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By Buck Woodward on 2004-06-04 09:00:00

Name: Foxxy Dreams
Debut: October 27, 1999
Companies worked for: ACW, JCW, CWF/IHPW, GWF, IWZ, AWA (Morgan's via Union City, NJ), NYWC, XBOKO/R W Promotions, PWF Northeast, Monster Factory, ECPW, USA Pro, ICW, JWA, TWF/SWA

1. How did you get your start, who trained you?  
Since I was four years old, there was nothing else in the world that I wanted to do with my life except for being in wrestling, courtesy of Miss Elizabeth, and be in a band, courtesy of Danzig.  It began with my family and I attending an ECPW show in Clifton, NJ, and inside the program was a flyer for their school.  One of the wrestlers (Enigma turned 'Arrogant' Aaron Payne) wanted a female manager for when he changed his gimmick, and there were no other females at ECPW, with the exception of Countess Noir who strictly managed the Army of Darkness.  I attended the school just to get a feel for it at first, discussed the money issue with my parents, and decided to start my training a couple days after my 17th birthday.  My first day of training I was cliniced, and from that point on I was trained with the boys as a boy, doing everything that they did, including doing ring crew whenever the ring was rented out.  I trained for an entire year before stepping into the ring on my own accord. 

No one in particular trained me, I learned a lot from everyone that was there at the time.  But to narrow it down, I trained with Johnny Thundar, Rocky Jones, 'Strangler' Nick Maddox, Kodiak Bear, Grand Master B. and Dave Delicious.
2. What was your first match or appearance, and how did you feel?  
My first appearance was at an ECPW school show a day after my 18th birthday, and I managed Enigma.  I was then known as Vikki, and I didn't really do much of anything.  The next month we turned heel, I became Foxy and he became Aaron Payne.

My first match wasn't until about 6 months or more after my debut, I wrestled against Tracii Taylor at the Monster Factory in South Jersey.  Her and I had an ongoing feud in ECPW, but didn't have our first match with them until well after the Monster Factory shows.

Naturally before the matches I was a nervous wreck and excited, as I always am before a match whether I'm managing, bumping, or wrestling.  It's sort of a superstition of mine, that if I'm not nervous before going out to the ring, then I'm too comfortable with what I'm doing and I may be careless, which could lead to an injury to either myself or someone else.

3. Who were some of your influences in the past, or who do you admire today?  
In the past, my primary influence was Miss Elizabeth, for the obvious reasons, I'm sure I don't have to explain that.  Other influences were Sensational Sherri, Woman, Sunny, Missy Hyatt, Bobby Heenan, 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, the ECW roster both male and female, etc. 

My influences now are Randy Orton, John Cena, Victoria, Nidia, Dawn Marie, Simon Diamond, Raven, Shane Douglas, Lance Storm, Rico (loving the change of gimmick!), etc.

4. What is the hardest part about being a woman in a male dominated business?  
Before I answer this question, I just have to say that although there are hard moments and it can be rough, there are also good ones, and once you get to the good points, it's all worth it.

That being said, in my experience, one of the roughest things is being automatically labeled a rat upon entering the business or even starting to work with a new federation.  There are girls out there, like myself, who did and still do get into the business for the love of wrestling, and not the guys.  Relationships happen, but like with anything else in the world there's use and abuse.  The girls that abuse those relationships and end up sleeping around claiming they are in relationships are the ones who earn that label, and unfortunately reflects it onto other girls that haven't earned it in the slightest way.

Also there's the entire
"t and a" brand of females.  Women who are trained are so few and far between due to the influx of girls that sell tickets, or simply look good, or are somebody's girlfriend, and the trained women get shafted.  Even if there were to be trained women on a show working a straight up match, it would get s*** on or it would be considered 'boring' because 'hey look at that valet that's not wearing any underwear!'

I have no vices whatsoever about proving myself, my abilities, my loyalty and my love for this business to anyone wondering, or even to people/federations that know me, because as I stated before, one you get past that, it's all worth it.

5. What are your goals in wrestling? 
I'm rather realistic in my goals, I like to think, and it may s
eem odd to hear but my goal in wrestling was never to be in WWE.  I never wanted to be a 'diva', I still don't want to be.  My goal was to be a woman of ECW.  However, since we all know that isn't going to be happening anytime soon, my goals are just to be used to the best of my abilities and potential, and to be associated with the next federation that acquires mainstream notoriety.  Maybe ROH, maybe TNA, who knows?  Only time will tell, and I have nothing but time.

6. What was your most embarrassing moment in wrestling?  
I don't think I really have an embarrassing moment in wrestling.  I probably have, but I play it off as if it were supposed to happen and not even think twice about it.  One thing that was sort of embarrassing was during an ECPW school show really early in my career, I was having a catfight with Tracii Taylor, and my grandmother and uncle were in attendance that night to finally see what it was that I did.  Let's just say that they hadn't seen 'that side' of me since they use to change my diapers.

7. What are you most proud of so far in your career?  
As corny as it may sound, every time I go to the ring, whether I'm managing or wrestling, is a proud moment for me because I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do.  How many people get to live out their dreams ya know?  I am very appreciative of the fact that I get to pursue wrestling in my life.

But to be a little more specific, a proud moment that I often look upon whenever I'm feeling down about wrestling, was when in the early stages of my career, after watching me work, a lot of the ECW boys would tell me that I belonged in ECW, and how if not for my work I still would've been in because I had an exotic look (whatever that means) and that was one thing that Paul [Heyman] looked for in the girls he would bring in.

8. What other female talents do you think highly of in the business?  
Dawn Marie is one.  She's come such a long way since her days in ECW.  After ECW, she knew where she wanted to be [WWE], she knew what she would need to do to get there, and she busted her ass on the independent scene to get there.  I feel they're wasting her talent, but hey, she still achieved what she wanted to.

All of the women of ECW.  They raised the bars for all women in wrestling, from the way they used their sexuality, to how they were used in the ring, whether it was being thrown into a table or having a catfight.

There are a lot of women that I think highly of, far too many to name.  I would say that any girl that gets in the ring I think highly of, but that's not entirely the case, so again I'll be specific: any girl that trains properly, then gets into the ring, has my utmost respect and highest regards, as long as it was done the right way.  For the wrong way, see the "use and abuse" portion of the answer to question #4.

9. If you weren't in wrestling, what would you be doing today? 
Well, outside of wrestling, my personal life is great.  Everything fell into place, and it's exactly how I would've wanted it to be. If I wasn't in wrestling, I don't really know what I'd be doing.  I would say that I'd be pursuing my writing, but I'm doing that even with wrestling in my life.  I suppose I would've gone to college a lot sooner, as opposed to trying to do that all now.  I would definitely still be pursuing my writing career.  Also, I think I would be in a band.  My friends and I tried to have one a year ago, but there wasn't much time for it.  So if not wrestling, definitely a band!

10. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans reading this article?  
To the fans...well, always support independent wrestling, because that is where the heart of the wrestling business lies.  It isn't about the money, or the top spots, or titles, it's about doing our best, and sending you home happy.
Never judge a manager by the valets they hang out with.  Yes, there is a difference, despite who thinks what.

Check out the Official Website of Disturbed Dreams for pictures, as well as any and all information about "Disturbed" Damian Dragon and I.  We also have a yahoo group that is more interactive with us that you can get to by going over to the links section of the website.

Don't forget to support your local disturbed one, because it just might be you. In the meantime, remember that to live is to be evil, so go out and live, and be obscene!  Bloody Kisses, Foxxy Dreams.

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