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By Richard Trionfo on 2007-10-14 23:00:00
Welcome to’s coverage of TNA Bound for Glory. We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often.

Preshow Coverage

We start off with Jeremy Borash inside the Gwinnett Center to talk about Bound for Glory. He says that this is the biggest night in TNA history. He mentions the Ultimate X, Monster’s Ball, Knockouts Title Match, and the TNA Heavyweight Title Match featuring Sting and Kurt Angle. Jeremy mentions Kurt Angle’s Olympic victory in Atlanta and Sting’s success in Atlanta.

We have a video package for the participants in the Monster’s Ball Match. It asks who will be standing at the end of Monster’s Ball. We go to a video package for the Women’s Gauntlet Match with quotes from some of the participants included in with the videos of the women in action in the ring.

We go to a video package about Pacman Jones with comments from A.J. Styles saying that we will see what he has to offer. The next video package is for the X Division Title Match and is starts off showing footage of Christopher Daniels and his discussions with the ‘higher power’. We then see footage of Jay Lethal.

We then see a video package for the Ultimate X Match and it talks about the evolution of the match over the last five years. We are reminded that the winner of the Ultimate X Match will be the new number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. We go back to Jeremy in the arena and he talks about how the building will be full with fans from all over the world. Jeremy runs through more of the matches on the show and he focuses on the Tables Match between Team 3D and the Steiners.

We go to a video package for the Tables Match. Jeremy has moved in the arena and he points out that this is the biggest pay per view event of the year one more time. He talks about the match between Samoa Joe and Christian Cage and how Matt Morgan will be the guest enforcer for the match.

We go to a video package for the Samoa Joe/Christian Cage match. Jeremy is back in the arena to talk about the pay per view. Jeremy talks about the history of Atlanta and the men in the main event. He reminds us of Kurt’s Olympic Gold Medal victory and Sting’s career in Atlanta. We have a video package for the Sting/Kurt Angle match.

Jeremy tells us that it is time to go to the building and we see the video package for Bound for Glory that aired at the end of this week’s episode of Impact.

I think this portion of the pay per view pre-show did a great job for the cable companies and satellite providers that allow for Countdown shows to be viewed for free to see what they can expect from the pay per view.

The pay per view starts off with a video package that talks about how everyone has dreams and how they inspire us to achieve. It is a package that talks about being the next Hulk Hogan or immortal icon in the industry. They are bound by hope and bound by conquest. They come tonight for the dream. It is not for the collective whole, it is about the individual. Kurt Angle will try to prove that he is the greatest living wrestler on the planet. The icon known as Sting will try to prove to his peers that he can get to the lofty place on the mountain top. A.J. Styles wants to establish himself as the fastest rising star of the millennium. Abyss will try to reclaim his standing as the best big man in the business. Christian Cage wants to show that his two years in TNA have increased his legend. Samoa Joe wants to prove that there is no one better and no one more dominant than him. Some will rise, but many will falter. Bound by desire, Bound for Glory any one of them can.

We are live from the Gwinnett Center outside of Atlanta, Georgia and your announcers are Mike Tenay and Don West.

The Ultimate X cables are up in the ring as Mike Tenay talks about the four title matches on tonight’s pay per view. We have some pyro as Mike talks about some of the matches. Ultimate X Match: Triple X (Elix Skipper and Senshi) versus Latin American Xchange

There is an X hanging from the cables for this match. Senshi and Skipper try to climb the towers but Senshi is pushed to the floor and Elix Skipper comes off the tower. Homicide with a flying back elbow while he punches Skipper. Hernandez and Senshi battle on the floor. Hernandez hits a flying shoulder tackle on Skipper. Homicide catapults Skipper into Hernandez who catches Skipper and Hernandez hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Homicide with a running clothesline to Skipper followed by a splash by Hernandez. Senshi with a springboard forearm to Hernandez.

