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By Buck Woodward on 2008-02-17 22:50:55

Welcome to's coverage of WWE No Way Out.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening, so check back often for results from the show.

No Way Out opened with a video package highlighting the WWE and World Title matches as well as the two Elimination Chambers, pushing the fact that tonight's winners will be going to Wrestlemania. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show, and they went to the ring for the opening contest. 

ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk.

Joey Styles and Tazz reviewed the Guerrero-Punk feud and threw it to a video package as Punk entered the ring.  There was some sort of audio error, as during the video package on the feud, you could hear Tazz asking someone about the "go home" portion of the match.  That audio feed quickly cut off.  Chavo Guerrero, wearing his new T-Shirt, then made his entrance as the announcers played up that Punk has scored pinfalls over Chavo with the GTS. 

There was a chant for Punk at the bell as the two men went nose to nose.  Chavo slapped Punk, and Punk kicked Chavo in the head.  Punk hit a back elbow and a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count.  Chavo backdropped Punk to the apron and kicked him to the floor.  Chavo attacked Punk as he got back into the ring and hit a series of elbows to the back of the head, then decked Punk with an uppercut for a two count.  Chavo kicked Punk in the chest, then in the gut.  Punk battled back with kicks, but Chavo gave Punk a drop toe hold and then hit a somersault splash to his back.  Chavo hit a backdrop driver, then applied a bodyscissors.  

Punk got out with a catapult into the corner, then hit a back kick to the gut and a kneelift.  Punk backdropped Chavo, then ran into a boot by Guerrero.  Guerrero charged Punk, who hit a powerslam for a two count. Punk went for the GTS, but Chavo countered it into a rana. Chavo hit a Tornado DDT for a two count.  Chavo did the old Guerrero dance.  Chavo went for a running kick, but Punk caught it and hit an enzugiri for a two count.  Punk mocked Chavo's dance, then hit two vertical suplexes.  The fans, who were behind Punk for the whole match, booed the attempt at the Three Amigos.  Chavo blocked the third suplex, but Punk hit a bulldog for a two count.  Punk went for the GTS, but Chavo grabbed the ropes to block it.  Punk dropped Chavo to the apron, then kicked him in the head.  Chavo collapsed onto the floor.  Punk rolled Chavo back into the ring for a two count. Punk set up Chavo for a superplex, but Chavo shoved him off.  Punk then crotched Chavo on the top rope.  Punk went for a rana off the ropes, but Chavo hooked the top rope and Punk crashed to the mat.  Chavo hit the frog splash and got the clean pin at the seven minute mark. 

Winner: Chavo Guerrero. 

Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman reviewed the Edge-Mysterio feud, and noted that Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero would not be here as a result of Rey knocking her out on Smackdown.  Mike Adamle interviewed Rey Mysterio, who claimed Edge doesn't care about Vickie.  Rey said his hitting Vickie was an accident, but he's not going to say he is sorry again.  They talked about his torn bicep, and Rey showed off his bruised arm.  Rey said it is torn, and it can't get any worse.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. walked in and he and Rey exchanged pleasantries.  Mayweather was accompanied by two huge bodyguards.  Rey and Mayweather walked off together. 

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discussed the Raw Elimination Chamber, and they showed Chris Jericho backstage taping up his wrists.  The Elimination Chamber was slowly lowered as Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman talked about the Smackdown Elimination Chamber. They showed a video package on the Chamber. 

Elimination Chamber for a World Title match at Wrestlemania: Undertaker vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. Big Daddy V, with Matt Striker, vs. MVP vs. Great Khali, with Ranjin Singh.

MVP entered first, then Big Daddy V, then Great Khali, then Finlay (no Hornswoggle) all of whom entered pods. So, it is starting with Batista vs. The Undertaker.  Batista made his entrance, going to each pod and trash talking the wrestlers inside of them.  Undertaker then made his entrance, slamming the Chamber door shut behind him.  

Taker and Batista started out punching in center ring.  Batista got the better of it and worked over Taker in a corner with shoulderblocks.  Taker hit a kneelift to block a shoulderblock, then threw Batista over the top rope and onto the steel floor of the chamber.  Undertaker rubbed Batista's face into the chain wall.  Batista fought back with a punch, then kicked Taker back into the ring. Batista whipped Undertaker hard into a corner, then hit a clothesline for a two count.  Undertaker came back with a boot to the face, then punched him into a corner.  Undertaker choked Batista, then stomped him down. Taker hit some elbows in a corner, then kicked at Batista's legs.  Undertaker continued to stomp Batista, then stood on his throat.  Batista got to his feet and battled back with punches, to boos from the crowd.  Batista hit a back elbow for a two count.  Batista missed a clothesline, and the two men kicked each other in the head, knocking them down as the time period elapsed. 

Big Daddy V entered the match. 

Big Daddy V went to work on Batista, hitting a clothesline, then gave on to the Undertaker.  BDV slammed Undertaker, then chopped Batista in the corner.  BDV gave Undertaker a Samoan Drop, then stood on his stomach and chest.  BDV went back to Batista, hitting chops and slamming him.  Undertaker recovered outside the ring.  Big Daddy V chopped Batista, then headbutted Undertaker.  Taker fell into the door, which broke open and Undertaker fell to the outside.  The referees kept BDV from going outside, and Taker got back in the cage.  BDV avalanched Undertaker against the cage wall.  You know, for such an awesome structure, you'd think there would be more than one small bolt lock keeping the door shut.  Big Daddy V turned his attention to Batista in the ring, hitting an avalanche in the corner.  Big Daddy V went for a Samoan Drop, but Batista ducked it and hit a spinebuster.  Big Daddy V was knocked through the ropes by Batista, and Undertaker DDT'd him on the steel floor.  Batista covered Big Daddy V, on the steel flooring, and got the three count. 

