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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-14 00:50:00

WWE Bad Blood began with the usual excellent opening video, this one focusing on the Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H Hell In The Cell match and the Chris Benoit vs. Kane World Title match. 

World Tag Team Champions La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier & Robere Conway) vs. Chris Benoit & Edge. Sylvan sang "Oh Canada" (very poorly) until Edge's music cut him off. Edge started off with Sylvan, trading hammerlocks and headlocks.  Edge tripped him while in a wristlock, and tagged in Benoit, who wrenched Sylvan with a side headlock.  Benoit hit a shoulderblock and chopped Sylvan to the mat, then tagged in Edge. Sylvan slugged his way to his corner, and tagged in Conway. Edge took right over on him, hitting a chop and tagging in Benoit.  Benoit and Conway traded chops, and Benoit hit a back suplex for two. Edge tagged back in, but Conway hit a series of rights and tagged in Sylvan, who choked Edge on the ropes. Edge hit a flapjack after reversing a whip, but Conway broke up the cover.  Edge went after Conway, and Sylvan shoved Edge through the ropes to the floor, where he got his back rammed into the security wall.  La Resistance worked over Edge in their corner, with Conway applying a variation of the camel clutch. Grenier hit a legdrop across the back of Edge's head for a two count, then applied his version of the camel clutch.  Jim Ross noted that La Resistance was going after Edge's recently repaired neck. Edge hit Grenier with a cross bodyblock to rally, but Grenier hit an elbowdrop and tagged in Conway, who hit a vertical suplex for two. Grenier hit a back suplex on Edge for a two count, but Edge hit a jumping leg lariat.  However, Conway ran in and knocked Benoit off the apron.  La Resistance went for a double suplex, but Edge turned it into a neckbreaker on both opponents. Edge went for the tag, but Benoit wasn't there.  Edge hit a enzugiri on Conway and got the tag to Benoit, who cleaned house with suplexes and chops on both men. Benoit applied the Sharpshooter on Sylvan, but Conway broke it up. Edge almost accidentally speared Benoit, but put on the breaks.  Benoit put Grenier in the crossface, while Edge speared Conway.  Grenier appeared on the verge of tapping out, but Kane ran in, and hit a big boot on Benoit, then one on Edge.  Kane gave them both chokeslams, and tossed Benoit back first into the ringsteps.  Kane then walked off, smiling. The referee called for the disqualification at the ten minute mark. Winners: Chris Benoit & Edge via disqualification (even though it was never announced).  

Post-match, Benoit was on the floor, clutching his back in pain. 


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