Skipper pulls Homicide off the tower and Senshi with a face driver to Homicide. Skipper with a kick and DDT to Homicide. Senshi with kicks to Hernandez but Hernandez throws Senshi across the ring. Skipper tries to climb to the cables but Hernandez pulls him down. Hernandez gets Skipper on his shoulder and hits a backbreaker. Homicide climbs the tower while Hernandez deals with Skipper and Senshi is down. Homicide approaches the X but Senshi gets up and kicks Homicide off. Hernandez pulls Senshi down and then kicks him out of the ring. Hernandez hits Senshi on the apron while Homicide and Skipper exchange punches and forearms. Skipper with forearms to Homicide while Senshi hits a boot to Hernandez’s head. Senshi with a Dragon Sleeper on Hernandez in the corner. Skipper with an overhead belly-to-belly throw on Homicide. Hernandez with a chop to Skipper.

Senshi attacks Hernandez and connects with a series of slaps. Hernandez with a running shoulder tackle that knocks Senshi through the ropes. Homicide with the tope con hilo onto Senshi. Skipper climbs the turnbuckles and onto the cables but Hernandez pulls Skipper down. Hernandez with a biel to Skipper into the turnbuckles. Hernandez climbs the turnbuckles and goes across the cables. Hernandez is by the X and Skipper tries to stop him. Skipper with a drop kick to Hernandez’s back and Hernandez goes down. Senshi climbs the tower and grabs the cable. Hernandez pulls Senshi off and hits a sit out power bomb. Skipper and Homicide fight on the top of the tower with Homicide while Homicide holds on. Skipper with a cross body onto Hernandez from the top of the tower and the crowd continues to chant ‘TNA’.

Homicide climbs the tower but Skipper tries to stop him. Homicide avoids Skipper but Skipper follows after Homicide as they go across the cable and Homicide hits a neckbreaker as they both are down on the mat. Hernandez checks on Homicide and then he helps Homicide get up. Skipper and Senshi are still down on the mat. Homicide climbs the turnbuckles and up the tower. Senshi gets up and he punches Homicide and then Homicide sends Senshi into the tower. Homicide sets for the Gringo Killer from the top turnbuckle but Senshi fights out of it. Homicide is stuck in the tree of woe and Senshi with a double stomp to Homicide. Hernandez with a cracker jack to Senshi and then he sets for a plancha but Skipper with a kick. Hernandez with a running body block after he counters the Play of the Day. Hernandez with a border toss of Skipper onto Senshi and Homicide on the floor.

Hernandez is the only man in the ring and he climbs the turnbuckles and goes across the cables. Hernandez is in the center of the cables and he unhooks the X and hands it to Homicide for the win in about twelve minutes.

Great opening match that showcased all four men. A lot of good action and the crowd was very hot for this match.

We see Kurt Angle, Karen Angle, and Kevin Nash all arrive separately.

Don and Mike talk about the matches on the card.

Don and Mike send things to Crystal and she is with Christian Cage, A.J. Styles, and Tomko. Crystal asks Styles and Tomko about their match and Christian interrupts. He tells Tomko not to be rude. Christian talks about the Fight for the Right Match with a bunch of guys who wish they were Christian Cage and knew how to win like him. Christian wants to know why he is not the Number One Contender. He asks A.J. and A.J. says that it is because of Samoa Joe. Christian says that he is sick and tired of Samoa Joe ruining things for him. Christian says that he will continue to stay never pinned and never submitted. Christian tells Matt Morgan that he is not in the mood tonight. Christian says that after his victory, he is going to find a way to get into the tournament.

Crystal reminds A.J. that he can win the title in his home town. A.J. says that he is jacked and he is happy to be in his backyard. A.J. thanks his parents for the body. Tomko takes the mic and he tells Team Pacman that the fairy tale and charade ends because it is Tomko’s world. He says that he is going to put Pacman Jones’s face through the match. Tomko reminds A.J. that A.J. does not want to let him down tonight.

