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By Daryl Pink on 2005-10-27 00:00:00

A New Jack pre-show promo
On the Disc Two main menu, go to "Arena Tour", click right then up then right, click the "H" that appears. A promo of New Jack with a fan outside the area before the show will play.

A Joey Styles "boob" story
On Disc Two, go to the "Bonus Footage" menu, highlight "Fancam: Terry Funk stuck in barbwire", click right then left, click the "H" that appears. Joey Styles will tell a "boob" story involving his wife, Dawn Marie, and Electra.

Axl Rotten vs. John Kronus match from XPW
On Disc Two, go the the "Bonus Matches" menu, highlight "Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk", click right then up then left, click the "H" that appears. The match will play.

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