Big Daddy V is eliminated. 

Great Khali entered the match. 

Khali went back and forth between opponents, chopping Batista down as Khali worked over Undertaker with elbows.  A "You Can't Wrestle" chant broke out. Undertaker hit some shots and went for a chokeslam, but Khali blocked it and hit a double handed chokeslam on Undertaker for a two count.  Khali then gave Batista a clothesline for a two count.  Khali chopped Undertaker, then put Batista in the Vice Grip.  Batista broke out with a low kick and hit a spear on Khali.  Taker then knocked Batista down.  Singh climbed up on the cage wall, but Taker kicked him down.  Undertaker put Khali in the gogoplata (or, as I like to call it, the Bloody Shin Choke) and Khali tapped out (and bled from the mouth).

Great Khali is eliminated. 

Undertaker worked on Batista outside the ring and got a two count on the steel floor. Undertaker dragged Batista's back across the steel flooring. 

Finlay entered the match.  

Undertaker immediately hit Finlay with a jumping kick and whipped him into a corner, but then missed a running kick and got caught in the ropes.  Finlay hit Undertaker, then went after Batista and threw him through the ropes and onto the steel floor.  Finlay gave Undertaker the Celtic Cross in the ring for a two count, then hit a kneedrop.  Finlay and Batista slugged it out on the steel floor, then Batista grabbed Finlay's legs and catapulted him into the cage wall.  Finlay fell into the ring and Undertaker stomped him.  Batista and Undertaker began slugging it out in the ring, and Batista tried a backdrop, but Taker kicked it away, then nailed him with a clothesline.  Finlay crawled onto the downed Batista for a two count.  Finlay dropped an elbow on Batista, then threw Undertaker over the top rope and onto the steel floor.  Finlay rammed Undertaker into the cage wall. Finlay kicked Undertaker in the head and got a two count on the steel floor. Finlay rammed Taker into the plexiglass wall of the chamber where MVP was.  Finlay rammed Taker into an empty pod, and the plexiglass broke.  Batista, from the ring, grabbed Finlay and rammed him into the ringpost.  Batista pulled Finlay into the ring with a cradle suplex for a two count.  

MVP entered the match. 

Undertaker was waiting for him, so MVP tried to hold his door shut.  Taker got it open and pounded down MVP in his pod.   As Taker returned to the ring, Batista attached him and hit some shoulderblocks in the corner. Batista hit a clothesline on Taker, but ran into a boot to the face.  MVP came in and hit a Shining Wizard on Batista and a running kick on Undertaker.  MVP got a two count on Undertaker.  MVP took off his medallion and used the chain to choke Finlay and get a two count.  MVP punched down Undertaker and hit a series of shots, using the medallion as a weapon.  Taker was busted open.  MVP kicked Finlay in the face, then kicked Batista.  Undertaker got to his feet, and MVP blasted him over and over with the medallion.  Taker wouldn't go down, and dared MVP to hit him again.  MVP threw more shots, then seeing the Undertaker not go down, jumped up on top of the pod.  MVP threw punches from there, as Taker climbed the ropes to try and reach him.  Undertaker grabbed MVP by the throat, and threw him off the top of the pod and into the ring.  Finlay crawled onto MVP for the pin. 

MVP is eliminated. 

Undertaker went for a top rope elbowdrop on Finlay, but Finlay moved out of the way.  Hornswoggle popped up by the ringpost, in an opening in the Chamber floor, and handed Finlay a shillelagh.  Finlay used it on Undertaker and Batista.  Batista tried to lift Finlay for a powerbomb, but Finlay hit Batista in the head with the shillelagh and got a two count.  Undertaker grabbed Finlay and chokeslammed him over the top rope and onto the steel floor.  Undertaker pinned Finlay. 

Finlay is eliminated. 

Batista, who was bloodied by the shillelagh, and Undertaker, also bloody, went at it in the center of the ring.  They traded punches, with Taker's getting cheers and Batista's getting boos.  Batista hit a kick to the gut and powerbombed Undertaker, to a pop.  Undertaker kicked out at two, to a bigger pop.  Batista punched Undertaker in a corner, but Undertaker grabbed Batista and hit the Last Ride powerbomb.  Undertaker collapsed after hitting the move, then slowly crawled onto Batista for a two count.  Undertaker mounted Batista and hit a series of punches.  Undertaker called for the tombstone.  Batista floated over it and threw Undertaker over the top rope.  Batista went out onto the steel floor with Undertaker and rubbed his face against the cage. Batista put Undertaker over his shoulder and threw Undertaker head first into the cage.  Batista went to do it again, but Undertaker blocked it with his hands.  Undertaker, from over Batista's shoulder, pushed off the cage and as Batista fell backwards they tumbled over the top rope into the ring, with Batista now in Undertaker's arms.  Undertaker nailed the tombstone piledriver for the three count at the twenty-nine minute mark. 

Batista is eliminated. 

Winner: The Undertaker. 

Undertaker struggled to his feet, then pointed at the Wrestlemania sign. 

Coverage continued on the next page.

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