Fight for the Right Match

Dave Penzer discusses the rules of the match. Sixteen men will start outside the ring. The first eight men into the ring will qualify for stage two which is a battle royale. When there are two men left, they will wrestle until there is a winner.

The participants are Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt, Havok, Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Frankie Kazarian, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Kip James, BG James, James Storm, Eric Young, Robert Roode, Chris Harris, and Junior Fatu.

The match starts off and everyone tries to get into the ring. The first man in the ring is Junior Fatu. Kazarian and Roode fight on the top turnbuckle and Kazarian hits the Flux Capacitor to bring him and Roode into the match. Alex Shelley is the fourth man in. Eric Young with a rake of the eyes to Hoyt and then he climbs up the turnbuckles and Hoyt tries to press him to the floor but Hoyt’s eyes are raked and Young enters the ring fifth. Sabin is the sixth man into the ring. Hoyt tosses Havok to the floor and then he enters the ring seventh. Kip James is on the top rope and Harris punches Kip and Kip is sent to the floor. James Storm sneaks into the ring to become the eighth man. Chris Harris gets in the ring but he is too late as the referees send him out of the ring.

Stage Two begins Storm is eliminated by Eric Young to be seeded eighth. Sabin punches Roode and then Fatu punches Roode, Shelley, and Sabin. Fatu with a clothesline to Kazarian. Young bumps into Fatu and Young offers Fatu James Storm’s beer. Fatu slaps his rear end and Young does the same. Young tries to get Fatu up. Fatu with a Samoan drop to Kazarian and then he gives Roode a choke slam as he also deals with the Motor City Machine Guns. Four men are in the corner and Fatu with a running butt splash. Hoyt and Young fall into the corner and Fatu sets up for the Stinkface on Hoyt while Young uses Hoyt as a human shield. Hoyt with a big boot to Fatu and then Kazarian with a drop kick to Fatu that staggers him. Roode tries for a Northern Lariat but Fatu stays in the ring. Everyone tries to eliminate Fatu and a drop kick from Sabin is enough to get Fatu eliminated as the seventh seed. Kazarian is sent to the apron and Hoyt hits a choke slam after a springboard move. Shelley and Sabin try to double team Hoyt as they hit a series of kicks and elbows. Sabin with a drop kick to Roode. Shelley with an abdominal stretch on Young while he is tied up in Roode as Sabin works on Roode. Sabin with a rocket launcher leg drop onto Roode. Hoyt grabs Shelley but Shelley avoids the choke slam. Kazarian eliminates Sabin as the sixth seed. Kazarian hits a slingshot DDT on Shelley. Kazarian and Roode exchange punches and Hoyt and Young sends Kazarian and Roode to the apron but they hold on. Roode with an uranage to Kazarian to eliminate him as the fifth seed. Hoyt with a big boot to Young and then he sets up Young for a moonsault. Roode pushes Hoyt off the top turnbuckle to be the fourth seed.

We are down to the final three as Roode is pinballed back and forth between Shelley and Young. Shelley is sent to the apron by Roode and then Shelley is sent to the top turnbuckle. Roode sends Young into Shelley and Shelley is eliminated as the three seed.

We are down to the final two as Eric Young faces Robert Roode. Roode pushes Young and Young punches Roode. Roode and Young exchange punches but Roode gets his boot up for the charge. Young with a cross body on a belly-to-back attempt. Roode puts Young on the top turnbuckle and connects with a forearm to the back. Young with an elbow and Roode is knocked off the turnbuckles. Young misses a moonsault. Roode with a kick and the Payoff attempt but Young with an inside cradle for the victory in about twelve minutes and Roode is the number two seed.

Winner: Eric Young (#1 Seed)

This was a good match but if they are trying to push the future of the company with guys like Shelley and Sabin, why do they have to do Young and Roode again?

We see the video package that aired earlier tonight.

Crystal is with Team Pacman and she asks them if they are ready. Killings says that they were born ready. They are here to defend their tag titles. He says that Styles and Tomko are great wrestlers, but they are better, badder, and they have home field advantage. Killings says that he has an announcement. Team Pacman is about readjustments. There is a fill in for tonight. That man will make his debut tonight. His name is Consequences Creed.

