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By Mike Johnson on 2008-02-10 23:02:07

Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Against All Odds 2008, the promotion's debut in Greenville, South Carolina.

The show went on the air with Jeremy Borash introducing the Marine Corp who brought out the Marine and United States flags, flanked by Bob Armstrong and BG James.  Morning Star recording artist Joe Struski then sang the national anthem.   The building looked full based on the early camera shots.

They went into the usual well done opening video package.

They returned live to the building with BG James and Bob Armstrong walking to the ring with a number of Marines filing behind them marching.  BG said that in honor of all the fighting men and women, they had "three words for 'em....God bless America."   TNA shot off a ton of pyro.

TNA Tag Team champs AJ Styles & Tomko vs. BG James & Bob Armstrong

The champs made their way to the ring.  Styles took the mic and said while it might not be the time and place, he wanted to know why Tomo hasn't called him back in three weeks.  He said that Tomko wanted to be his own man and that was fine, but then he went and aligned himself with Christian Cage, so Styles wanted some answers right now.  Tomko said they were about to fight the best wrestling family of all time and the Armstrongs were backed up by the Marines, so Styles needed to get his head in the game and worry about the match.  He told AJ if he didn't, they were about to lose their belts. At least they explained why these two would work together after the recent storyline developments.

They had Jeremy Borash do the big-time fight introductions for the title bout.

Styles and BG locked up but AJ sidestepped him and laughed.  AJ grabbed a side headlock on BG.  AJ began showboating, so BG cracked him with a right hand.  BG and Armstrong worked over Styles.  Styles got in Armstrong's face, so Bob paintbrushed him and Styles fell on his rear.

Tomko tagged in.  BG wanted in but Armstrong told his son it would be OK.   Tomko got the better of Bob, who tagged out to BG.  BG laid in several kicks and got a two count.  BG and Armstrong began tagging in and out as they controlled the match.  Styles tagged in and got a quick two count on Armstrong.  They showed a shot of Kurt Angle watching a monitor of this match in the back as Karen Angle tried to get him to stop watching so she could talk to him.

Styles continued to work over Armstrong.  Tomko tagged in and cinched in a side chinlock.  The crowd rallied Armstrong.  He fought to his feet and used several elbows and a right hand to break the hold.  Tomko cut him off and mocked BG by holding Armstrong's hand out for a mock tag.  Tomko set up Armstrong in the corner but Armstrong ducked a running boot and Tomko crotched himself.

BG tagged in and cleaned house on Tomko, who went to the floor.  AJ hit the ring but BG cut him off with a several punches and a kneedrop.  Tomko returned and held BG for AJ to take a shot.  Styles hit a springboard forearm off the ropes but BG escaped and Tomko ate the forearm.  BG nailed AJ with a pumphandle slam for a two count with Styles getting his shoulder up at the last second.

Tomko attacked Armstrong on the floor, so BG made the save.  When BG returned to the ring, Styles nailed a springboard dropkick to his knees.  Styles and Tomko nailed the Tornadoplex and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles and Tomko!

Kip James hit the ring immediately after the finish.  He and Bob checked on BG's knee.  The cameras focused on James holding his knee and showing close-ups of him in agony.  Several referees helped him out.  No heel turn for Kip, so I was wrong (at least for tonight).

The match itself was solid.  Nothing amazing but it was a decent opener.  The crowd live seemed to enjoy it.  I am a big Bob Armstrong fan, so I enjoyed this for what it was.

They went backstage where Jeremy Borash was with TNA champion Kurt Angle and his wife Karen Angle.  Karen was screaming at Kurt that she's done everything he's asked and doesn't know what else she has to do.  She said that all he cares about it the TNA belt and who's screwing who behind his back.  She demanded to know when the hell they were going to have time together and when the last time he did anything romantic.  Angle told her now wasn't the time to be pulling this and told her to go take some midol and take her friend PMS with her.  She told Angle one day he's going to "realize it" (what exactly?) and it'll be too late.  She stormed off. 

Mike Tenay and Don West reviewed the remainder of the live card.

They aired a video feature on the women's grudge match.

