearms, but MVP gave him an armdrag throw, landing awkwardly.  MVP dropped several elbows for a two count.  Huge chants for Hardy again.  MVP picked up Hardy in a fireman's carry, then pressed him up and dropped him chest first to the mat.  MVP ran into the ropes, but Hardy clipped him with a clothesline.  

They traded punches, with Hardy getting the better of it.  Hardy hit a clothesline, then one in a corner.  Matt delivered a bulldog for a two count.  Matt went for a Side Effect, but MVP elbowed out of it and hit a Hot Shot.  MVP went for a Playmaker, but Hardy reversed it into a Side Effect for a two count. Hardy went to the top rope, but MVP dropkicked the top rope, crotching Hardy. MVP climbed up on the ropes and slugged it out with Hardy.  Hardy got the better of it, and gave MVP a Side Effect off the second rope. Hardy was slow to cover and only got a two count.  Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, but MVP reversed it into a backslide.  MVP put his feet on the ropes, but the referee caught him.  As MVP argued, Hardy rolled him up for a two count.  MVP blocked a Twist Of Fate and hit a knee to the midsection, then delivered a running kick to Hardy's head.  Hardy fell through the ropes to the floor.  It looked like Hardy would be counted out, but he got in just before the referee reached ten.

MVP started kicking Hardy in the midsection, yelling "Come on Matthew, you want my title?".  MVP hit a kick to the side of the head, then measured for a big running kick in the corner.  Matt moved and MVP caught his leg on the top rope.  Matt hit a Twist Of Fate and scored the pin at the twelve minute mark. 

Winner and new United States Champion: Matt Hardy.

The crowd, which was very hot for Hardy, popped for the title change, and MVP pounded the mat in disbelief in the ring as Hardy celebrated up the aisle.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler plugged a mobile vote to select the winner of tonight's Four Way match for the WWE Title.  Lawler noted Orton only won 8% of the vote at Wrestlemania, and he went on to win the match.

Backstage, Eve Torres interviewed Matt Hardy.  Hardy noted he was a European Champion, Hardcore Champion, Cruiserweight Champion and an eight-time tag team champion, but this title win meant more because he worked so hard for it.  Matt said it was the biggest win of his career.  Matt said he had one thing to say to MVP, "I am better than you".

Tazz and Mike Adamle discussed the ECW Championship match.

ECW champion Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo was accompanied to the ring by Bam Neely.  As Chavo came out, they reviewed the attack on Kane's leg from last week on ECW. Once again, they did the "big fight" intros, which I always like for title matches.  Adamle called referee Mike Posey "Scott Armstrong" so Tazz corrected him.  That's one.  Chavo tried to get at Kane's leg at the start, but Kane knocked Chavo down and gave him a dropkick as he sat up on the mat.  Kane was favoring his leg.  Kane put Chavo in a Hangman for a bit, then choked him in a corner.  Kane pressed Chavo overhead and slammed him to the mat.  Kane whipped Chavo into a corner, but Chavo gave him a drop toe hold into the corner and began kicking at Kane's leg.  Chavo went for a whip, but Kane blocked it and flung Chavo over the top rope and to the outside. 

Kane went after him, chasing him back into the ring.  Chavo hit a baseball slide dropkick, then jumped off the apron at Kane, who caught Chavo and rammed him back first into the apron.  Kane threw Chavo into the ring and went to the top rope, but Chavo shoved him off the top rope and Kane crashed to the floor.  Chavo put Kane in the ring, stretched his leg and gave the leg a slingshot splash on the apron.  Adamle noted Chavo leaped over the "three rings" to hit that move.  He meant ropes.  Adamle and Tazz actually were joking about "pulling an Adamle" during the match.  Chavo kept working Kane over in the ropes, and the referee pulled him back.  Bam grabbed Kane's leg and whipped it into the ringpost.  Chavo applied a leglace in the ring, but Kane punched and kicked out of it.  Chavo stood on the second rope and punched Kane, but Kane pulled him off into an Electric Chair. 

Both men were down in the ring, but Chavo got to his feet first.  Kane reached up and grabbed Chavo by the throat.  Chavo kicked Kane in the leg to break away, then Kane decked him with a boot to the face.  Kane hit a side slam for a two count.  Kane went for a tombstone, but Chavo floated out of it.  Chavo charged into a Kane backdrop.  Kane hit a top rope clothesline, but Chavo rolled to the apron.  Chavo pulled Kane throat first across the top rope and Kane went to grab him.  Chavo went to the top rope, but Kane caught him as he jumped off.  Chavo managed to swing it into a DDT anyway, and got a two count.  Chavo went for a suplex, it didn't work, so he swept Kane's leg instead.  Chavo went to the top rope, but Kane went to grab him by the throat.  Chavo managed to knock Kane down, then went for the frog splash.  Kane reached up as Chavo came down and grabbed him by the throat.  Kane got to his feet, never releasing his grip, and hit a chokeslam  for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Kane.

Kane had a brief staredown with Bam Neely before limping off.

Todd Grisham interviewed Randy Orton.  Grisham noted that Orton had to survive in an elimination match to keep his title.  Orton gave a confident promo, saying it was the "Age Of Orton" and he would retain the title.

Mick Foley and Michael Cole went over the "Tale Of The Tape" for Big Show vs. Great Khali.  In discussing Show and Khali's shoe size, Michael Cole said he wears a size 9.  Foley said that compared to Show & Khali, that was a children's size, and was "smaller than the shoes Coach left for me to fill".

Big Show vs. Great Khali.

Khali trash talked at the bell, although I don't think Show had any idea what he was saying.  Show stepped up chest to chest with Khali and they began jabbering.  Khali shoved Show, Show shoved Khali.  Khali hit some punches, then Show ducked a clothesline.  They traded punched, then traded headbutts.  Then they traded chops.  Khali hit a short arm clothesline, and Show went down.  Khali hit a clothesline and badly missed some kicks in the corner.  I mean, you could see the space between his foot and Show.  Fans chanted "You can't wrestle" briefly.  Show hit a headbutt and went for a slam, but Khali blocked it and hit a clothesline that sent Show over the top rope and to the floor.  Khali shoved Show back first into the ringpost, then pushed him back into the ring.  Khali hit a boot to the face on Show, then dropped an elbow to the back.  Khali applied a crossface.  No kidding, he really did.  Show struggled in the hold, then got to his feet and picked up Khali for a slam.  Show fell back under the weight and Khali got a two count.  Khali applied a nervehold.  Show is selling Khali's offense like crazy, yelling in pain.  Show got to his feet and elbowed out of it, then hit a headbutt. 

Show ran into the Khali Chop, and Khali got a two count.  Fans are chanting "boring".  Loudly.  Khali applied a surfboard. Show backed Khali in a corner to break out and hit some back elbows.  Show scooped up Khali and slammed him.  Show got a two count.  Khali hit a back elbow, a punch and a kick, then went for the Khali Bomb.  Show broke Khali's grip and gave Khali the chokeslam for the pin at the eight minute mark.

Winner: Big Show

Show was selling like his arm was injured from the nervehold and the effort of hitting the chokeslam. The announcers noted that Khali dominated most of the match.

Coverage continued on the next page.

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