Jones wonders where A.J. Styles is from. He says that when you talk about the streets and how to be a champion, you are talking about Pacman Jones. Tonight, they better buckle up because they are going to take them on a ride.

Kurt and Karen Angle are arguing in the hall and Kurt wants to know what the big deal is about slapping a kid. Karen says that Kurt is unreasonable. He is the one who made it personal and put their family in jeopardy by making it personal. Kurt says that he has Sting exactly where he wants her. Kurt tells Karen to get out of her face.

TNA Tag Title Match: Team Pacman (Ron Killings and Consequences Creed with Pacman Jones) versus A.J. Styles and Tomko

Creed and Styles start things off and Creed with an arm bar. Styles reverses and Creed does the same thing and puts Styles in a side head lock. Styles with a hammer lock and forearm. Styles with a drop kick into the corner but Creed with an arm drag and leg trip. Styles with a head scissors take down. Creed sends Styles into the corner and he hits a forearm and knee followed by a clothesline for a two count. Creed bumps into Tomko and Tomko wants the tag. Creed with a punch to Tomko and Tomko tries to get Creed up for a slam but Creed escapes the hold and Killings is tagged in. Tomko punches and kicks Killings in the corner. Killings with a missile drop kick and Killings follows with punches. Killings with a flying forearm. Tomko tosses Killings into the corner and punches Killings. Killings avoids Tomko and then hits a jumping leg lariat. Creed is tagged in and they Irish whip Tomko into the corner. Killings with a clothesline in the corner but Creed runs into a big boot. Styles is tagged in and Styles and Tomko double team Creed. Creed with punches but Styles with the phenomenal drop kick.

Styles with a side head lock to Creed. Killings with a knee to Styles’s back and Creed with a series of punches to Styles and then he hits an elbow drop off Styles’s back. Killings is tagged in and he hits a gourdbuster driver on Styles. Styles avoids a clothesline and hits the Pele Kick. Tomko is tagged in and he clotheslines Creed and punches Killings. All four men are in the ring as Styles battles with Killings and hits a pump handle gutbuster. Creed with a waist lock but Creed with a Northern Lights suplex that sends Styles into the turnbuckles. Tomko with a fallaway slam to Creed. Killings with a punch to Tomko but Tomko punches Killings. Jones pulls the ropes down and Tomko goes to the floor. Tomko catches Creed as he comes off the apron and then Killings hits a somersault plancha onto Creed and Tomko. Styles gets up and then he hits a springboard shooting star press onto everyone on the floor. Styles rolls Killings back into the ring and Jones gets on the apron and he has some money. Styles takes the money and Killings with a rollup. Earl Hebner takes the money instead of making the count and Styles is able to kick out at two. Tomko with a big boot to Killings and then Styles with a springboard forearm to Killings. They hits a double team move on Killings for the three count in about nine minutes.

Winners: A.J. Styles and Tomko

This was a good match. I wish Earl Hebner would not have been the reason why Styles and Tomko won the match. That had no place in the match. Why didn’t the match get restarted because of the referee missing the three count? ‘Consequences’ Creed is a Georgia wrestler who I saw wrestle as Austin Creed for an FIP show this past April.

Jeremy Borash is in the back with Karen Angle and Jeremy asks Karen if she knows what happens if Kurt loses. Karen says that she is aware and Kurt will not lose. Kevin Nash is in the locker room with Angel Williams and Karen tells Angel to leave. Karen wants Nash to talk to Kurt. Kevin says that Angle is more stubborn than Scott Hall. Karen cannot believe that Kevin will not talk to him. Karen says that they are both going to lose their meal ticket if Kurt loses. Karen wonders if Kevin is going to be wrestling again. Kevin says that he will talk to Kurt one more time. Kevin comments on Karen being a buzzkill between him and Angel.

The X Division Title Match is next.

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