Traci Brooks vs. Payton Banks

Anyone ever notice that Brooks' music sounds like Aerosmith's Rag Doll?  They girls go nose to nose at the bell and Banks slaps her.  Brooks speared her in a corner and worked her over with stomps, then smothered Banks with her boot.  Banks tried to escape but was dragged back into the ring.

Banks turned it around with a rake of the eyes, then yanked Brooks to the mat by her hair.  Payton then strangled her.  Brooks nailed another spear.  They went to the floor and brawled around ringside.  Brooks whipped her into the rail, then chopped her several times.  Brooks was tripped into the steel steps.  Payton unleashed a number of forearms, then sent Brooks into the railing.

Banks tossed Brooks back into the ring.  She stomped at Brooks, then worked her over with a series of rights.  The crowd chanted for Traci.  Brooks mounted a comeback.  She and Banks threw stiff kicks at each other.  Banks began working over Brooks' back in the corner, nailing her with a kick and a double knee in the corner for a two count.

Brooks fought her way to her feet.  Banks went for a piledriver but was backdropped over.  Brooks nailed several chops and kicks.  Brooks nailed a clothesline for a two count, but Banks got her shoulder up.  Brooks went to the top rope, but Banks cut her off,  shaking the ropes.  

Banks charged Brooks in the corner, but missed.  Brooks rolled her up and scored the pin.

Your winner, Traci Brooks!

Banks attacks Brooks with a Northern Lariat from behind as she celebrated.  She tried to leave the ring but Brooks went after her.   Banks finally escaped.  The match was decent.  They both worked their rear ends off.

They aired a promo video for Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner

The returning Scott Hudson interviewed both.  Williams said he was as tired of all the talk about the briefcases and put himself over as a totally natural bodybuilder.  Steiner said he had more matches defending the World title than Petey has had matches.  He said that had a surprise for Williams if Williams crossed him tonight.  Steiner walked off and Williams said tonight was his night.

Scott Steiner vs. Petey Williams with the winner getting title shots for the TNA and X-Division title

They both posed in the ring with Petey copying Steiner's trademark poses before the bell.   They locked up and Steiner shoved Williams backwards.  Williams grabbed a waistlock from behind into a side headlock but Steiner shoved him off.  Williams went for a dropkick and charged, but got caught with a hiptoss.  Williams retreated to the floor.  Steiner followed, so Williams hopped back in the ring and did situps to play mental games.

The crowd did the dueling chants.  Steiner got the better of Williams, who kept mocking Steiner to try and get inside his head.  Williams nailed a spinkick for a two count.  Steiner caught him with a big suplex.  He tied up Williams upside down in the corner, then pulled back on Williams with a chinlock as he stood outside the ring.  

Steiner clotheslined Williams, then dropped an elbow.  He nailed a belly-to-belly superplex off the top.  He make an arrogant cover, then pulled up Petey.  He carried Petey to the top and nailed a Fallaway Slam.  He repeated the arrogant cover and pulled him up.  

Steiner went to the floor and retrieved the Feast or Fired briefcases.   He wedged them in opposite sides of the ring.  Why would he risk being DQ's and losing his title shots?  Referee Slick Johnson tried to stop Steiner, giving Williams the chance to knock Steiner into one of the cases for a two count.  Why wasn't Williams DQ'd? 

Williams nailed a hurancanrana for another two.  He went for the Canadian Destroyer but Steiner blocked it and slammed Williams backwards on the mat.  Steiner went for the cover but Petey kicked up.  Petey rolled up Scott for a two count, then nailed a dropkick.  He went to the top and nailed a flying bodypress, but Steiner kicked up at the last second.

Petey locked the Steiner Recliner in on Scott.  Steiner got to his feet and ran Williams backwards into the corner.  Williams refused to let go.  Steiner went for a over the shoulder powerslam, but Williams escaped and turned it into a Tornado DDT for a two count.  Steiner lowblowed Williams. 

Williams came back with several punches and a mule kick.  He sent Steiner into the other briefcase.  Petey hit a missile dropkick and called for the Canadian Destroyer.  A large African-American woman came down to the apron and began doing poses.  Williams posed back, allowing Steiner to lay him out and get the pin.  Check the main page for details on the newest TNA Knockout.

Your winner, Scott Steiner!

The match itself was pretty entertaining.

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